Chapter 1041 A Python to a Dragon (Teaser)

Within a classroom in the Xuantian Dao Sect, there was a strict-looking elder loudly reading off a scroll he was holding.

There were tens of thousands of disciples sitting in front of the elder, all of them with solemn expressions as they seriously listened to his reading.

In the past few days, whether it was the inner sect disciples or outer sect disciples, they had all been going to class.

According to the Xuantian Dao Sect’s traditions, the disciples all had alternate lectures with over a hundred teachers.

Those lectures were extremely diverse, and they contained information about martial tactics, formations, forging arts, runes, alchemy, divining the future, healing, etc. There were over a hundred all-encompassing topics.

The most shocking thing was that there were even zither, chess, scholar, and painting cultivation  methods, and there were even some cultivation professions they had never heard of. For example, singing, dancing, etc. They had never heard of cultivators doing such things for a living.

During these days, they had been listening to the teachers presenting the arts that they were most proficient in. This was to allow the...

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