Chapter 1055 The Competition Begins

“I’m truly sorry, brother Long. Only once I moved to the Central Plains did I learn what it meant to be a drop in the ocean. I rushed over as soon as I could. I really couldn’t tarry with my work.” Zheng Wenlong bitterly smiled.

Previously, although he had taken a trip to the Central Plains, it had just been a trip. But this time, he had truly gotten to work, and that was when he realized just how terrifying the Central Plains were. He was in charge of far too many things, and the pressure was like a mountain.

Fortunately, he was a capable person. He quickly got a grasp on things, and as soon as he could, he rushed over. Just his exhausted expression said everything.

“As long as you’ve come, it’s good. Damn, you’re really doing well for yourself. You have this many expert bodyguards!” Only now did Long Chen realize that amongst the dozen people traveling with Zheng Wenlong, there were two Kings. While the rest were only at the Sea Expansion realm, their powerful auras marked them as true experts.

“These are the sect’s protectors. The Central Plains is full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Dangers are everywhere, so these seniors are looking after me so I don’t accidentally lose my little life.” Zheng Wenlong smiled.

Zheng Wenlong’s words were worthy of his profession as a businessman. His words were right on point, and Long Chen sighed in admiration inside. Zheng Wenlong’s business was growing bigger and bigger.

“Brother Long, you’re doing quite well yourself. As soon as I arrived at the Xuantian Dao Sect, I asked for you, and everyone knew who you were. This level of fame makes me blush in shame,” praised Zheng Wenlong.

“You’re joking. Right now, my situation is so bad that I need you to save me. Come, let’s speak inside. Guo Ran, bring these seniors somewhere they can rest. Zheng Wenlong and I have a business to discuss.”

While Guo Ran led away the people following Zheng Wenlong, Long Chen brought Zheng Wenlong to his private residence.

“What is it, brother Long? Is your situation really that bad in the Xuantian Dao Sect?” asked Zheng Wenlong curiously.

“I don’t want to talk about that tragedy. Getting to business, is there any news about the medicinal ingredients I asked you to help me find before coming to the Central Plains?” asked Long Chen.

“I only managed to get three, and there is another portion where there’s progress, but gathering them will take some time. The rest I’m still looking for,” said Zheng Wenlong, ashamed. He felt like he had let Long Chen down.

“Which three?”

“The White Rock Spirit Immortal Grass, the Five Flavor Soul Devouring Flower, and the Lotus Heart Violet Orchid. There are a few others that I’ve found, but I was in such a hurry to get over here that I didn’t have time to get them,” said Zheng Wenlong as he took out three jade cases.

Long Chen opened one, seeing a white plant that was like coral. It was the White Rock Spirit Immortal Grass.

“Hahaha, this is the one I needed the most right now. Brother Wenlong, you’ve really helped me out!” Long Chen was delighted to see this.

This White Rock Spirit Immortal Grass did not exist within the Xuantian Dao Sect. That wasn’t because it was incredibly precious, but because people didn’t know its true use. 

Even in the alchemy world, the White Rock Spirit Immortal Grass had essentially been discarded as it had no uses. Thus, there were only a few people who knew of its existence.

It had no spirituality nor immortal charm. Its name was recorded in ancient texts, but no one knew how to use it. Over time, it had faded from people’s sight.

As for the other two, Long Chen had managed to obtain the Lotus Heart Violet Orchid in the Xuantian Dao Sect, but he hadn’t gotten the Five Flavor Soul Devouring Flower.

The Five Flavor Soul Devouring Flower wasn’t a medicine, it was poison. It was extremely easy to recognize because there would always be a pile of corpses on top of it.

As soon as beasts got near it, their souls would be absorbed, and thus it was famed for its viciousness. If a person wasn’t strong enough, they wouldn’t dare to pick it.

These two new finds were extremely useful to Long Chen, especially the White Rock Spirit Immortal Grass. Within his Pill Sovereign memories, there was a kind of medicinal pill known as the Spirit Immortal Foundation Building Pill. It was an eighth tier medicinal pill that allowed Sea Expansion disciples to directly advance to Foundation Forging.

That was a heaven-defying effect, and it had essentially vanished from the outside world. Long Chen had gone through the Ten Thousand Pill Hall’s medicinal pills, and there was no such pill. And so there was naturally no White Rock Spirit Immortal Grass in the sect either.

“I’m glad I could help. To tell the truth, just bringing these three things makes me feel embarrassed.” Zheng Wenlong smiled bitterly.

“Just these three things have helped me out of an emergency. Also, I’ve gathered quite a few middle grade spirit stones during this time, so help me use them to buy King item materials,” said Long Chen.

“Materials for King items? Those things are very expensive. How many spirit stones do you have?” asked Zheng Wenlong.

“Sixty billion.”

“How… how many?!”

Long Chen gave a simple recount of how he had exchanged points for spirit stones. “Spirit stones are basically common currency with no actual value in the Xuantian Dao Sect, like copper coins. Brother Wenlong, help me buy King item materials in bulk. I need to equip my faction.”

