Chapter 1040 Son of Fate

Seeing Long Chen’s saber stab toward Que Xinyan’s forehead, the disciples outside all let out startled cries.

Que Xinyan’s Spirit Blood was exhausted. He had no way to circulate Heavenly Dao energy, and he had no spiritual yuan. Once pierced, with no energy to protect his soul, he really would die.

A rank five Celestial was about to die just like this? No one had expected things to develop to this point.

The Hall Master was already gripping the chessboard. He was just about to take action when the Xuan Master’s voice rang out in his head.

“No need.”

Just at this moment, Long Chen’s saber reached Que Xinyan’s head. The sharp tip easily pierced Que Xinyan’s skin and continued forward.

But just as his saber was about to pierce Que Xinyan’s brain, a light suddenly erupted from Que Xinyan’s head. He vanished.

“A life-protecting talisman!” cried a few Elders in shock.

“So it was still a failure. This… goddamn… luck…”

Long Chen was no longer able to keep hold of Blooddrinker. It fell to the ground. At the same time, he felt the world spinning around him. His vision darkened and he fainted.

He had never felt so tired. Fainting felt like a blessing.

Within the endless darkness, Long Chen felt a kind of peace. Within this darkness, there was nothing for him to worry or to think about. He felt completely relaxed.

“Long Chen, can you hear my call?” Suddenly, a voice rang out within Long Chen’s soul. That was a very familiar voice.

“Who are you?” asked Long Chen.

“There’s no need to ask that question. All you need to know is that you are the son of fate. Millions of lives rest in your hands. Hurry and grow stronger, or it will be too late,” pressed that voice.

“What will be too late? Can you not explain it clearly?!” raged Long Chen. Even now, he didn’t know what this voice was or what it was talking about.

“You’re too weak right now. If you were noticed, you’d be immediately killed. Take advantage of while they still haven’t noticed you to grow, or everything will be destroyed.” That voice did not answer his question.

“Do you have something wrong with your brain? Don’t just tell half the story!” roared Long Chen. Only getting little bits and pieces like this was driving him mad.

“Long Chen, what you need to do is-”

That voice suddenly vanished.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!” roared Long Chen.

“What do you mean what am I doing? I’m healing you.” A female voice rang out, one that contained some anger.

The darkness had vanished. Long Chen was lying on a bed, with a green-robed woman glaring at him.

“Ah, sorry. Where am I?” apologized Long Chen. He looked around and saw that he was in a simple room with all kinds of instruments that he didn’t know the purpose of.

“Long Chen, you’re awake!”

Suddenly, a burst of fragrance attacked him. Tang Wan-er rushed over to his side.

“I just checked him. He’s basically fine. You can leave whenever,” said that green-robed woman before taking her leave.

“Speak, pervert, did you exploit her?” Tang Wan-er suspiciously stared at Long Chen.

“What are you talking about? She’s not even one-thousandth as pretty as you.” Long Chen smiled.

“Dislikeable.” Tang Wan-er hit Long Chen, but she blushed with some rarely seen charm.

Long Chen laughed mischievously inside, “Hehe, I can handle her with just a sentence now.”

It could be said that he was completely clear on Tang Wan-er’s temperament now. Although she was fiery, she still had the thoughts of a woman. If he didn’t get on her nerves so often, her temper wouldn’t be so explosive.

“Wan-er, did that fellow die?” asked Long Chen.

“You’re a fool. You almost provoked a calamity because you wanted to kill him. Can you not be more calm-headed?” Tang Wan-er’s eyes reddened slightly, as she was deeply worried about him.

“Cough, you can’t blame that on me. Looking at how much of a show-off he was, if I didn’t cut him down, it would have been unworthy of his display. So, what happened in the end?” asked Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er rebuked, “You scoundrel, you really infuriate me. Just as you were about to kill Que Xinyan, he activated a life-protecting talisman within his body. He was teleported away, and the Elder Hall Master had to use the Xuantian Jade Board to find him again. When he found him, he was unconscious, and just like you, he was sent to the Healing Hall. Senior apprentice-sister Mu Qingxuan personally came to heal you, so you have to properly thank her. She spent a great deal of time and energy to heal you.”

Long Chen nodded. His powerful physical body required an immense amount of life energy to heal once it was injured. Mu Qingxuan had probably ended up using her core energy to allow him to heal so quickly.

Long Chen’s eyes suddenly brightened. “Then is Que Xinyan right next door?”

“What are you thinking? You better be more well-behaved for me!” warned Tang Wan-er.

“Am I that kind of person? I just want to see if he’s well,” said Long Chen.

“Who would believe you? Let me tell you, this matter was personally suppressed by the Xuan Master, so don’t you dare cause it to erupt again.”

