Chapter 1052 Bitter Earth Mortal Molting Pill

The outer sect contained the greatest number of people within the entire Xuantian Dao Sect. Thus, the total number of points spread amongst all outer sect disciples and workers was enormous. Many of those points were the wealth parents had left to their children in hopes of them one day soaring.

Long Chen was focused on them right now. He was establishing a marketing platform within the outer sect.

After three batches of points, despite the fact that their price was now fifty thousand middle grade spirit stones for one, the supply did not meet the demand. Countless people were doing their best to buy them, but it was hard to get even a single one. What shocked Qian Duoduo was that it was just as Long Chen had said. There really were people who went to find him, looking to buy points in bulk.

They had come after the second batch. The price back then had been thirty thousand middle grade spirit stones, and they had offered to pay fifty thousand. Qian Duoduo had acted according to Long Chen’s instructions and ignored them.

After the third batch, they came again, offering a price of eighty thousand spirit stones. Qian Duoduo had offered a price of one hundred thousand, and if they were able to pay the price, they could buy out all the six hundred thousand points they still had.

That person had mysteriously returned two days later, taking in all of those six hundred thousand points in one gulp. Other than a tiny reserve, the Dragonblood Legion had sold off all their points.

Long Chen had obtained a total of sixty billion middle grade spirit stones. They were packed into a mountain in his spatial ring.

Once those points were bought, the person behind the scenes finally appeared. It was the Divine Beast Mansion’s Hu Guishan.

However, just Hu Guishan on his own was unable to afford such a thing. He had taken all his disciples’ middle grade spirit stones, and it still hadn’t been enough. That was because their dependence on middle grade spirit stones after advancing to Sea Expansion was too high.

Normally, middle grade spirit stones were all used as currency. Not that many people would store up huge stockpiles of them.

Without enough middle grade spirit stones, they had used high grade spirit stones to make up for the difference. But it still hadn’t been enough.

Sixty billion middle grade spirit stones was ten times the amount of what Long Chen had paid to reconstruct the Eastern Wasteland’s branch sect. Furthermore, the actual reconstruction only took three billion. The rest had been for savings and extras.

In other words, sixty billion was enough to build twenty of those branch sects. From this, it could be seen how much money the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples had.

Hu Guishan wasn’t able to eat it all by himself, so he had worked together with Fan Song’s Hegemon Hall and Que Xinyan’s Flame Gate. Only all together did they have enough spirit stones.

Once they were bought, Hu Guishan and the others immediately released the news, mocking Long Chen for selling his incredibly precious points for some useless spirit stones. It was foolish to the peak.

The news that Long Chen had sold all his points quickly spread throughout the Xuantian Dao Sect. Countless people mocked him for his stupidity.

Only Long Chen was sneering inside at them. He told the Dragonblood warriors to ignore them and just properly drill their formations and accumulate battle experience.

Right now, Long Chen was the hegemon of the outer sect. The law enforcers didn’t dare to touch him.

Without anyone to bully them, the peddlers returned. Long Chen had the outer sect disciples form a region outside the city for the peddlers to sell their wares. He gave them a way to live that didn’t disturb the order of the city.

If you wanted high quality things, you could go inside the city, and if you just wanted street stall goods, you could go outside the city. Those peddlers were incomparably grateful and took the initiative to pay a protection fee.

Long Chen had the outer sect disciples take a small fee and send a few disciples to look after their safety, so no one would cause trouble for them again.

The outer sect quickly began to thrive under Long Chen’s rule. It was more flourishing than ever.

In the outer sect’s members’ eyes, Long Chen was like a god, and they prostrated themselves before him. Even the law enforcers had to be obedient and didn’t dare to leave their doors.

At this time, everyone complied with the rules very properly, and there was basically no need for law enforcers. Everything was peaceful and harmonious.

Long Chen essentially handed those matters to Wang Mang and Qian Duoduo to handle. Using his few remaining points, he spent five thousand on a Treasure class, seventh tier medicinal furnace.

That made Long Chen’s heart bleed, but there was no way around it. He hadn’t refined pills in a long time, and his pill furnace was unable to keep up with his requirements. He had no choice but to spend a great deal of money on buying one.

This pill furnace could only count as middle grade. High grade ones cost tens of thousands of points, while peak grade pill furnaces cost hundreds of thousands of points, or even millions. Long Chen didn’t even dare to look at those.

He had realized that in the Xuantian Dao Sect, no matter how many points you had, it wouldn’t be enough. That was because there were far too many good things to buy.

In a private room within the city, Long Chen had a few outer sect disciples guard the door so that no one would disturb him.

Because he was a worker, it was more convenient for him to stay in the outer sect. He still retained his privileges and could enter the inner sect, but he couldn’t live there.

