Chapter 1048 Li Changfeng’s Praise

Long Chen stood at the entrance of the ancient city with his hands clasped behind his back. In front of him was a graffitied wall with close to a hundred people stuck on it. They were like large pieces of flatbread made of meat.

“It’s you again, Long Chen!” Lu Minghan appeared in front of the city gates.

“Yes, how coincidental! We meet again so soon. Are you still well?” Long Chen smiled mischievously. He hadn’t expected the first one to come would be Lu Minghan. They really had destiny together.

“Bastard, you attacked the law enforcers! Let’s see how you slip out of your punishment this time!” Lu Minghan smiled coldly. The chains in his hands were already lit up.

“Why would I need to slip out? Has your head rusted? Are you sure these are law enforcers? They’re not wearing their robes or status badges. When they see people, they immediately beat them. When they see valuables, they immediately snatch them. I thought I had run into a group of bandits! So what if I want to teach bandits a lesson? That’s called reasonable self-defense. I am wearing outer sect disciple’s robes and my badge. They had no reason to attack me. By wearing these robes, I represent the Xuantian Dao Sect. For them to attack me is to attack the Xuantian Dao Sect. I beat them to protect the Xuantian Dao Sect from attackers, so I’m clearly standing on the side of reason. Why don’t you try and attack me?” sneered Long Chen.

A King had arrived, terrifying everyone here. This was the outer sect, and it was unknown how many years had passed since a King had descended upon them. But then they saw Long Chen talking arrogantly to this King, and they all had an urge to prostrate themselves before him.

“What nonsense! Aren’t some of them wearing law enforcer’s robes? When the Xuantian Dao Sect’s law enforcers are enforcing the law, it is not permitted to resist. If they did something wrong, you can rebut the charge afterward. But you clearly knew they were law enforcers doing their work, and you still violently fought back. Even if your tongue can pull off a miracle, you can’t escape your sins!” sneered Lu Minghan. Rather than wasting more words, he moved to directly capture Long Chen. Once he was captured, everything would be easy.

“Hold.” Suddenly, another figure appeared in the air. It was Li Changfeng.

“Li Changfeng, you can’t stop me from doing my job!” Seeing Li Changfeng instantly infuriated Lu Minghan. He was unable to beat him.

“I have orders from the Elder Hall Master. Both sides are at fault. Long Chen did beat up law enforcers which is admittedly in the wrong, but the law enforcers were also in the wrong,” said Li Changfeng.

“What nonsense, how were the law enforcers in the wrong?!” raged Lu Minghan.

“The first group of people weren’t wearing their law enforcer’s robes. They’re your outer members, and I’m sure there’s no need for me to go into detail about the violations they commit. As for these disciples wearing their robes, they were drinking on duty. Is that the teachings of your Law Enforcement Hall? Before doing shameful deeds, they need to drink wine to strengthen their guts?” said Li Changfeng.

Long Chen was the first to start clapping. That phrase was delightful, drinking wine to strengthen their guts. It was concise and comprehensive with profound, far-reaching meaning. It seemed he needed to work on his own eloquence. Li Changfeng was the true master.

Following Long Chen’s praise, the surrounding people also began to clap. Cheering began to erupt.

The Law Enforcement Hall was disliked everywhere, but it was especially disliked in the outer sect. Their outer members were especially tyrannical, practically acting as bandits to the commoners.

Lu Minghan was ashen with rage. Those law enforcers that were wearing robes were also stuck in the wall, drenched in blood and lard. The smell of alcohol came from them, and there was no way to argue against that fault. He found himself unable to quibble.

“The Elder Hall Master has said that since both sides were at fault, we can each handle our own disciples. Long Chen rashly beat law enforcers, resulting in negative consequences. He is to be stripped of his status as an outer sect disciple and demoted into a worker. But because he is the leader of the Dragonblood Legion, he has to look after his faction’s development. And so he is to keep all his privileges,” said Li Changfeng.

Hearing this, Long Chen was at ease. But Lu Minghan raged, “How is that any different from not punishing him?!”

There truly was no difference. The only thing was that Long Chen would lose his ten points each month. But did Long Chen really need that?

“If you don’t like it, you can go find your Hall Master. I trust he’ll definitely accept,” said Li Changfeng.

Lu Minghan wanted to say something, but his expression suddenly changed and he unwillingly left.

Once Lu Minghan left, Li Changfeng looked at Long Chen. He was silent for a long while before sighing, “I, Li Changfeng, have not admired many people in my life. Amongst youngsters, you, Long Chen, are the first.”

