Chapter 1044 Human Meat Shield


Long Chen’s fist landed squarely on the teacher’s face. He had never dreamed that Long Chen would dare to strike him.

As a result, his entire face caved in from this punch. He let out a miserable scream and flew back.

He crashed against the wall and then rebounded, and before he could do anything, Long Chen had grabbed him and raised his hand.

Pow, pow, pow, pow… 

In the blink of an eye, thirty-six slaps struck the teacher’s face, and it immediately swelled like a pig’s face.

“Brute, you dare-?!” Only now did the teacher react, Flames erupted out of his body.

As a result, Long Chen sent a punch to his abdomen. The teacher let out a pained groan and curled up like a shrimp.

This punch had been extremely vicious. It had almost crippled his Dantian. But even though Long Chen hadn’t crippled him, he had heavily injured his Dantian, making him incapable of circulating spiritual yuan for a short time.

Looking at the teacher curled up on the ground, all the disciples were shocked. The teachers were all King-level experts. For Long Chen to dare to strike one, did he not want his life anymore?

Long Chen icily stared at the pained teacher, furious killing intent in his eyes.

This bastard was intentionally targeting him, making sure he couldn’t join the Alchemy Pavilion. In the beginning, Long Chen had been forced to endure, but after giving the teacher an inch, he wanted a mile. He refused to allow Long Chen to join the Alchemy Pavilion.

Although he didn’t know for sure what his reasoning was, he knew that with this teacher present, there was no way for him to join the Alchemy Pavilion. Using his position, it would be all too easy to kick him out, so rather than enduring, it was better to vent his anger.

At this moment, a figure tried to rush out. That person was the one who had tattled on him.

“You want to go report this? Get back here.”

Long Chen vanished and when he reappeared, he was right in front of that disciple.

That disciple was appalled. Seeing Long Chen blocking him, his soul almost fled in terror. He hastily turned around, but he was grabbed by Long Chen.

He was thrown into a wall and squashed like a frog before collapsing on the ground. His body was completely deformed, with all his bones shattered.

“Loose-tongued ghost, let me help you out.” Long Chen raised him and crushed his jaw with one blow, and then grabbing his tongue, he pulled.

“Ah!” The ones screaming were a few female disciples, as that disciple couldn’t make a sound anymore. His entire tongue was ripped out by Long Chen, and it was an incredibly bloody sight.

At this time, the teacher slowly crawled back up. Long Chen suddenly threw the disciple at him.

Both of them tumbled back and struck the wall. The disciple fainted.

“Long Chen, you-” The teacher had only just opened his mouth when he was sent flying by a kick. He smashed into another wall, appearing extremely miserable.

“Damn old ghost. As expected, you knew my name but were just acting like you didn’t. Trash like you can become a teacher? Speak, what were you paid to make things hard on me?”

Just talking about it enraged Long Chen, and he once more slapped the teacher in the face. The sound of slapping echoed throughout the palace, making everyone pale with fright. This was too crazy. Was Long Chen really so powerful that he was a match for Kings?

However, the only reason Long Chen could beat this elder like beating a child was because he understood alchemists far too well. Alchemists possessed weak bodies, and without activating their Pill Flames to protect their bodies, their combat power was terrible.

As for this teacher, he was clearly used to living like a prince and had no battle experience. If Long Chen really wanted to, he could instantly kill him. This was the difference between inheritance and combat experts.

He possessed an expert’s cultivation base and foundation, but his combat power was essentially zero. Such people never entered the battlefield.

“Courting death! Brute, you-”

People’s eyes almost popped out as Long Chen broke the teacher’s arms and legs, causing him to spasm.

When it came to which parts of the human body could bring about the most pain, no one had more knowledge than Long Chen. He icily said, “Speak, who told you to make things hard on me?”

“You-” The teacher’s body quivered with hatred and rancor.

“Your answer is beside the point.”

Long Chen stamped his foot down several times, eliciting pained screams. 

“Who told you to do this? It’s fine if you don’t say. I have many ways to make a person tell the truth, and I can try them one by one. If thirty of them fail, I’ll admit you’re a real man, and I’ll cut off my own head as an apology. So should we start?” said Long Chen with a sinister smile.

