Chapter 1041 A Python to a Dragon

Within a classroom in the Xuantian Dao Sect, there was a strict-looking elder loudly reading off a scroll he was holding.

There were tens of thousands of disciples sitting in front of the elder, all of them with solemn expressions as they seriously listened to his reading.

In the past few days, whether it was the inner sect disciples or outer sect disciples, they had all been going to class.

According to the Xuantian Dao Sect’s traditions, the disciples all had alternate lectures with over a hundred teachers.

Those lectures were extremely diverse, and they contained information about martial tactics, formations, forging arts, runes, alchemy, divining the future, healing, etc. There were over a hundred all-encompassing topics.

The most shocking thing was that there were even zither, chess, scholar, and painting cultivation  methods, and there were even some cultivation professions they had never heard of. For example, singing, dancing, etc. They had never heard of cultivators doing such things for a living.

During these days, they had been listening to the teachers presenting the arts that they were most proficient in. This was to allow the disciples to consider their own skills, interests, and aptitude so that they could decide which direction their future cultivation would take.

It went without saying that the Xuantian Dao Sect’s foundation was absolutely shocking. As long as you thought of something, you could find a teacher specialized in it. And even if you couldn’t think of it, you would have a teacher for it.

As for the current elder, he was a veteran Beast Tamer. First he discussed some foundational knowledge, as well as introducing the pros and cons of Beast Tamers, and then he introduced some overlord-level existences that were recorded in ancient history. Those were housepets that Beast Tamers would long to obtain even in their dreams.

The tens of thousands of disciples were all listening with rapt attention. Only one person was absent-minded as his mind rapidly worked.

Long Chen had long since grown tired of listening to this elder drone on and on. This rule of the Dao Sect was extremely irritating. Even if you weren’t a Beast Tamer and had no intention of choosing that profession, you had to listen to this class.

The elder’s voice went in through Long Chen’s left ear and out through his right. The only thing he was thinking about was how to make money.

Yesterday, Tang Wan-er had told him that in the Xuantian Dao Sect, points were even harder to obtain than in the Eastern Wasteland’s 108th monastery.

Inner sect disciples only got a hundred points a month. Outer sect disciples only got ten. Furthermore, five of those points could only be obtained through working and completing missions. If they failed their missions, the points would even be deducted.

As for core disciples, they obtained the most points. Each month, they got ten thousand. Regretfully, that had nothing to do with Long Chen now, as he could only get the pay of an inner sect disciple. Nine thousand nine hundred points had flown away with the hack of his saber.

Just as Long Chen was thinking about how to make money to support his family, the elder on the stage had finished discussing the overlord Magical Beasts that transcendent Beast Tamers had once managed to subdue. He began to tell an extremely badass story, and also began discussing a badass existence.

“In the north underworld, there was a fish known as the Kun. When the Kun grew…”

The elder began describing a terrifying existence, one that only existed in legends. The disciples were all listening with interest when the elder suddenly shouted, “You, what are you thinking about?!”

The disciples were startled and followed the elder’s gaze to see Long Chen staring at the window with a lifeless expression. It was unknown what he was thinking, but it seemed he wasn’t listening at all.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen…” A maiden beside Long Chen blushed slightly and pushed Long Chen lightly.

“Ah? Is class over?” Long Chen was delighted. But he quickly realized that the teacher was glaring blades at him, and he quickly shut his mouth.

“You, stand up! Repeat what I just said!” ordered the teacher.

Long Chen helplessly stood up, grumbling inside. Thickening his face, he said, “In the north underworld, there was a fish known as the Kun. When the Kun grew… when the Kun grew…” Long Chen hadn’t even been listening so he had no idea what he had said after this. Seeing everyone looking at him, he clenched his teeth and said, “When the Kun grew… well, it didn’t matter, because if it grew too big for the pot, it can still be grilled on a spit. A handful of pepper, a handful of sesame, cook it until the skin bursts, you get a bite, I get a bite, we can raise our cups and eat until the sun rises.”

Once Long Chen was finished, the classroom was deathly silent. Green veins were popping on the teacher’s head. Pointing at Long Chen, even his finger quivered.

“Get out.”

“I…” Long Chen still wanted to quibble.


Now his voice had become a roar, and Long Chen could only helplessly leave, disappearing from people’s sights.

“Damn, so escaping the sea of bitterness is actually so simple! If I had known this earlier, why would I have to suffer?” Once Long Chen had walked far away enough and knew the teacher couldn’t see him, He stopped and stretched his waist, instantly feeling much more refreshed.

Consecutively listening to lectures made him feel like he was going crazy. Being kicked out was a kind of blessing now.


Once Long Chen left the lecture region, he was greeted by a certain person after crossing a bamboo forest. That person immediately knelt on the ground and grabbed Long Chen’s leg, sniveling and wailing.

“What the fuck, who beat you like this?!” raged Long Chen. This miserable person was precisely Guo Ran.

“Boss, you have to get justice for me! The Central Plains is cruel! I want to return to our village!” cried Guo Ran.

