Chapter 1049 Getting Rich

In the surrounding region of the Xuantian Dao Sect was a large mountain range. There were many formations here, and the spiritual qi was condensed to the peak. Mist and medicinal fragrance filled the air.

There was a huge thousand-mile medicinal field with countless medicinal ingredients here. Hundreds of people were in the midst of carefully going through them with instruments. Some were pulling out weeds, some were holding brushes to pollinate the flowers, and there were even some carrying extremely small pincers to pick insects off.

While everyone else was busy, a black-robed man was leisurely walking through the medicinal field.

There were a dozen overseers present. But these people didn’t dare to say a word when they saw Long Chen, let alone order him to get to work.

“How orderly. There are seventh, eighth, and ninth tier medicinal ingredients. However, how evil. None of them are main ingredients; they’re just supplementary medicinal ingredients. Well, I suppose that’s normal. Main ingredients are always exceptionally precious and exceptionally delicate. They need specialized people to look after them. Well, at least I can get a few useful ones.”

Long Chen squatted down and excavated a precious ingredient. The overseers were horrified. If a medicinal ingredient died, they would be the ones scolded.

“Don’t speak. If something happens, I’ll take responsibility,” said Long Chen before they could say anything.

He inserted that medicinal ingredient into the primal chaos space. He urged on the primal chaos space to make it rapidly reproduce. Once he had a large area of it, he took out one and used it as a replacement.

Seeing that medicinal ingredient was still flourishing, the overseers relaxed slightly.

Then Long Chen began to do the same thing over and over again. Back in the Eastern Wasteland’s Pill Tower, he had obtained quite a few precious medicinal ingredients that had helped to solve many of his problems. But as his cultivation base increased, he needed more. Seeing this many new ones here delighted Long Chen.

Long Chen quickly went through the medicinal field. The overseers saw that Long Chen would always quickly put back any medicinal ingredients he excavated, and those ingredients wouldn’t be damaged at all. In fact, they seemed to be more flourishing than ever.

Long Chen worked bitterly and excitedly for three days. Finally, there were tens of thousands of new medicinal ingredients in the primal chaos space.

Long Chen was delighted. He directly gathered all the workers and overseers, giving each of them one thousand middle grade spirit stones as a reward. Those people almost went crazy with joy.

Long Chen was also almost crazy with joy. He left the medicinal field and returned to the outer sect. He then went to their headquarters to see Wang Mang and the others. They told him a piece of news that made Long Chen’s expression sink.

Because the ones to receive Long Chen from the Eastern Wasteland were Wang Mang and the others, they had been targeted upon returning to the Xuantian Dao Sect. During this time, they had been forced to clean up the crap of Magical Beasts every day.

That wasn’t even a work that an outer sect disciple was supposed to do. At that time, Long Chen directly grabbed the person in charge of that and gave him two slaps in the face.

“You idiot, if you want to live, you’ll be clear-eyed in the future. Don’t think the Law Enforcement Hall’s backing makes you untouchable. I dared to beat a teacher and kill a core disciple. If you want to go against me, you had best consider the consequences.”

That supervisor quivered in terror. He felt Long Chen to be a devil from hell and that his life might dissipate at any moment like the dust being blown by the wind.

He immediately arranged for Wang Mang and the others to get easy and comfortable posts.

“Sorry for troubling you, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen,” said Wang Mang and the others gratefully.

Due to a bribe, Wang Mang had been supposed to make things hard for Long Chen. But as a result, Long Chen didn’t hold it against him, and now he had become Long Chen’s subordinate. That had caused the people above him to be irritated.

Although Wang Mang was smart and exchanged the sea demon Neidans for quite a few things and sent them upwards, he still wasn’t able to quell their rage. After taking those things, they sent him to clean up the crap of Magical Beasts.

“I’m the one who troubled you.” Long Chen shook his head. “I won’t let you lose out. In the future, you can help me communicate with the outer sect disciples. Spread the word that the Dragonblood Legion is selling points, twenty thousand spirit stones for one point. There are only twenty thousand points available, and each person may only buy one,” said Long Chen.

He knew Qian Duoduo had yet to carry out that project, because he was unable to find Wang Mang. Now thanks to his two demotions, he had not only gathered a huge amount of medicinal ingredients, but he had also found Wang Mang.

“For so cheap? Isn’t that too little? Can we buy it ourselves?” asked Wang Mang, his heart thumping.

“Don’t be so foolish. These are to be sold to others in order to raise popularity. Don’t get red-eyed for something as small as this. Look further; I guarantee you all will quickly become inner sect disciples,” said Long Chen confidently.

Wang Mang and the others were delighted. A terrifying person like Long Chen was capable of anything. Thinking of how they could become inner sect disciples, they were indescribably grateful.

