Chapter 104 White-Robed Man

A faint red light appeared over Long Chen’s broadsword. As soon as that red light appeared, it grew explosively, enveloping the broadsword in blazing flames.

A twisting fire dragon appeared over his broadsword. It was hardly different at all to the flame weapons condensed by grandmaster Yun Qi and the two other Pill Masters. It likewise emitted an absolutely terrifyingly high temperature.

After advancing to the Blood Condensation realm and having his meridians widened, the beast flame that had been nourished inside also grew along with them, becoming increasingly stronger.

Although there was no way for him to condense true flame weapons like grandmaster Yun Qi, he was still able to have his Pill Flame adhere to his weapon.

This was a trick that came from Long Chen’s memories. According to what he remembered, this move should be able to greatly increase his attack strength, but it was the first time he was using it in this life.

BOOM! The twisting flame dragon on his sword slammed into Xia Youyu’s spear, and a terrifying blaze engulfed the two of them.


A miserable scream rang out and a figure hastily flew out of the ring of fire. That figure had already become completely covered in fire and was doing his best to pat out the flames.

Long Chen had been struck by Xia Youyu’s retaliatory force and was forced back step after step, his qi and blood quivering. Xia Youyu truly was strong.

But Long Chen’s own attack had even frightened himself. Originally, he had thought that adding the Pill Flame to the weapon was just a way of amplifying his strength.

He had never thought it was practically a joke move. The Pill Flame he had condensed on his broadsword had immediately flowed into Xia Youyu’s weapon automatically and released itself.

It was the complete opposite of what Long Chen had thought it was. It didn’t adhere to the weapon to increase its strength. Instead, it used the spiritual qi inside the weapon to increase its own flame strength and explode out.

During their collision just now, the Pill Flame on his broadsword had leaped out, immediately engulfing Xia Youyu.

This was practically a scoundrel technique. As long as your opponent went to block you, your Pill Flame would explode out and envelop them. This was a technique that would play your opponents to death.

Xia Youyu was doing his best to pat out the flames all over his body. But that was Pill Flame, not normal fire. Even if he used his spiritual qi to resist it, he would still be burned all over.

What no one had expected was that Xia Youyu suddenly jumped into the air and dived straight into the ground feet first. Only his head stayed above the ground.

Long Chen was slightly surprised. Thinking about it, that was probably the only method for him to extinguish those flames at this time. 

Although Pill Flame was a terrifying existence, Xia Youyu was a Tendon Transformation expert. The flames would only give him slight wounds and wouldn’t pose any threat to his life.

But while he could resist it, his clothes were unable to do the same. Despite his clothes being made from the highest quality materials and also possessing their own defensive strength, in front of Pill Flame, they were unable to endure for long.

Once they were burned away, he would only be able to face everyone in his most primitive skin. A generation’s Emperor, a grand Tendon Transformation expert… to have to stand there buck naked in front of everyone’s eyes, that was probably a worse feeling than being killed.

Seeing Xia Youyu bore into the ground, Long Chen paused, distracted for a moment. Then without even thinking about it, he slammed his broadsword down.

His terrifying strength created a long ditch that extended across the land with countless cracks spreading out from it.

The earth shook and Xia Youyu was sent flying out miserably. He immediately vomited blood as soon as he was forced out.

This time, Xia Youyu had made a fatal mistake. Having gone into the ground, there was no way for him to dodge Long Chen’s next attack. Then adding on the restriction of the earth, he ended up receiving a heavy injury.

Xia Youyu had only just come out of the earth when an arrow shot through his chest like lightning, bringing with it a mist of blood as it passed out his body.

Long Chen was startled and turned his head. In the distance, Long Tianxiao was holding a bow, its string still quivering. 

Not far from him were Marquis Wu and the other Tendon Transformation expert. They had already collapsed on the ground, their surroundings a complete mess.

“All fights are life and death battles. You can’t give up even the slightest opportunity. Killing your enemy with the least effort is the right path.”

Long Tianxiao was slightly out of breath and his face was somewhat pale. He had ended his battle as fast as possible since he had been worried about Long Chen.

After using his full strength to defeat the two of them, even he was out of spiritual qi and felt overdrawn.

But when he saw Long Chen’s sword smash into the ground, he had immediately predicted what would happen and had taken out his bow, waiting for his opportunity.

When it came to combat experience, the difference between Long Chen and Long Tianxiao, who had experienced hundreds of battles, was more than just a bit.

Xia Youyu looked down at his own chest with difficulty. Long Tianxiao’s arrow had destroyed his heart. The berserk energy had severed his life force.

“How… could… this happen…”

Xia Youyu collapsed to the ground, dead. His unfocused eyes were bewildered and unwilling. An Emperor had died just like that.

After Xia Youyu died, the Grand Xia’s army could no longer be controlled. Hundreds of thousands of troops immediately fled for their lives.

Today, they had been completely filled with terror. This kind of battle was something that they were simply unable to participate in. They had already seen the Phoenix Cry Empire’s grand army greedily attack the Long household.

