Chapter 1042 Crouching Dragon Mountain

The number of new disciples in the Xuantian Dao Sect numbered in the millions. However, the majority were not combat disciples.

The inner sect trial Long Chen and the others had gone through was to become the main combat disciples. Their group was viewed as the most important group by the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Most of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples could be split into combat disciples, support disciples, and inheritance disciples.

There was no need to explain much about the combat disciples. They were the disciples that would form the core of the sect’s battle strength. They were the elites of the sect.

As for the support disciples, they were the disciples that would help the combat disciples in battle. There were a great deal of these disciples, and they included healers, formation masters, illusion masters, etc. When they worked together with the combat disciples, they would be like tigers with wings. They were also viewed importantly by the sect.

However, since there were so many of them, they needed constant adjustment and training so they could cooperate properly with the combat disciples. If their teamwork was off, it would result in casualties rather than increasing their power.

Other than these two categories of disciples, there were also inheritance disciples. These disciples included alchemists, talisman scribes, Forging Masters, essentially disciples with special and ancient inheritances. These disciples were important pillars for the Xuantian Dao Sect’s economy.

The amount the Xuantian Dao Sect invested in them was definitely no less than what they put into the combat disciples. Teaching them their arts exhausted endless resources. Their failure rate at the beginning was frighteningly high.

But once they gradually reached a certain level of mastery, they would bring in a shocking amount of profit to the Xuantian Dao Sect. There were many of these disciples, and they were also cared for deeply by the sect.

However, support disciples and inheritance disciples were not allowed to form their own factions. They simply learned from their teachers and cultivated.

Only the combat disciples had the qualifications to form their own factions and recruit members. In the future, the Xuantian Dao Sect would distribute rewards based on the individual factions’ accomplishments and displays.

Long Chen’s faction was simply called the Dragonblood Legion. They had their personal territory which was a three-hundred-mile mountain. This land belonged to the Dragonblood Legion, and others could not enter, not even the Law Enforcement Hall.

To inner sect disciples, this was a token of their grand status. The six great factions all had their own territories, and there was no better or worse one. They were essentially the same.

Inner sect disciples also had access to cultivation regions. These cultivation resources needed to be activated in order to be used, and the requirement for activating them was… the Xuantian Dao Sect’s hardest currency to obtain, points.

Using a cultivation region for a few hours exhausted a frightening number of points. If all the disciples of the Dragonblood Legion pooled their points, they would only be able to train for a day in a high grade training room.

That was why those cultivation regions couldn’t be randomly entered. Your time inside would normally be measured by the hour, and you couldn’t waste a single second of that time.

“Boss, are you not going to class? I thought you’d still be there for a few hours,” said Guo Ran on the way.

“Do you think I’m as ignorant as you? The teacher saw how erudite I was and let me leave,” said Long Chen without turning red or unnatural in the slightest.

Guo Ran immediately felt a burst of admiration. That worshipful expression on his face projected his pride at having such a badass boss. It seemed he had no idea that the teacher had told Long Chen to scram, not to leave.

They quickly arrived at the foot of the mountain. The spiritual qi here was dense, and the trees were so huge they soared into the sky. There was a small stone path that led to the peak.

According to the rules, the people who won this territory had the right to name it. Tang Wan-er had decided to call this place Crouching Dragon Mountain.

This name had been approved by all the Dragonblood warriors. They couldn’t think of a better, more appropriate name.

At the top of Crouching Dragon Mountain was a grand and beautiful pavilion. This was Long Chen’s residence. From there, it was possible to overlook all of Crouching Dragon Mountain.

When Long Chen arrived, he saw that the majority of the disciples were out taking classes. Only a portion remained.

The ones present had mostly already finished all their classes. During these days, they had been thinking about what kinds of cultivation goals they should set for themselves, and what direction they should take their cultivation.

Guo Ran had only gone out to mess around because he had finished his classes. Now he was returning with a swollen and bruised face.

Long Chen had missed the wave of courses for only inner sect disciples, and thus could only listen with the outer sect disciples. Being kicked out was perfect, as he had important matters to handle.

“Boss, my investigation during these days revealed that everyone’s points are very limited. Getting more points is difficult, especially since everyone is treating the points they have as treasures. They’re busy investigating how to use their points in the best manner possible. For us to get more points will be very difficult,” said Qian Duoduo upon seeing Long Chen.

During the past few days, Qian Duoduo had constantly been investigating the use of points and everyone’s thoughts about them. To get more was far too difficult.

“That’s to be expected. People are probably assessing and weighing the value of their points, so no one is willing to use them yet in case they lose out. But in truth, this is the greatest opportunity for us. We’re not going to buy points, we’re going to sell points,” said Long Chen.


Qian Duoduo couldn’t believe his ears. Others were doing all they could to get more points; some people even had the urge to snatch them away forcibly. But Long Chen wanted to sell them off?

“Yes, sell. Have you investigated how people sell points?” asked Long Chen.

