Chapter 1045 Suppressing Through Power

Long Chen hadn’t expected the Law Enforcement Hall Master to personally come.

As soon as he arrived, Long Chen felt all his hair stand on end. It felt like a wild beast had set its gaze on him, and he found that he suddenly couldn’t move.

In front of the Law Enforcement Hall Master, Long Chen felt himself to be an ant looking at a dragon. He felt himself to be incredibly minuscule, as if the Law Enforcement Hall Master could kill him with just a thought.

Sweat trickled down his back. That wasn’t something Long Chen could control. Right now, he felt like he couldn’t even form an urge to resist.

The Law Enforcement Hall Master took a single step forward, and Long Chen felt the space around him tighten. It was like a mountain was crushing him.

The Law Enforcement Hall Master took three more steps forward, and with each step, Long Chen felt the pressure on him increase, as if mountain after mountain was crashing on top of him.

When he took his seventh step, Long Chen finally coughed up a mouthful of blood.

When he took his eighth step, a crackling sound rang throughout Long Chen’s body. His bones were unable to bear it, and faint cracks covered them.

Long Chen’s kneecaps were under the most pressure. His bones were starting to bend.

Long Chen icily glared at the Law Enforcement Hall Master. He knew that he was intentionally humiliating him, trying to force him to kneel for mercy. But Long Chen went all-out to resist. He refused to bend his knees.

Endless fury ignited his killing intent. That was his most primal killing intent.

This killing intent had been buried because of Meng Qi’s words. But now, it was once more starting to grow.

The Law Enforcement Hall Master coldly took another step forward. But when he saw a sharp light in Long Chen’s eyes, he suddenly felt an indescribable sense of unease.

However, he didn’t hesitate. On this ninth step, Long Chen felt like he was under the weight of a hundred thousand mountains. He felt like his body was about to explode.

“Luo Fan, you’re getting worse and worse. Is being so heavy-handed against a child suited to your status?” Suddenly, a slightly mocking voice rang out, and another elder appeared by Long Chen’s side.

That was the Elder Hall Master, Liu Cang. As soon as he appeared in front of Long Chen, the mountain-like pressure vanished.

Long Chen almost collapsed on the ground when he felt his body lighten. Liu Cang placed a hand on Long Chen’s body, and gentle energy spread within him. Long Chen felt all his bones instantly heal, and all his injuries were fixed.

The Elder Hall Master was a wood cultivator? Long Chen was startled. There was no other way to explain such terrifying healing abilities.

“You’re the one getting worse. If I didn’t do this, would you appear?” said the Law Enforcement Hall Master Luo Fan lightly.

Long Chen was enraged. So he had done this to force Liu Cang to appear? That was definitely bullying.

This was a naked disregard. Long Chen nodded. He would remember this.

“I’ve appeared, so let’s continue,” said Liu Cang.

“Long Chen disturbed the classroom and beat up a teacher. That is a grave offense to the Dao Sect. Do you have any opinion if I want to bring him away right now?” said the Law Enforcement Hall Master with a smile. That smile was the smile of a victor overlooking his defeated opponent.

In all their previous contests, the Law Enforcement Hall had been at a disadvantage. Now, Long Chen had committed a grave mistake and was caught. The Law Enforcement Hall had succeeded in winning this round.

Liu Cang shook his head. “Why bother? Just to force me to appear, you didn’t hesitate to ignore a disciple’s dignity? Don’t you think that’s a bit too far?”

“Don’t be such a hypocrite. Those who break the rules don’t have the qualifications to maintain their dignity. That’s their punishment. Liu Cang, since you’ve come, I’ve reached my goal. I will be bringing Long Chen away.” Luo Fan smiled and walked toward Long Chen.

“Sorry, but I can’t hand Long Chen to you,” said Liu Cang.

“What do you think you’re doing?” demanded Luo Fan coldly.

“I suspect there’s something fishy about this matter,” said Liu Cang.

Luo Fan’s expression sank. “Are you saying I framed Long Chen? If you just opened your eyes, you would be able to see what happened.”

“Sometimes eyes aren’t able to see the truth. I need to investigate this matter to its roots. If Long Chen did commit an offense, I definitely won’t protect him. But if he is faultless, I will definitely not allow anyone to abuse their public position to bully my disciples,” said Liu Cang.

“You really want to go against me like this?!” raged Luo Fan.

“Isn’t that what you wanted? I will report this matter to the Xuantian Tower Supervising Department tomorrow. They are the most impartial group in the Xuantian Dao Sect, and they have the power to go through people’s memories. I trust they’ll be able to give us the most just verdict,” said Liu Cang.


“Old bastard, what are you winking for?” Long Chen suddenly raised the teacher in his hand and slapped him. Long Chen had seen him casting a special look at Luo Fan.

“Brute, you really must want to die!” Luo Fan’s expression sank.

“If an old bastard like you hasn’t died, why would a young fellow like me die?” sneered Long Chen. In any case, he had already decided to hug the leg of the Elder Hall. Thus, he might as well be straightforward and go right up against the Law Enforcement Hall. Long Chen wasn’t worried about cursing the Law Enforcement Hall Master. He could at least vent a bit of fury and treat it as redeeming some interest.