That tide-like army had been unable to break through their defenses from the very beginning. Instead, it was their corpses that were piled up like mountains, and their blood that dyed the earth red.

It wasn’t that they hadn’t seen blood before, but this kind of slaughter was something that provoked their most primal feelings of fear.

Now that the Grand Xia’s Tendon Transformation experts were toppling one after another and their empire’s ruler had been killed, how could they possibly wish to continue sending themselves to their deaths? Disregarding all the officers’ warnings, they all fled.

The Grand Xia’s ‘elite troops’ fled like stray dogs. The Phoenix Cry Empire’s troops only watched them foolishly.

The current situation on the battlefield had been completely reversed. The Long family’s father and son were completely shocking. They had killed Tendon Transformation experts consecutively, none able to stop them.

Those troops, who had still been vainly trying to kill the Long household’s people, turned completely stupid at this time.

They also wanted to run, but they were unable to. Even if they ran, their families couldn’t. They were filled with regret and all withdrew to watch from a distance. In any case, the only thing they could do at this time was watch.

But before the battle reached its conclusion, they wouldn’t dare to easily make any moves again. This wasn’t just something that involved their lives, but it could also implicate their families

Long Chen smiled slightly towards Long Tianxiao. He felt that no matter how much stronger he became, he would still be that snotty-nosed kid in front of Long Tianxiao.

Looking at the current battle situation, other than grandmaster Yun Qi’s side, the entire battlefield had already become still. Chu Yao and the others who were protecting the Long household were now completely safe.

Swinging his sword back up, he slowly began walking towards the appalled fourth prince.

“Chu Xia, in all your great scheming, did you ever think that this would be the conclusion?” Long Chen asked icily.

The fourth prince looked back at Long Chen with a complicated expression. His voice was somewhat rough as he said, “I really never did calculate that this would happen. Or perhaps this is what it means by Man proposes, but God disposes.”

At this point, he remembered what grandmaster Yun Qi had told him. What a true saying. His plan had been absolutely flawless, but it had turned out like this. Who could have possibly predicted this?

His plans were originally focused on Long Tianxiao, but what should have been a simple chess piece, Long Chen, ended up growing so much stronger that he completely overturned the chessboard. Now he had lost greatly.

“Now that it’s come to this, I also won’t make it hard on you. Tell me, who was it who stole my Spirit Root, dug out my Spirit Bone, and took my Spirit Blood? Tell me and I can give you a painless death.” Long Chen closely glared at the fourth prince.

Even with his self-control, Long Chen still found himself breathing harder than usual. The truth about this matter was finally about to come to light. Even he couldn’t keep his calm.

He had to know who had been so malicious to turn him from a talented genius to a crippled piece of trash. Just why had someone done this?

The distant Long Tianxiao’s expression changed. He looked at Long Chen distractedly, and a complicated expression appeared on his face as he sighed.

The fourth prince, however, was startled. “What are you talking about?”

Long Chen’s heart was greatly shaken. He had been closely monitoring the fourth prince with his Spiritual Strength.

With his powerful soul, the fourth prince would definitely not be able to lie in front of him. But then... that meant the fourth prince really knew nothing about it.

Just what was going on? So he wasn’t the same as Chu Yao and Chu Feng? The scheme against his body wasn’t done by Marquis Ying?

Long Chen paused distractedly. If it wasn’t Marquis Ying, then who could it possibly be?

He took a deep breath. Although he was greatly disappointed, he knew that the fourth prince did not have the ability to trick him now.

“Since it’s like that, there’s nothing else from me. Is there still something you want to say at this point?” Long Chen looked at the fourth prince.

Obviously, Long Chen was already completely prepared to kill the fourth prince. He hadn’t figured out the whole story yet, but the person who had targeted his Long family like this, no matter who it was or why they were doing it, definitely couldn’t be forgiven.

The fourth prince sighed. He looked at Long Chen complicatedly. “I really never thought that after carefully planning for so many years, the final result would be such a loss. Although I’m a bit confused about this loss, I truly am unable to feel even the slightest doubt. Long Chen, you are the first person I have ever admired.”

“To die at the hands of someone you admire, I guess you should be able to die contented?” Long Chen nodded.

“Hahaha, kill me? Hahaha.” The fourth prince laughed heartily, his eyes filled with disdain. “Do you think you’ve already won? You’re wrong. Even if I die, you will also die in front of me.”

Long Chen no longer wasted any time on words. Carrying his broadsword, he charged at the fourth prince. A dozen Blood Condensation experts rushed in front of him.

Those people were all death warriors who the fourth prince had groomed. Despite facing off against someone they couldn’t possibly win against, they didn’t show any fear as they attacked him with their weapons.

With a single slash of his sword, Sword Qi completely swept them away. In front of Long Chen, those people didn’t possess the slightest ability to resist.

Having removed all the barriers with a single slash, he stamped on the ground, rushing straight at the fourth prince while slashing down with his sword.

Suddenly, another person appeared in front of the fourth prince. He lightly grabbed the broadsword’s tip with a single hand. That sword that weighed several tons was actually easily stopped.

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