Chapter 1043 Alchemy Pavilion

“Where is the Earth Flame?”

Long Chen only saw Lei Long and Huo Long in the primal chaos space. The flame leopard was nowhere to be seen.

Huo Long let out a roar, and a foot-long flame dragon flew out and intimately coiled around Long Chen’s arm. It rubbed against him like a child sucking up.

“You… you ate it?!” Looking at Huo Long’s guilty actions, Long Chen became speechless.

He suddenly felt like he had done something foolish. If you had a cat watch over a fish, the results would be obvious to anyone.

“Fine, if you ate it, you ate it. I won’t blame you.” Seeing the flame dragon continuously rubbing against his arm like it was afraid he would curse it, Long Chen couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Hearing that, Huo Long let out an excited roar. Its body suddenly lit up, and a powerful aura rose from it.

“What the fuck, you were conning me?!” shouted Long Chen.

Huo Long had really only swallowed the Earth Flame Beast into its stomach. It hadn’t killed it. But once Long Chen said that he didn’t blame it, it immediately devoured the Earth Flame.

Those fierce fluctuations coming from it were the result of it merging with the flame leopard. Long Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This little fellow was too evil.

If he had instead become furious upon hearing that it had devoured it, it would have handed over the flame leopard. But since he didn’t blame it, it immediately devoured the flame leopard. He was speechless.

“Fine, fine, go ahead. But I don’t have time for you to descend into slumber. You’ll have to spend a longer amount of time digesting it this time. I need you to do work for me,” said Long Chen.

Since the flame leopard had already been devoured, the work he had been planning for it would have to be taken up by Huo Long. Eating things always came with a price.

However, there was still some time, so Long Chen had Huo Long first devour a bit of its new energy and get accustomed to its power. After all, Huo Long had now devoured two new Earth Flames.

The previous Earth Flame hadn’t been fully digested yet, and now Huo Long had devoured an even stronger Earth Flame. To completely digest all that energy would take a long time. And if it didn’t descend into slumber, it wouldn’t be able to focus one hundred percent on refining that energy, which would prolong the digestion time even more.

Right now, it was too late to complain, so there was no point in being petty. But Long Chen was comforted to see that the little fellow’s intelligence was so high. It actually knew how to play such a trick on him.

That was a good thing. The higher its intelligence, the more it could help him. Furthermore, Huo Long would only get stronger after refining the two Earth Flames’ essences.

After settling this matter, Long Chen checked the time and his expression drastically changed. He had almost messed up.

He said a hurried goodbye to Guo Ran and rushed off the mountain into a large palace at the front courtyard of the Xuantian Dao Sect.

The main hall was already completely full of sitting disciples. However, the teacher hadn’t arrived yet, which allowed Long Chen to relax.

This was his afternoon class and an important one to Long Chen, as it was one discussing the principles of the Pill Dao.

With his Pill Sovereign memories, these principles were useless, nothing more than child’s play to him.

But his real goal was the Alchemy Pavilion. He needed the Alchemy Pavilion to provide him with resources. With that, he would be able to quickly strengthen the Dragonblood Legion.

Due to Huo Long’s matter, Long Chen was almost late. This was the final class on the Pill Dao, and if he missed it, he wouldn’t have a chance to become a disciple of the Alchemy Pavilion.

Within the Xuantian Dao Sect, inner sect disciples had great authority and could freely join professions they enjoyed or were skilled in to do some side work.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, over here! There’s space here.” As soon as Long Chen arrived, a few women beckoned to him.

Long Chen’s battle with Que Xinyan had deeply shaken everyone. Amongst the new disciples, there was no one who didn’t recognize him. The fact that Long Chen had fought so bravely to get revenge for his fellow disciples had touched many people’s hearts. Long Chen’s wild and domineering aura felt especially fresh and dangerous to women in the springtime of their youth.

Long Chen awkwardly smiled and said, “Thank you, but I’m fine here. My brothers are already here.”

Amongst these disciples, there were three disciples of the Dragonblood Legion. They were new members, and seeing Long Chen arrive, they quickly made space for him.

Those women were a bit disappointed, but his polite refusal didn’t draw any anger. Instead, they felt even more admiration. A true hero should be gentle and refined normally, and should only become a devil god once they encountered powerful enemies.

His conduct was the complete opposite of certain people. Those people normally brandished their claws at others to appear domineering, but when the true life and death battle came, they would piss themselves.


Just as a disturbance was caused by Long Chen’s arrival, a person walked into the room and shouted.