“Even the Xuan Master was disturbed?”

“Of course! You ignored the sect’s rules and tried to kill a fellow disciple! The Law Enforcement Hall Master declared that he had to heavily punish you using torture tools as an example for the other disciples. But a portion of the Elders said that while you might have gone against the rules, you didn’t succeed in the end and it wasn’t a grave offense, so it should be forgivable. Well, the main thing was that those Elders wanted to be lenient to a genius like you.

“The Law Enforcement Hall immediately turned hostile and said that you had to be handed to them, as this matter was their responsibility, and others couldn’t interfere. The Xuan Master had to personally send out orders to revoke your core disciple position and downgrade you to an inner sect disciple in order to get them to shut their mouths,” said Tang Wan-er.

“That Law Enforcement Hall Master is just an idiot,” cursed Long Chen viciously. No matter how he looked at that old bastard, he saw nothing good about him.

“Long Chen, you have to calm down. We still haven’t established ourselves in the Dao Sect. Thus, it’s extremely unfavorable to make strong enemies now. Just leave the matter with Que Xinyan alone,” persuaded Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen shook his head. “Wan-er, you know who I am. I always act according to my heart, and I definitely can’t let Que Xinyan off after he killed so many innocent disciples. But don’t worry, I wasn’t able to fight him to the death this time, so next time, I’ll play him to death within the rules. I guarantee I won’t cause you any more worry.”

Seeing how solemnly Long Chen promised, Tang Wan-er could only helplessly nod along. Long Chen was conceding as much as he was willing to her.

Following this, Long Chen asked about the Dragonblood Legion. Tang Wan-er told him that although he had been stripped of his core disciple position, he had still retained the right to establish his own faction due to the special circumstances.

Those other disciples who he had led in the inner sect trial had all joined him, and so their faction had instantly exploded in size. Tang Wan-er still wasn’t used to seeing so many faces.

But the comforting thing was that those new disciples were all extremely obedient due to their gratitude toward Long Chen. So despite the leap in numbers, it was still easy to handle things.

Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. In the beginning, he had felt a burst of compassion and been unwilling to see that group of abandoned disciples be killed in the trial.

He hadn’t originally been thinking about expanding the Dragonblood Legion. But now, that probably wasn’t something that he could decide. He couldn’t refuse so many sincere faces. Although these disciples had lower talent and power, their loyalty was no problem at all.

It was just that there were too many of them, and Long Chen felt the pressure increase.

From Tang Wan-er, Long Chen learned he had been unconscious for seven days. During this week, quite a few things had happened. Tang Wan-er had been in charge of the Dragonblood Legion. She had first gone to register their faction, and then there had been procedures to follow.

Fortunately, this kind of structure was something Tang Wan-er had already experienced in the 108th monastery, and so she was able to handle things smoothly.

During the procedures, she had met with some conflicts with the Divine Beast Mansion, Hegemon Hall, and Flame Gate’s disciples, but in the end, she decided to endure and so no huge battles erupted.

“Fuck, I bet their faces are getting itchy again. They’re just waiting for me to slap them,” cursed Long Chen.

His battle with Que Xinyan had given him a warning. His own foundation was much weaker than theirs.

When it came to true combat power, he probably wouldn’t have been Que Xinyan’s match if he hadn’t already handled one of his Earth Flame Beasts before the fight.

If Que Xinyan had merged with the power of two Earth Flames, then to defeat him would have required Long Chen to actually risk his life. He wouldn’t have been able to win so reliably through pure power.

However, the stronger the opponent, the more excited he felt. Only by fighting against experts could he find where he was still lacking and how he could improve. Only when there was pressure was there motivation.

Tang Wan-er continued to tell him about what had happened, and what made Long Chen particularly moved was that the new thirteen thousand disciples didn’t go exchange their points to get pills, weapons, or techniques. Instead, they gave them all to Tang Wan-er.

At that time, Tang Wan-er had been stunned. The faction’s job was to distribute benefits to its disciples to make the faction more cohesive. There had never been a faction that took in the disciples’ points.

Tang Wan-er hadn’t accepted, and so those disciples had said that their lives were the Dragonblood Legion’s. Their everything was the Dragonblood Legion’s.

They were simple words, but Long Chen could feel their sincerity and trust. He was extremely moved. Trust had to be mutual.

“These are good problems. Tomorrow, I’ll go out and think of a way to get points,” said Long Chen. His family had grown bigger, and he had more mouths to feed. Since they had chosen to follow him, he wouldn’t let them suffer through hard times.

“You probably won’t have time. You’ve missed several days of basic courses, so you’ll have to go to class tomorrow,” said Tang Wan-er.


Long Chen couldn’t believe his ears.

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