Chapter 1050 A Specialist in Beating People

That person was the one who had fought a life and death battle against Long Chen and had narrowly managed to escape the Yama King’s clutches, Que Xinyan.

Seeing Long Chen, flames almost erupted from Que Xinyan’s eyes. That battle back then had not just almost taken his life, but it had also lost all his face, and even his strongest Earth Flame had been snatched away.

His hatred for Long Chen had reached a level that could no longer be described with words. He directly walked over to him.

“Long Chen.” Que Xinyan clenched his teeth, not hiding his killing intent at all.

“Gate master, it’s not permitted to fight in here.”

Que Xinyan’s Flame Gate’s members all panicked. It was forbidden to fight in Treasure Gem Island.

Que Xinyan hastily stopped. He had almost let his hatred get the better of him. If he caused trouble here, then regardless of his status, he would be imprisoned.


Que Xinyan might have stopped, but Long Chen didn’t stop his hand. Because Que Xinyan had come to a stop so suddenly, his face ended up leaning forward slightly for a moment. Long Chen reflexively gave him a slap in the face.

Looking at that, it seemed as if Que Xinyan had rushed over and intentionally stuck out his face for Long Chen to slap it.

Que Xinyan was sent flying. This was right in front of the transportation formation, an extremely lively place. But that resounding slapping sound caused everyone to go deathly silent. Everyone looked over in shock.

“Idiot, don’t block the path,” snorted Long Chen. As if nothing had happened, he continued on his way.

Que Xinyan stabilized himself in the air. He was almost insane now, and he was just about to release his aura to fight against Long Chen when a cold shout rang out.

“Who is causing a ruckus here?!” An elder appeared in the air, glaring at Long Chen and Que Xinyan. He was a King.

“Ah, you misunderstand. I wasn’t causing a ruckus. There were too many people, and we just carelessly bumped into each other,” said Long Chen.

“Bumped into each other?” That elder icily stared at him.

“Yes, he was in too big of a rush. He was walking too fast, and his face was too big, so he carelessly bumped into my hand. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him,” said Long Chen, completely relaxed.

The handprint on Que Xinyan’s face was clearly visible. Long Chen’s slap had been truly vicious. Anyone else might have been killed if they were struck by that blow.

Que Xinyan was almost unable to bear it. Even after circulating his Heavenly Dao energy, the mark didn’t fade for a long time. The most important thing was that the essence blood and core energy he had ignited last time still hadn’t recovered.

Compared to Long Chen’s injuries, his own sequelae were too great. Today, he had come over to Treasure Gem Island to get some medicinal pills to heal himself.

“What do you say?” asked the elder frostily.

Que Xinyan’s expression immediately looked like he had just swallowed a housefly. If he didn’t admit to it, then he would also be at fault, and the two of them would be taken away.

“He… is right. It was a misunderstanding.” Que Xinyan’s words were spat out through the gaps between his teeth. He was about to go crazy from rage.

“See, I was right.” Long Chen shrugged.

“Your enmities don’t interest me. Treasure Gem Island is a special place with countless treasures. It is forbidden to fight, so I’d advise not causing trouble,” warned the elder before leaving.

Once he left, Long Chen also continued to walk nonchalantly, making Que Xinyan fume. Rancor flashed in his eyes. “Long Chen, just you wait!”

Long Chen didn’t even glance at Que Xinyan. He truly was an idiot. His Blood Qi was still so weak, meaning he still wasn’t healed. If they were to fight, Long Chen could crush him.

Long Chen still hadn’t given up his thoughts of killing Que Xinyan. He would never be able to forget those people who had seen hope and had just been about to succeed when they lost their lives because of his idiotic actions.

Although they weren’t related to him, Long Chen still felt furious. No one could do foolish things without paying a price. However, now wasn’t the time to handle him. Long Chen was simply waiting for his chance.

As he continued forward, Long Chen was shocked by Treasure Gem Island’s foundation. He saw countless treasures that made him have an urge to plunder everything.

He saw weapons, sets of armor, talismans, medicinal ingredients, and King weapons.

There were even ninth rank housepet eggs. Ninth rank! In other words, an existence on the level of a King! However, when he saw the price, he had an urge to ransack all of Treasure Gem Island. Three million points? How was that any different from robbery!?

