Chapter 1047 Stuck Flatbread

One of the law enforcers charged over, stopping when he was right in front of Long Chen. Waving his cudgel at Long Chen’s nose, he roared, “Are you looking to die?”

“This person is-” One of the disciples hastily tried to explain.

“Shut up! You outer sect disciples, just properly eat your dog food. Meddlers are asking for it!” cursed the law enforcer, not caring at all about their outer sect disciple robes. He directly moved to snatch Long Chen’s photographic jade.

As a result, Long Chen gave him a slap in the face that sent him flying into a distant wall. The immense power caused him to flatten like a painting. Blood flew everywhere.

“Bastard, how dare you attack the Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples?! You-”

Long Chen’s attack immediately drew the ire of the other law enforcers, and they all charged at him.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you can’t! They have a powerful back-”

Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow…

But Long Chen didn’t care. He gave one slap for each of them. They all shot back like shooting stars and crashed against the wall. They looked like piles of dung that had been tossed into the wall.

“Fuck, I hate people who point at my nose when they talk to me.”

Long Chen patted his hands. Looking at the human-shaped paintings on the wall, he spat on the ground.

The outer sect disciples were all appalled. They knew that these law enforcers couldn’t be provoked.

“Arrogant brat, you dare to strike me? Just wait-”

One of the bricks embedded in the ground shot towards the speaker. It struck him dead-on and he vomited blood. That brick almost smashed him in two.

“Do you want to try saying that again?” said Long Chen coldly.

These people were too arrogant. Some insignificant Xiantian disciples dared to curse him in the face? Those guts really were heaven-defying. If Long Chen didn’t put them in their place, he wouldn’t be Long Chen.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen…”

“It’s fine. I want to see just how amazing they are to dare curse me in the nose.” Long Chen waved his hand. The most irritating people were those who were even wilder than him.

Originally, he hadn’t been thinking about provoking trouble. But these fellows had gone too far. Long Chen intentionally took out a photographic jade as bait, and the result was to be expected.

“Who dares to attack my Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples? Do you want your entire family to be kicked out of the Xuantian Dao Sect?” At this time, another group of people rushed over.

This group was stronger than the first group. Their cultivation bases had reached Sea Expansion, but they were wearing ordinary robes instead of law enforcer robes. 

“Brat, are you looking for trouble?” shouted the large man at the front. He waved his cudgel at Long Chen.

Long Chen didn’t say a word. His reply was a slap in the face. Following the first group, that large man became a painting on the wall.

After the first one, Long Chen didn’t pause. The rest of the people following the large man were all slapped into the wall. They slammed in so hard that they couldn’t be extracted.

The few outer sect disciples beside Long Chen were all dumbfounded. This was too domineering.

They were unaware that Long Chen had been demoted into an outer sect disciple because he had beaten up a teacher. All they had received were orders to welcome a disciple, and they hadn’t expected that the disciple they were to welcome would be Long Chen.

If they had known the reason for his demotion, they wouldn’t be so shocked now. If he even dared to beat a teacher, then these little fellows were nothing.

They were currently just past the city gates, and Long Chen was already using people to create graffiti on the wall. The uproar brought more and more spectators. When people heard that it was Long Chen, the entire city became chaotic as people surged over.

It was just like what that outer sect disciple had said. There was basically no one that didn’t know Long Chen in the outer sect. They had all heard his great name.

That was because in previous generations, the four regions’ disciples were just green leaves to set off the Central Plains’ heavenly geniuses.

For generations, the people living here had hoped for a supreme expert to appear amongst the four regions to fight against those people who looked down on them.

So when Long Chen led over ten thousand of the four regions’ weakest disciples to pass the inner sect trial and almost killed the Central Plains’ peak genius Que Xinyan, his heroic name had shaken all their hearts. These people all hoped for him to vent their anger.

Now in front of this sea of people, Long Chen stood with his hands clasped behind his back, and there were several dozen people who had been slapped into the wall so hard that they looked like flatbread. They obediently lay there, their blood slowly dripping down the wall. Those people’s bones had all been broken, and they were unable to move.

“This group of murderers also ended up with such a day. Retribution has finally come.”

Looking at the law enforcers’ miserable state, not even one person felt the slightest pity. The only thing they felt was hatred. In their eyes, these people were fiends who didn’t shrink from any crime.

Just at this time, the crowd parted as if fleeing from demons as another group of people appeared.

These people were wearing the Law Enforcement Hall’s robes. They wore square hats with blue lining on the edges. That was the specific color of the Law Enforcement Hall.