“I’ll speak! It was the Law Enforcement Hall-!” cried the teacher. His face was crumpled into a deformed state from the pain. He wasn’t a combat expert, so he had never experienced this kind of torment. His will quickly crumbled and he begged for mercy.

“Long Chen, how brazen!”

Suddenly, two figures appeared in the palace. Coincidentally, these two were people that Long Chen recognized.

They were the two Law Enforcement Elders who had appeared when Long Chen had viciously quelled the disciples who had failed and decided to charge up the Xuantian Staircase. One of them was the one he had several interactions with, Lu Minghan. He was the one shouting.

“I’ve always been brazen, how else could I have cut off your head?” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen was now fully clear on this matter. The teacher’s words had confirmed his initial suspicions that this matter had the Law Enforcement Hall behind it.

Startled cries rang out. What kind of monster was he? Not only did they personally witness him crushing a teacher like he was a dog, now it seemed he had truly cut off the head of a King.

Lu Minghan’s face was dark with anger. That was the greatest humiliation of his life, and Long Chen had once more ripped off his scab.

“Brazen Long Chen, you’ve caused chaos in a peaceful class and beat up a teacher. Your crimes are unforgivable, and if you don’t kneel immediately, don’t blame my Law Enforcement Hall for being merciless and executing you!” shouted Lu Minghan. He and the other King attacked at the same time, their chains whistling toward Long Chen.

Their chains completely blocked any paths of retreat for Long Chen, and the great power behind them caused space to rumble. How were they trying to subdue Long Chen? They were clearly trying to kill him.

“Idiot, you were helpless to do anything to me in the Eastern Wasteland, and you’re still helpless to do anything to me now. Let me show you my peerless skill, the Living Replacement Human Shield!”

Long Chen kicked the half-dead teacher into his waiting hand. Just like that, he raised him toward the chains.

Lu Minghan and his fellow King immediately felt their hair stand on end, and they hastily retracted their chains.

The chain stopped just half an inch from the teacher’s face. But the following astral winds almost killed him. He coughed up blood that contained his broken innards.

“Long Chen, you’re courting death!”

Lu Minghan roared furiously, his face slightly pale. Fiercely attacking and then fiercely pulling back power was the greatest taboo for cultivators. It was equivalent to attacking oneself. Both of them almost coughed up blood.

Long Chen waved his human shield and sneered, “With two huge pieces of shit here, why would I need to find more shit?”

Since the situation had already reached this point, then he had to blow this matter up until it was huge. Otherwise, he would end up losing.

“Long Chen, release the teacher. Otherwise, we’ll kill you right now!” shouted the other King.

“Do you think I’d believe you? You want to kill me anyway, so why would I be so stupid as to put down my protective talisman?” sneered Long Chen.

“Don’t be obstinate. Release the teacher. That’s the only way for you to lighten your sentence and to keep your life,” shouted Lu Minghan.

“Fuck off. Do you think I’m a child? If you want to attack, then attack. Let’s see if I’m afraid of you,” sneered Long Chen.

Just before this, Long Chen had stealthily signaled to the Dragonblood Legion’s disciples to leave and announce this matter outside.

There had been a few disciples who had begun to run out when the two Law Enforcement Elders had come in, as they had been worried about being implicated. The news would definitely spread rapidly. Of course, if someone was intentionally spreading it, it would spread even faster.

Lu Minghan’s expression was cold. He cast a glance at his fellow King, but that person shook his head.

If Lu Minghan did go all-out to kill Long Chen, he was confident he could kill him in just a few breaths. The higher-ups wouldn’t be able to blame them, as Long Chen had refused to go peacefully. Long Chen was holding a hostage, and so they had no choice but to do everything they could to suppress him.

But the other King didn’t agree. If Long Chen died, it wouldn’t be important. The main problem was that Long Chen would definitely drag down the teacher as well before dying, and then it wouldn’t be so easy to quibble.

The two of them were in a deadlock for a while. Long Chen was holding a human meat shield, icily staring at the two of them. The other disciples all retreated out of the palace, leaving behind just them.

“Arrogant brat, you dare to use brute strength to resist your capture? Do you think the Xuantian Dao Sect is your home?!”

Suddenly, a new figure appeared in the palace. Seeing that figure, Long Chen’s expression changed as he realized he was unable to move.

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