“How much do you need?” asked Zheng Wenlong.

“As much as possible. I want to equip thirteen thousand warriors with armor made of King item materials,” said Long Chen.

“You’re crazy. How much money would that take? Even if you spent all sixty billion on material, you probably wouldn’t even be able to buy a tenth,” said Zheng Wenlong.

“That’s fine. I don’t want true King items, I just want the materials to have reached that level. That little fellow Guo Ran is advancing at breakneck speed every day in the Item Forging Pavilion. He needs to train with King item materials. Rather than having him practice over and over again with the little bit of materials they give him, it’s better for me to buy a large batch of materials and have him practice while actually making things. By the time he finishes thirteen thousand sets of armor, his apprenticeship should be about finished. Then he’ll be able to forge real King items,” said Long Chen.

Guo Ran was being very hardworking these days. Other than drilling the Dragonmark warriors, he was studying in the Item Forging Pavilion.

Guo Ran was viewed importantly by the Item Forging Pavilion. They doted on him, and whenever he didn’t understand something, a teacher would come by to help.

His talent in this regard was exceedingly high, and he was clever, knowing how to fawn and suck up. Quite a few teachers favored him, which allowed his forging arts to advance by leaps and bounds.

However, he was limited by the rules of the sect. Each disciple could only be given a limited amount of materials to practice with. Furthermore, if they managed to forge something good, they had to hand it over for inspection, and only then would they be given a new batch of materials.

For a forging madman like Guo Ran to have to wait for them to evaluate his results before giving him new materials was torture. But the Dragonblood Legion didn’t have leftover points for Guo Ran to exchange for more materials.

In the Item Forging Pavilion, Guo Ran saw many things he had never thought about before. He had countless thoughts and ideas now, but he needed materials to test those ideas.

Compared to other people, Guo Ran’s forging table was completely heaven-defying. As long as he had spirit stones, he could refine any material. Right now, he had the skill, the capability, but not the materials.

“Alright. King items are so precious because of the high failure rate in refining them, and in comparison, their materials are more reasonably priced,” said Zheng Wenlong.

“I’ll need an ocean’s worth of materials in the future. Sorry for causing you so much trouble. Perhaps I’ll end up owing you quite a bit in the short-term, but don’t worry, as long as I don’t die, I’ll double your investment,” said Long Chen.

“Where did that come from? You were my first personal investment, and the only reason I have reached my current level is because of you. We’re both benefiting, but we bear the danger together as well. When I get back, I’ll definitely work hard on handling your matter, so don’t worry about it!”

“Will you run into any obstructions when you come to the Xuantian Dao Sect?”

“No, my Huayun Sect has ties with all the large powers. At least on the surface, we’re all friendly. As long as I show my badge, no one will hinder me from entering the Xuantian Dao Sect. However, their big business isn’t something a rookie like me who has only just come to the Central Plains can participate in.”

“Good. Fuck, it’s only been two months, and I have only made a few friends, while I have enemies everywhere,” sighed Long Chen.

“Isn’t that perfectly in accordance with your style?” Zheng Wenlong couldn’t help but smile.

The two of them looked at each other and laughed. Back then when they had met in the Jiuli secret realm, wasn’t Long Chen also surrounded by enemies? Thinking of their first encounter, they felt a wave of emotion. Time flew by quickly.

After sending off Zheng Wenlong, Long Chen returned to the outer sect. He didn’t even get a chance to see Tang Wan-er, because listening to his orders, she was constantly cultivating in the training region.

According to her, the wind attribute training region was a huge cave. There were low, middle, high, and top grade training rooms in there.

There was powerful wind energy inside, and through absorbing it, it was possible to raise one’s comprehension of the wind attribute. Cultivating in there was much faster than elsewhere.

Outer sect disciples were given ten days a month to train in a low grade training room for free.

Inner sect disciples could enter middle grade training rooms for free, while core disciples could enter high grade training rooms for free.

Each increase in grade resulted in ten times the amount of energy in the training room.

The cost in points for each increase in grade also increased ten times. Low grade training rooms cost one point a day, middle grade ones ten points, high grade ones a hundred points, and top grade ones a thousand points.

This was the benefit of being an inner sect disciple. Cultivating for one day was equivalent to ten points, which was a month’s income for an outer sect disciple.

As for the high grade training rooms, it cost an incredible amount of points. Tang Wan-er had entered a top grade training room a few times, and she found that cultivating inside was incredibly quick and relaxing. Her power advanced at an unbelievable pace.

However, she didn’t have enough points to go in often. So most of her time was spent in middle grade training rooms.

Days passed by as everyone was busy increasing their strength. Finally, the day came when all the inner sect disciples were gathered.

Today was the bi-monthly competition for the inner sect disciples. This would determine the rankings and distributed rewards for the six factions. For them, it was a struggle for resources.

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