He had Wang Mang go spread the news. Then Long Chen obediently took the transportation formation back to the inner sect. If an outer sect disciple wanted to go to the inner sect, they would have to undergo a strict investigation. But when those disciples saw Long Chen, they didn’t even check his badge. They directly let him through.

What kind of joke was that? His face was his signboard. It could be said that it was possible for someone in the Xuantian Dao Sect to not recognize the Xuan Master, but there was basically no one who didn’t recognize Long Chen.

He ruthlessly launched a killing blow to a core disciple, wildly beat a teacher, and was still able to live happily in the Xuantian Dao Sect. That in itself was a miracle.

When Long Chen returned to the inner sect, he immediately caused an uproar. That was because he was too conspicuous. Inner sect disciples all had to wear inner sect disciple robes, which were white. But Long Chen was wearing his own black robes.

Long Chen ignored the strange looks. He went directly to Crouching Dragon Mountain. Guo Ran and the others were in the midst of holding a meeting. Now that Long Chen had left, Crouching Dragon Mountain no longer had a leader.


Long Chen’s arrival delighted them. Long Chen said, “Qian Duoduo, go to the outer sect and start the project. First, release twenty thousand points. Then five days later, put out fifty thousand points, and one month later, sell another hundred thousand points. But the prices are not to be the same.

“Sell the first wave for twenty thousand middle spirit stones each, thirty thousand for the second wave, and forty thousand for the third wave. Then, stop selling them. My guess is that the other factions will not be able to sit still and will send people disguised as outer sect disciples to buy as many points as possible. At that time, directly raise the price to a hundred thousand middle grade spirit stones for one. I trust we’ll definitely make a killing.”

“But boss, then we won’t have any points to exchange for resources. We’ll be at a disadvantage in the first competition and lose even more points in the end,” said Guo Ran.

“Then let me ask you, if we spent all these points on raising everyone’s power, then according to the distribution of power, what ranking would we get?” asked Long Chen.

“I…” Guo Ran was dumbfounded. He and the others looked at each other.

In terms of power, they were the weakest. Even if they went all-out, they would probably still be dead last. Just the core Dragonblood Legion on its own was unable to make up for the weakness of the new warriors.

“When it comes to our average power, we’re the weakest, and there’s no way to argue against that. Even if we went all-out, the greatest possible result is that we might be able to suppress the Ten Thousand Insect Guild and go from last to second last. But the rewards still wouldn’t be high.

“Furthermore, the competition is no ordinary game. It’s the same as the inner sect trial and will be based on killing. There will be huge casualties, and throwing away so many lives for ranking isn’t worth it. That’s why I’ve decided to just obediently be in last place this time. What I want is for every person to survive this competition. That would be a victory for us.

“So, don’t bother with anything else. Focus completely on drilling the new warriors. Teach them what a true battle is. They need to get accustomed to working in squads and rapidly changing formations. Furthermore, have each new member get a tattoo of a dragon on their arms. You are Dragonblood warriors, and in the future, they will be known as Dragonmark warriors. They’ll slowly integrate with us, so guide them into becoming a collective whole,” said Long Chen.

“Don’t worry boss, I have experience in that regard. I’ll definitely handle the Dragonblood Legion properly,” promised Guo Ran.

“Good. Is there any news of Meng Qi and the others?” asked Long Chen. Even now, he hadn’t gotten any news of them.

If Meng Qi, Wilde, and Yue Zifeng were present, the Dragonblood Legion definitely wouldn’t need to fear any group battle.

“We’ve asked around, but they said that as special disciples, that have specialized teachers leading them through specific trials. Apparently, the treatment of a special disciple is equivalent to a core disciple,” said Guo Ran. If that was true, the Dragonblood Legion would be incomparably powerful in the future. Who would be able to compare to them?

Long Chen nodded. If that was the case, he was at ease. When they returned, the Dragonblood Legion’s power would leap to a new height.

After giving them their missions, Long Chen descended Crouching Dragon Mountain and went to Treasure Gem Island. That was where the Xuantian Dao Sect had its treasures.

It was also the place where the disciples spent their points the most. As long as you had enough points, you could buy anything there.

Long Chen was bringing a large number of points. He wanted to see if there was anything he needed that he could buy.

Treasure Gem Island was a couple hundred miles and was filled with buildings. The pedestrians were like ants, and it was very lively.

However, whether it was inner sect disciples or outer sect disciples, they all had to wear their disciple robes. Long Chen’s arrival drew countless gazes.

Long Chen had only just stepped off the transportation formation when he saw a certain person. He felt the space around him suddenly begin to heat up. Seeing who it was, Long Chen’s gaze turned ice-cold.

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