Chapter 1050 A Specialist in Beating People (Teaser)

That person was the one who had fought a life and death battle against Long Chen and had narrowly managed to escape the Yama King’s clutches, Que Xinyan.

Seeing Long Chen, flames almost erupted from Que Xinyan’s eyes. That battle back then had not just almost taken his life, but it had also lost all his face, and even his strongest Earth Flame had been snatched away.

His hatred for Long Chen had reached a level that could no longer be described with words. He directly walked over to him.

“Long Chen.” Que Xinyan clenched his teeth, not hiding his killing intent at all.

“Gate master, it’s not permitted to fight in here.”

Que Xinyan’s Flame Gate’s members all panicked. It was forbidden to fight in Treasure Gem Island.

Que Xinyan hastily stopped. He had almost let his hatred get the better of him. If he caused trouble here, then regardless of his status, he would be imprisoned.


Que Xinyan might have stopped, but Long Chen didn’t stop his hand. Because Que Xinyan had come to...

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