“Elder Li overpraises me. If you praise me like this, I’ll get conceited,” said Long Chen ‘humbly’. He had a good feeling toward the Elder Hall’s people. They were of exemplary character and people truly worthy of respect.

“According to what I know, in the Xuantian Dao Sect’s hundreds of thousands of years of history, there have been countless miracles and countless new records. I remember there was once a worker, who through hard work, managed to be promoted step by step to a core disciple in ten months. That’s already absolutely shocking, but compared to you, he’s still lacking. In less than ten days, you managed to go from a core disciple to a worker,” praised Li Changfeng.

Long Chen was speechless. “Elder Li, why do I feel like you’re not praising me?”

“No, it’s definitely praise. Last time, you took eight hours to go from a core disciple to an inner disciple, and now it took you less than six hours to go down two ranks. Although I don’t dare say there will be none to break your record in the future, there definitely is no precedent,” said Li Changfeng. Even he was bitterly smiling in the end.

He really did admire Long Chen. His ability to cause trouble was remarkable. He had only just left the inner sect and the sun hadn’t even set, but he had already been turned into a worker. This was his first time encountering such a marvel in his life.

“Hehe…” Long Chen was a bit embarrassed. It seemed he really had gone a bit too far. But it wasn’t like he had wanted to do it. He had been forced.

“Alright, take off your robes. You can wear your own clothes now. You’re already at the bottom, so you can even go barefoot if you want,” laughed Li Changfeng. He was just about to leave when he suddenly said, “Also, the Hall Master wanted me to warn you not to always think of nonsense. The inner sect’s bi-monthly competition is of utmost importance. The six factions will get points and rewards based on their performance, and that’s the foundation of a faction’s growth. Don’t treat it lightly.”

“Please thank the Hall Master for his concern. Disciple has already heard of it,” said Long Chen.

Only then did Li Changfeng leave. Long Chen put on a set of black robes. Returning to his original adornment after beating people twice felt refreshing. But having been demoted twice was a bit wearying.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen… we can send you to the worker room to report.” The outer sect disciples looked at each other before one of them opened his mouth.

They weren’t even able to keep up with these sudden changes. At first, they were supposed to bring Long Chen to the outer sect to register, but now there was no need for that. They could go directly to the worker room.

“Many thanks. As an insignificant worker, I should be the one calling you senior apprentice-brother,” laughed Long Chen.

“Senior apprentice-brother, don’t joke. You’re the true hero. Considering you dared to beat up law enforcers and curse a King in the face, no one in the outer sect would dare to look down on you,” said that disciple.

“Haha, let’s go.” Long Chen laughed, waving his hand at these grateful commoners before leaving.

Once he left, a group of fiends charged over and drove these people away.

“What are you looking at? Are you forming a crowd to cause trouble? Hurry up and scram, or my cudgel won’t be merciful.”

Law enforcers quickly forced the commoners away. Some of them went to peel people off the wall and bring them away to heal. Long Chen hadn’t killed them.

Long Chen was brought to a broken-down temple. There was a tent in front of the temple, and that was where the workers were to report.

Long Chen had just entered when a mid Xiantian, middle-aged man who didn’t even look up said, “If you want a good job, first pay five middle grade spirit stones.”

Long Chen almost laughed. This situation was truly everywhere. He said, “I just came to register.”

“Register? Then that’s one middle grade spirit stone. Hmph, you have no vision at all. Someone like you is fated to be a poor ghost for the rest of your life.” The person finally glanced at Long Chen, but he couldn’t sense his cultivation base.

“What if I don’t have any spirit stones?” Long Chen shook his head. He had never heard that registering required money.

“Then scram!” shouted that person.

The people outside the tent finally couldn’t bear it. One of the outer sect disciples rushed in and slapped that person across the face. “Are you blind? This is senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, and he only came here as a formality, but you dare to make things hard on him? Do you now know how the word death is written?”

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen?! This little one was not able to see Mount Tai! Due to your grand magnanimity, please forgive this little one!” That person immediately knelt on the ground. It was unknown whether he was frightened by the outer sect disciple’s status or Long Chen’s name.

“First, register me and then let me see what kind of good work there is,” said Long Chen.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, are you really a worker now? That’s not suited to your status,” said one of the outer sect disciples.

Long Chen shook his head and had the person take out a book. There were all kinds of missions listed: feeding Magical Beasts, laying bricks, cleaning up crap, etc. There were thousands of options, but the rewards were only spirit stones. The normal ones gave one spirit stone, while the generous ones gave two.

“Managing a medicinal field? This one, set me up for this one.” Long Chen’s eyes suddenly brightened.

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