“Was it that idiot Que Xinyan? Bring me over, I’ll kill that bastard!” raged Long Chen. There was no way he could endure such open bullying.

“No, I was beaten by a group of women!” cried Guo Ran.

“Women? You offended Hua Shiyu?” Long Chen was shocked. That woman truly was not to be trifled with. She was very likely the most terrifying existence amongst the five great heavenly geniuses.

“No.” Guo Ran shook his head once more.

“Then who?” Long Chen suddenly glared at Guo Ran and said, “Brat, don’t tell me you only got beaten because you tried to take some liberties with them…”

“Boss, I’m not that kind of person!” cried Guo Ran, aggrieved.

“Fine, then stop being so embarrassing here. Stand up and tell me what happened. If someone bullied you, your boss will definitely get revenge for you.” Long Chen pulled Guo Ran up. His current state was too ugly.

Guo Ran cried, “There were three waves of people that beat me.”

“That’s overboard! It’s not even noon, but you were already beaten three times?” Long Chen was enraged.

“Exactly, exactly! It’s completely overboard! If they weren’t women, I’d have definitely attacked them!” said Guo Ran with rage as well.

Long Chen really had been angry at the beginning. But now as he listened to Guo Ran, he felt like something was a bit off. This matter was not as simple as he had thought.

“What exactly happened? Start from the beginning,” said Long Chen.

“Here’s what happened: I didn’t have class this morning, so I was just strolling through the public plaza. Then I saw a sharp-mouthed monkey man peddling a young lady with his divination skills. He said that as long as she gave him one point, he would give her a fated marriage talisman that would definitely let her find a companion she liked within a month.

“Don’t you think that’s just nonsense? What talisman has that effect? Furthermore, how could an outer sect disciple who only just joined the sect know anything about divination? He was clearly just tricking her. I was angry for her, and being so righteous, I couldn’t just watch as she was tricked. So I went up to expose him,” said Guo Ran with righteous indignation.

“That sounds off. You couldn’t even beat an outer sect disciple?” asked Long Chen.

“He wasn’t the one to beat me; it was the young lady I saved!” cried Guo Ran.

“What? How unreasonable! You should have let her be conned.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Exactly. I told her, ‘don’t get duped, he’s tricking you. Someone as ugly as you won’t find others who like you. It would be better for you to keep your points and work on increasing your power.’ I painstakingly tried to advise her, but she immediately turned hostile and beat me! Boss, tell me, don’t you think she’s unreasonable!?” cried Guo Ran.

“And then what?” Long Chen didn’t have any opinion.

“Then I left! I wasn’t going to beat her, because that’s not a manly thing to do. So I stifled my anger and found a place to calmly meditate. But then I saw a woman mournfully walking across the river. I was scared witless! That river absorbs people’s spiritual yuan, and you can’t use magical arts in it, nor can you swim! She was clearly committing suicide!”


“Yes! I shouted at her from a distance, but she ignored me. In my panic, I quickly took off my pants and peed in the river. Once she saw that, she immediately ran to the shore,” said Guo Ran.

“Brother, these smarts of yours really are shocking. That woman might not be afraid to die, but she would definitely be afraid of drowning from piss. Amazing, you saved a life by peeing!” praised Long Chen. This life-saving measure truly was something only a few others would be able to come up with.

“What about it was amazing? As soon as she came up to the shore, she began to beat me, saying her precious hairpin fell in the river and she was looking for it,” said Guo Ran with an aggrieved expression.


Guo Ran sighed, “Not only was I beaten twice, those two were too evil. They used their Heavenly Dao energy so I was unable to heal in a short time. With my miserable state, I had no way to face others. So later, while I was squatting by the path, a group of red-robed big sisters passed. They were so beautiful my heart almost burst. Seeing that I was injured, they asked me what happened, and when I explained, they praised me for my good intentions. Furthermore, they recognized me, saying that I was very famous in the inner sect, and a heroic figure at that.

“At that time, I was delighted and hastily got up to set things straight. I said that the hero is my boss, and I’m like a python to a dragon. And then… and then they immediately turned hostile and crazily attacked me! I would have been killed if I didn’t run fast enough! Boss, don’t you think those people have some mental illnesses? When I asked why they suddenly began to beat me, they didn’t even say anything and just beat me harder!”

Long Chen carefully examined Guo Ran and sighed. “Guo Ran, ah, Guo Ran. I really admire you. A group of beautiful women who wear red robes? My guess is that they’re from an ancient race. They are people with the bloodline of the Heavenly Scale Blood Python. The ancient races are proudest of their bloodline, and with their ancestor being a python and you insulting the python… Guo Ran, well done, truly well done.”

“Ah? I didn’t know!” Only now did Guo Ran understand why those women had immediately turned hostile.

“That’s why I’ve long since told you to stop being such a show-off and study more. But you refuse to listen, so not even a god can save you,” said Long Chen helplessly. “Anyway, bring me over to Qian Duoduo. I want to handle a few things.”

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