This was an elder wearing embroidered robes. His sleeves and collar had designs made of golden threads, which were round like buttons, but they were actually the designs of medicinal ingredients.

The elder’s forehead was a bit narrow, while his mouth was a bit big. However, his lips were very thin. Seeing him, Long Chen grumbled inside.

Although he liked to spout nonsense that he could read faces, the truth was that he was very sensitive to a person’s nature through the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. He could tell a person’s general character with practically just a glance.

This elder’s face embodied the words sharp, cold, harsh, and sour. This was the hardest kind of person to form relations with. Long Chen would rather have dealings with a Magical Beast than such a person.

“How many times have you been told that as soon as you enter the main hall, you are attending class and are not here to make a ruckus?” reprimanded the elder. His gaze swept over everyone, but when he saw Long Chen, he paused slightly.

Long Chen’s heart dropped. He sensed extremely obvious hostility. What was going on? He had no enmity with him.

“Reporting to teacher, it was Long Chen’s late arrival that caused the disturbance. It has nothing to do with us.” A disciple with a pockmarked face stood and reported.

The disciples beside Long Chen were all infuriated. This tattletale was intentionally framing Long Chen.

This teacher was famed for his strictness, and this person was intentionally trying to humiliate Long Chen. The pockmarked disciple glanced at Long Chen deliberately before sitting back down.

He came from the Flame Gate. In other words, he was one of Que Xinyan’s subordinates. The Dragonblood Legion and the Flame Gate were like water and fire now, so he naturally wouldn’t mind taking this opportunity to throw a stone at Long Chen.

“Is that true, Long Chen?” demanded the teacher.

“Reporting to teacher, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen wasn’t late. What happened was-” A woman stood up to Long Chen’s defense. Long Chen truly hadn’t been late. He had managed to get in at the last second.

“Shut up. Who let you randomly open your mouth in the classroom? If it happens again, I’ll kick you out. My Alchemy Pavilion doesn’t need disciples that don’t understand the rules,” shouted the teacher.

The female disciple’s eyes reddened. She sat down, not daring to make another sound.

“I didn’t arrive late. The truth is-” Long Chen shook his head.

“Shameful! Did your family elders never teach you to stand when speaking to teachers?!” shouted the elder.

Long Chen was enraged. His greatest taboo was when people mentioned his family elders, as his only family elders were his father and mother.

He forcibly suppressed his rage and slowly stood. “I didn’t arrive late. I got here just in time.”

“In my alchemy classes, I stress that only arriving a quarter hour earlier counts as being on time. You arrived late, but you’re still quibbling. Your family’s upbringing really was lacking. For you to sneak your way into the Xuantian Dao Sect is regretful for the sect,” sneered the teacher.

“I was injured, so I wasn’t able to attend the previous classes. And so-” Long Chen took a deep breath and once more suppressed his fury. The Alchemy Pavilion was important to him. He had to get in, or it would greatly affect the cultivation speed of the Dragonblood Legion.

“Don’t try and find excuses. I only care about the results. And right now, what I see is a coward trying to find excuses and trying to shirk his responsibility. It’s no wonder you were stripped of your core disciple spot just a few hours after obtaining it. The fact that a person with no sense of discipline or responsibility could become an inner sect disciple is a humiliation to the Xuantian Dao Sect. If you have any sense of shame, you’ll leave now. I will not permit such an undisciplined person to attend my class,” said the teacher as he walked right in front of Long Chen.

Long Chen unconsciously clenched his fists so hard that they creaked. He was sure this teacher was intentionally making things hard on him.

He saw a pleased expression in the teacher’s eyes. This was clearly a trap. He was intentionally insulting him and kicking him out.

“Boss, let’s go. We’re not attending this garbage class.” The Dragonblood Legion’s new warriors stood up.

Even they could see that this teacher was intentionally insulting Long Chen. It was completely overboard.

For anyone to humiliate Long Chen, who was like a god to them, was completely unacceptable. Not even the Xuantian Dao Sect’s famed Alchemy Pavilion’s teacher was an exception.

Calling his class garbage was already expressing their rage. Although the Alchemy Pavilion was a sacred place, compared to the position Long Chen had in their hearts, there was no comparison.

“Undisciplined brats, all of you can scram!” roared the teacher.

“Fuck the hell off!” Long Chen finally couldn’t bear it any longer, and in front of everyone’s stunned gazes, his fist landed right in the middle of that teacher’s cold face.

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