Altogether, the Dragonblood Legion’s points were only just over one million. Furthermore, incubating and raising a ninth rank Magical Beast would also require resources. That was money!

“Fine, I won’t play with this stuff for now. Time to take a look at the more reasonable things.”

Walking through the path, Long Chen was completely dazzled by the treasures he saw. There were even people being sold.

Well, being sold wasn’t the best description. More accurately, they were being rented. Long Chen personally saw a group of young men and women sitting in a tearoom, signboards beside them listing prices.

Long Chen was curious and had been about to ask them what they were doing when he saw a young disciple go over to strike up a conversation with one of the beautiful women.

As a result, he was cursed away by her. That disciple actually thought the price beside her was the fee for a night of special exchanges.

Even Long Chen felt bad for that person. Fortunately, this was Treasure Gem Island. If he had made the same mistake anywhere else, he might already be on his way to reincarnating.

These people were the senior generation’s disciples. They were all Foundation Forging experts, and they had come to sell their abilities.

They could act as a bodyguard, they could help accomplish missions, they could accompany you through an adventure, they could train you and help increase your cultivation base, and there were even some willing to be hired thugs that would teach a lesson to the people you wanted clobbered. Different professions offered different prices, but it seemed that the profession involving a night of pleasures hadn’t opened up yet.

“Junior brother, have you run into any trouble? If you were bullied by someone, go ahead and tell your senior apprentice-brother. I’m a fighter who helps people vent. My reputation has been built up over ten years, and as long you dare to think of someone, I’ll beat them up for you. How is it, junior brother? Think it over. I still haven’t made my first sale today, so I’ll give you a twenty percent discount,” called out a large man toward Long Chen.

“You know, I really do have someone in mind. Fuck, he really is a bully. Can you really help me beat him?” Long Chen’s eyes brightened.

“Of course! However, junior brother, let me just say this clearly, I only teach people lessons; I don’t take people’s lives. No one would dare to break the sect’s rules like that. Furthermore, there are levels to my beatings. There are light ones involving just a few slaps and kicks to get someone to be more obedient, and there are heavier ones where I beat them black and blue. Those are the kinds of beatings that require going to the Healing Hall. I can also heavily injure someone so they can’t get up for the next half a month. How is it? Are you interested? I can give you a special package, three beatings that can happen at different times and different places for a low price. How does five hundred points sound?” asked that large man.

“The money’s not a problem, but do you really dare to beat him?” Long Chen hesitated. After all, that person’s status wasn’t ordinary.

“Don’t worry, my reputation is stellar. Speak, what’s their name?” he said confidently.

“Luo Fan.”

“Luo Fan? Why does that name sound so familiar?” muttered the large man. “What the fuck, you’re just duping me! Isn’t that the Law Enforcement Hall Master?!”

“How am I duping you? I truly do have enmity with him. Didn’t you brag about how you would beat up anyone?” cursed Long Chen.

“Brat… you… wait, are you Long Chen?!” That large man came to a sudden comprehension.

“Of course, or why else would I be looking for trouble for that old ghost? Do you accept this mission or not? Let alone five hundred points, I’ll give you fifty thousand points. And I also don’t need you to slap him or anything. Just run over to the Law Enforcement Hall and roar that Luo Fan is an old bastard and I’ll immediately pay you,” said Long Chen.

“Fifty thousand?” The large man was startled. This money-spending style was shocking, but he really didn’t dare to accept.

Who knew whether or not he would have his life after that? And even if he lived, he’d be expelled from the Xuantian Dao Sect. Then those points would be useless.

“Fine, you’re the bigger man. I admit my inferiority. Please go find someone more qualified than me.” The large man shook his head.

“Let’s discuss this…” said Long Chen.

“No, I don’t have your big guts.” He bitterly smiled. He was from the senior generation, but even he was aware of how Long Chen had beat up a teacher, causing the Elder Hall Master and Law Enforcement Hall Master to fight.

In the senior generation’s eyes, Long Chen was like a devil in human form. Even they wouldn’t play with him. They avoided him like the plague.

Long Chen wanted to see if he could worm his way into being friends with any of them and ask about the situation around, but as a result, when they learned he was Long Chen, they all fled. Long Chen was speechless and could only continue roaming.

Asking around, he finally found the place he was looking for: the Ten Thousand Pill Hall. He needed to buy a few things to help the Dragonblood Legion grow.

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