Qian Duoduo thought about it for a moment before saying, “I have heard someone say that he was willing to offer ten thousand middle grade spirit stones for one point. But that’s just what he said. There’s no one actually selling them at that price. It’s not like people are stupid. The spiritual qi in the Xuantian Dao Sect is so dense that middle grade spirit stones are basically useless. No one would buy them. That person was sneered at when he shouted that price, and someone said he was willing to pay twice the price for his points. And that person declined.”

“That’s a good thing. In a bit, release word that we are releasing a limited number of points. As for the price, just make it fifteen thousand middle grade spirit stones for one point. Furthermore, the points are only to be sold to outer sect disciples, and each disciple can only buy one. They are not permitted to buy it again,” said Long Chen.

“I don’t get it,” said Qian Duoduo.

“Just do it. Release twenty thousand points for now. Let’s see the results,” said Long Chen.

Qian Duoduo was lost, but he still did as Long Chen instructed. He went out in search of Wang Mang and the others.

Wang Mang was an outer sect disciple from the senior generation. He had gone to the Eastern Wasteland to greet the new disciples, but as a result, the Dragonblood Legion had made him submit completely.

Wang Mang was an old acquaintance, so it was best to go through him. Using his mouth to spread the news would have a better effect.

Everyone had only just obtained their points and they weren’t clear on the exact value of them. Long Chen wanted to take advantage of that to rake in a killing.

In truth, Long Chen already had a certain idea about the value of a point. He had seen a catalog of what the points could be exchanged for in the sect. One point could be exchanged for one nine-ring Heavenly Star Sea Merging Pill.

The Heavenly Star Sea Merging Pill’s main ingredient was the Nine Yang Heavenly Star Grass. Its effect was even greater than the Sea Merging Pill Long Chen had used before with the Seven Stamen Seaheart Fruit.

However, the Nine Yang Heavenly Star Grass was extremely expensive. Depending on its age, it sold for between eight hundred to one thousand five hundred middle grade spirit stones.

Long Chen didn’t have that medicinal ingredient, but he could buy one. Then he would have an unlimited supply of it with the primal chaos bead.

One Nine Yang Heavenly Star Grass plus over a hundred supplementary ingredients would transform to become three thousand middle grade spirit stones through a successful refinement.

However, the odds of a successful refinement were only thirty percent. And so the manufacturing cost was basically just under ten thousand middle grade spirit stones.

It was no wonder that the person saying he would buy a point for ten thousand middle grade spirit stones was cursed. He must have thought others were idiots.

The investment to refine the pill three times was essentially ten thousand middle grade spirit stones. And ordinary alchemists wouldn’t necessarily be able to refine a nine-ring pill no matter how hard they tried. Even if the top masters of the Xuantian Dao Sect came out, a nine-ring pill would still be a very high level existence to them.

That was why Long Chen estimated one point to be worth around fifteen to eighteen thousand middle grade spirit stones. As for why he first released a limited twenty thousand points into the market, it was bait. The first thing to do was to get the atmosphere ready. Then once the fish came, he would make the real killing.

It had already been quite some time since he had arrived at the Xuantian Dao Sect. According to their agreement, Zheng Wenlong should be sending him a message in the next few days after he had stabilized himself in the Central Plains.

At that time, he would have plenty of middle grade spirit stones to buy things from him. He would make a great deal of profit by doing things like this.

These disciples’ middle grade spirit stones had essentially become trash now that they had come to the Xuantian Dao Sect. The spirit stones were useless to the disciples, and rather than letting the Xuantian Dao Sect benefit from people throwing them away, they could be used to help Long Chen.

Long Chen felt a great deal of pressure. His family had grown much, much larger. These new disciples had no selfish motives, as was proven when they had handed all their points to Tang Wan-er. Perhaps only by going through blood and fire could people see the true meaning of cultivation instead of being blinded by greed.

Originally, Long Chen hadn’t been thinking of accepting new people. He had just wanted to lead the original members of the Dragonblood Legion to dominate the world, but now his plans were forced to change. That battle had completely changed his original thinking.

These disciples had ordinary talent, just like the original Dragonblood warriors. But Long Chen was sure that as long as he had money, he could transform them into a powerful army. And this army would be completely loyal and devoted to him.

At the same time, Long Chen felt his own power was lacking. His fight against Que Xinyan had shown him that he still wasn’t strong enough. He had to work hard on upgrading himself as well as upgrading all the Dragonblood warriors.

He couldn’t bother with that voice or how it called him the son of fate. If things were to continue as they were, he would be crushed like a dog, so first things first.

“Ah, I almost forgot about Que Xinyan’s Earth Flame Beast. Let’s see if I can subdue it and have it refine pills for me.”

Long Chen’s eyes suddenly brightened. He could refine the Heavenly Star Sea Merging Pill, but he didn’t have the time. If he could subdue another Earth Flame and have it refine pills along with Huo Long, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Thinking of that, Long Chen felt a burst of anticipation and joy. He hastily looked inside the primal chaos space, but when he saw the situation inside, he couldn’t help but become dumbfounded.

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