“Luo Fan, let’s leave this to the Xuantian Tower Supervising Department tomorrow. Long Chen, release him. With me present, no one is capable of injuring you,” said Liu Cang.

Long Chen hesitated and looked at the sharp-faced teacher in his hand. Seeing the rancor in his eyes, Long Chen slapped him twice more before tossing him to Luo Fan.

Luo Fan caught him. But the teacher’s bones had all been shattered by Long Chen, and there was no way for him to stand. Luo Fan didn’t possess Liu Cang’s healing abilities, so he handed him to Lu Minghan with orders to heal his wounds.

Liu Cang was leading Long Chen to leave when Luo Fan suddenly blocked their path. Liu Cang icily asked, “What?”

“Today, I must bring Long Chen away,” declared Luo Fan.

“You can try it.” Liu Cang narrowed his eyes. After being old opponents for so long, he knew what Luo Fan was thinking.

“You want to fight? Good, good, then I’ll be the referee. Should I open the martial stage for you right now?”

Suddenly, another figure appeared in the palace.

“Xuan Master!”

Liu Cang and Luo Fan were both shocked and hastily bowed. They hadn’t thought that this matter would disturb the Xuan Master.

“What happened here?” asked the Xuan Master.

“This is what happened…” Long Chen directly went through what had happened. He didn’t exaggerate anything. All he said was the truth.

“Luo Fan, I seem to recall that this teacher’s name is Luo Kebo. He is related to you?” asked the Xuan Master.

“I… We have a distant family relationship, but…” Luo Fan began to sweat.

“There’s no need to explain. I’ll present you with two options. One is to go to the Xuantian Tower Supervising Department to investigate this matter clearly and make a verdict. That will require quite a bit of time. The other option is to punish Long Chen by stripping him of his inner sect disciple position and demoting him to an outer sect disciple,” said the Xuan Master.

“Then wouldn’t I have lost out?” Long Chen was against the second option.

“Little fellow, you have no qualifications to complain. Even if Luo Kebo was targeting you, you could have registered a complaint and gone through the regular channels. If you had received unjust treatment, the Dao Sect would definitely right it for you.

“However, you didn’t go through the regular channels, and instead, you directly disturbed a class and beat a teacher. You chose the most brutish way of handling this.

“Even if you were in the right, after what you did, you’re no longer in the right. So when you do things, you should carefully consider your options and not act rashly. Well, that’s all I have to say. You can choose one of these options,” said the Xuan Master.

“Disciple will listen to the Xuan Master’s orders. We can choose the second option and not trouble the Supervising Department,” said Luo Fan.

He had no choice but to choose the second option because Luo Kebo was truly related to him. He hadn’t expected this matter to disturb the Xuan Master. Now it wasn’t so easy to handle.

Although he hadn’t ordered Luo Kebo to do anything, he had told all his relatives to not give Long Chen an easy time. His guess was that Luo Kebo had been trying to help him, but it had resulted in this current situation.

“Long Chen, what do you say?” The Xuan Master looked toward Long Chen. For some unknown reason, he had an urge to laugh upon looking at him.

For a disciple to beat up a teacher during class was something that had never happened in the Xuantian Dao Sect’s history. Long Chen was truly a marvel. It was no wonder the patriarch had given him a simple evaluation: unreliable.

“I still feel like I’m losing out. After all, if you look at the consequences, you should first look at the causes. Among the two, the factors that caused the consequences should definitely bear the most blame, at the very least, eighty percent. If you want to punish me to maintain the dignity of the Xuantian Dao Sect, then I can accept a compromise. However, you have to guarantee that I keep the same privileges and can freely enter the inner sect,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen knew that there was no way to avoid punishment for beating up a teacher. But outer sect disciples were not allowed to enter the inner sect, and that would mean he would be isolated from the Dragonblood Legion. That was unacceptable.

“Are you haggling?” The Xuan Master’s expression sank.

“Then how about we go to the Supervising Department and go through their procedure? I, Long Chen, always act openly and candidly. I’m not afraid of an investigation,” said Long Chen.

The Xuan Master was speechless. Long Chen was truly crafty, and he refused to lose out because of this.

“Luo Fan, what do you say?” The Xuan Master directed the question to the Law Enforcement Hall Master.

Luo Fan hastily said, “I’ll follow whatever your orders are. However, disciple feels that Long Chen’s conditions are acceptable. After all, he is the leader of his faction, and separating them is unreasonable.”

Seeing that Luo Fan would actually thicken his face and plead leniency for Long Chen, the Xuan Master sighed inside. Long Chen had slyly taken advantage of Luo Fan’s weakness, forcing him to submit.

But how was such a sly and crafty fellow capable of doing such a foolish thing? It was incomprehensible.

Since Luo Fan wasn’t against it, the Xuan Master disappeared from their sight. As soon as he left, Luo Fan’s expression turned icy.

“Let me say it again, don’t fall into my hands,” he said before leaving.

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