A flame leaped into existence over his hand. The Earth Flame was much stronger now, delighting him.

Huo Long had devoured two new Earth Flames and was still in the process of digesting all their energy. But even now, there was an extremely obvious leap in its power. Once all that energy was digested, Huo Long would reach a terrifying level.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve done any alchemy. Will I have gotten rusty?”

Long Chen heated the furnace and took out a few medicinal ingredients from the primal chaos space. Right now, he was refining a seventh tier medicinal pill known as the Bitter Earth Mortal Molting Pill.

This pill’s effect was the same as the peak grade Divine Mortal Molting Elixir he had obtained in the Immemorial Path. But it definitely wasn’t on the same level in terms of effect.

That was because the Divine Mortal Molting Elixir increased a person’s talent and cleansed their bone marrow without the person feeling the slightest pain. In fact, it was incredibly comfortable.

But the Bitter Earth Mortal Molting Pill was unable to do the same. Its main ingredient was the Bitter Earth Dragon Bone Root, and that thing was both bitter and spicy. When it was ground into powder, it would automatically ignite.

In any case, once the Bitter Earth Mortal Molting Pill was consumed, even a man of steel would soften. There was no way around this. Although the Xuantian Dao Sect also had Divine Mortal Molting Elixir that could be bought, it would cost eight hundred for each person. That was eight months of rations for an inner sect disciple, and there was no way for them to afford it.

“Nice, what a strong flame!”

Long Chen had just started refining some of the ingredients when he saw that the refinement was completed in just a breath. That delighted him. This was the result of being connected spiritually with his Earth Flame. What he wanted, it would immediately do. It was incredibly easy.

If he had subdued another Earth Flame, it definitely wouldn’t be this easy. Long Chen praised himself for making the right decision in not listening to the Eastern Wasteland Bell. Rather than subduing that lion whatever blaze, having Huo Long to do his bidding was much more dependable.

With Huo Long’s assistance, refining the ingredients into powders was as easy as turning a hand. In fact, after he repeated the same refinement several times, Huo Long would memorize the flame control for that ingredient, and its control would be just as accurate as Long Chen’s.

Time passed, and eventually, a bang came from within the pill furnace. Long Chen opened the lid and saw nine medicinal pills covered in lines and releasing strong medicinal fragrance.

“Hehe, a treasure blade does not rust. Eight nine-ring pills, and one eight-ring pill. Achoo!”

Long Chen suddenly went through a sneezing fit, as the medicinal fragrance was too pungent and it irritated his eyes. He hastily tossed them inside a bottle.

For the next few days, Long Chen gave his crystal card to Tang Wan-er. Using the remaining points, he had Tang Wan-er and Guo Ran raise their power as much as possible. Within the Dragonblood Legion, the two of them had the greatest room for growth, and they would be the greatest guards of the faction’s lives during the competition.

Tang Wan-er could learn wind magical arts, and within the trial regions of the Xuantian Dao Sect, she could cultivate them twice as fast with half the effort.

As for Long Chen, his main mission was to refine pills as fast as possible. Fortunately, with Huo Long’s assistance, his alchemy arts were practically miraculous. A furnace of pills could be refined without him even doing anything. Huo Long had already memorized the process, and in just a dozen breaths, the refinement would be completed.

This kind of terrifying speed would probably cause countless alchemists to commit suicide out of shame. Furthermore, each furnace of pills was comprised of nine-ring pills. Other than the first eight-ring pill, the rest were all nine-ring.

After three days and three nights of refining, he had over thirteen thousand Bitter Earth Mortal Molting Pills.

Just one pill was enough for each person. More accurately, if a person ate two, they would be crippled. This was an extremely domineering pill.

Long Chen left his seclusion. The outer sect was extremely normal. He went to the inner sect and saw far fewer people than before.

The classes were over, so everyone had already chosen their best cultivation paths. They had entered the various cultivation lands, as there were specialized instructors there to guide them.

Returning to Crouching Dragon Mountain, he saw that the majority of disciples were already cultivating. Long Chen waited until night, but the majority had yet to gather. At this time, law enforcers came to tell Long Chen that he should return to the outer sect.

As a result, Long Chen simply told them to scram, and they didn’t dare to make a sound. They obediently went to report this, but in the end, nothing else happened. Most likely, the Law Enforcement Hall was also aware they were unable to cause Long Chen any difficulties over such minor things. Rather than wasting the effort, they just let him be.

Finally, the Dragonblood warriors were all gathered, with the new Dragonmark warriors also present. They worshipfully looked at the person standing in front, the only person who could wear their personal robes in the inner sect.

Looking at all those new faces, Long Chen felt a bit foreign. But seeing how passionate their gazes were, he was also full of emotion.

“Brothers, I’ve come here today to give you candy. There’s no need to be courteous. Come, each person can have one.”

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