The person leading them was a rank three Celestial whose cultivation base had reached late Sea Expansion. As soon as he arrived he shouted, “Who was it that attacked people in my territory? You no longer want your life, is that it?”

Long Chen frowned. He almost couldn’t believe it. These swaggering people were from the Law Enforcement Hall? Their robes were a mess, and their hats were askew.

As for the person at the front, he was clearly drunk. His gaze was as unsteady as his steps. Even for someone as experienced as Long Chen, this was his first time seeing such a thing.

“Brat, were you trying to cause trouble? You want to die?!” he shouted at Long Chen.

The group behind him wasn’t small, but it wasn’t large either. They all seemed drunk. It was very likely they had been drinking when they had been drawn over by the disturbance. Everyone felt resentful that these were their supposed law enforcers.

A mid Sea Expansion law enforcer walked right in front of Long Chen and raised his hand. “Big brother, why waste so many words with him? Just kill him.”

Just as he was about to strike, Long Chen’s hand struck like lightning on his face. With a resounding sound, that person smashed into the wall as well.


The fellow leading this group was just about to attack when Long Chen grabbed his hair. Pulling, Long Chen smashed his kneecap up.

Long Chen’s hard kneecap viciously smashed against the fellow’s nose. This one attack caused him to faint. Long Chen gave him another kick, adding another human flatbread to the wall.

This flatbread was different from the others. He covered a greater area, and other than blood, some shiny white stuff also came out of him. Many people didn’t even know what it was.

“Fuck, he probably hasn’t cultivated for many years. Even his lard was squeezed out.” Long Chen was disgusted. He was finally amazed. Even amongst cultivators, there were people who could get astoundingly fat. It seemed the Law Enforcement Hall was quite the cushy place.

Without another word, Long Chen charged at the other stunned law enforcers. After giving them a kick each, they landed on the wall.

More human flatbread appeared on the wall. Fortunately, the wall was supported by powerful runes and didn’t collapse. However, this large wall now had a stunning and funny scene on it. Around a hundred people were stuck on it, incapable of moving.


Following one person, countless people began to cheer, and the cheering came in loud waves. Their voices were all emotional.

“Are these people all so disliked?” asked Long Chen.

“Of course. They have the insignia of the Law Enforcement Hall, and so they’re capable of committing all kinds of crimes. People have long since grown tired of their bullying. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you’ve helped us vent some pent-up frustration. These people also often bully us outer sect disciples, but we can’t offend them, so we can only endure,” explained a disciple.

A comparatively more mature disciple said, “However, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you might have vented some anger for us, but now it’ll be troublesome for you.”

“It’s fine. I’m not afraid of trouble.” If it was people from the Law Enforcement Hall, Long Chen didn’t care about beating them to death.

Within the Xuantian Dao Sect‘s northwestern region, there was a small lake that was as flat as a mirror. The scenery was beautiful, and there was a person sitting by the lake, fishing.

This person was the one with the highest authority in the Xuantian Dao Sect, the Xuan Master. Beside him, the Elder Hall Master bowed.

“Xuan Master, you called for me?”

The Xuan Master nodded. “How do you feel about Long Chen?”

Liu Cang was surprised. After thinking about it for a moment, he said, “He’s a very contradictory person. Sometimes smart, sometimes foolish, sometimes crafty like a fox, sometimes fierce like a tiger, there’s no way to explain him. But there is one thing that is certain: as long as this person doesn’t fall, he will definitely become a supreme expert.”

“What an appropriate evaluation. Truly worthy of my Dao Sect’s pillar, the Elder Hall Master. Your vision is as sharp as ever. Regretfully, the Law Enforcement Hall Master is blinded by greed and power. He lost his transcendent heart long ago, and sooner or later, he’ll pay the consequences,” said the Xuan Master.

“Are you thinking of beating him?” asked Liu Cang.

“Why would I beat him?” The Xuan Master smiled slightly.

“I…” Liu Cang was dumbfounded. He didn’t know how to respond to that.

If he was speaking to an ordinary person, he’d say that he was the Xuan Master, the rudder of the entire Xuantian Dao Sect. If he didn’t handle this matter, who would?

But it was precisely because he was the leader that these words were thought-provoking. But Liu Cang was unable to comprehend his meaning in the end.

“Then let me ask you, how would you feel if I handed the Xuantian Dao Sect to Long Chen?” asked the Xuan Master.

“Absolutely not! With his temperament, he’ll flip the entire sect around!” Liu Cang’s expression drastically changed.

The Xuan Master didn’t find this reaction to be unexpected. He was just about to speak once more when he suddenly frowned.

“We’ll talk about that later. That fellow’s causing trouble again. Go send someone to handle it. Have him fall one more rank.”

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