Chapter 1039 Paying the Price

Within that barrier, two huge blood-red saber-images clashed with apocalyptic power. The barrier was instantly filled with red light, and it became impossible to see anything within.


Only after a moment did the explosion ring out. That barrier inflated like a balloon, growing to several times its original size in an instant.

The disciples jumped in fright and hastily fled. If the barrier exploded, they wouldn’t even have a corpse left.

Fortunately, after expanding violently, the barrier didn’t explode. It slowly returned to its original size.

Two figures panted for breath within the barrier. Long Chen’s saber was propped against the ground, his face pale. The third form of Split the Heavens was incomparably sharp, but its exhaustion was also terrifying. Long Chen’s spiritual yuan had basically reached rock bottom, which startled him. Que Xinyan had such plentiful spiritual yuan that even four qi seas weren’t enough to outspend him.

But then thinking about it, he supposed that made sense. Que Xinyan was a Celestial, and after merging with heaven and earth, he was able to constantly draw out the energy of the world to fight.

Que Xinyan was crazily panting. The rune covering his body had dimmed, and his aura had dropped precipitously.

Long Chen took a deep breath and raised his saber. After stabilizing his aura slightly, he began to walk toward Que Xinyan.

“Even now, he still wants to fight?!” cried the disciples.

Que Xinyan also took a deep breath and straightened his waist. He took control of the last dregs of his spiritual yuan as the critical moment arrived.


Long Chen and Que Xinyan roared at the same time. Long Chen’s saber collided heavily with Que Xinyan’s flame blade. Both sides were sent flying by each other’s power, and their auras dropped once more.

“Heavenly Net Meteor Fall!”

Que Xinyan formed hand seals, and the flames around him disappeared, replaced by a huge flame sphere that shot toward Long Chen.

The flame sphere was originally just a couple dozen meters wide, but halfway, it suddenly grew by ten times, releasing a raging rumbling sound as it flew through the air.

Long Chen knew this was Que Xinyan’s combination attack with his Earth Flame Beast. Without even thinking, he activated the two dragon tattoos on his arms.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

Lei Long and Huo Long flew out, crashing together with the flame sphere. Flames and lightning raged in the air. Long Chen and Que Xinyan were both sent flying once more, vomiting blood and their bodies almost collapsing.

After that collision, people were startled to see that whether it was Que Xinyan’s Earth Flame Beast or Long Chen’s lightning and flame dragons, they had all shrunk a great deal.

The two dragons were only three hundred meters long now, while Que Xinyan’s flame leopard was only the size of an ordinary Magical Beast. Both sides had used up too much of their power, and in order to avoid their bodies dissipating, they had no choice but to condense their remaining energy into smaller forms.

The two dragons tore at the flame leopard, while the flame leopard retaliated with its life on the line. But compared to their previous fight, it was now like three children scuffling. There was no power to speak of.

That collision had heavily injured Long Chen and Que Xinyan. However, Long Chen was a bit better off since his physical body was his strong point. With his thick skin, his injuries weren’t that bad.

The primal chaos space’s trees had already withered. Thus, there was no way for him to extract more life energy from them to heal. Long Chen found that his body had already grown to a level where these trees were no longer able to keep up with his demands. Just healing a few smaller injuries completely exhausted their energy.

As for Que Xinyan, he was worse off. He had already sent out his Earth Flame Beast with that attack, so he hadn’t been protected by it. He had needed to exhaust his little remaining spiritual yuan to protect himself.

But because he had ignited his core runes already, the amount of energy he could absorb from heaven and earth had dropped greatly. As a result, this attack had almost shattered all his bones.

“Bite it!” Long Chen struggled up and ordered Lei Long and Huo Long. The two dragons immediately ignored their opponent’s attack and wrapped themselves around it as hard as they could.

Following that, a strange thing occurred. The flame leopard disappeared along with the lightning and flame dragons. Que Xinyan’s expression instantly changed, because at that moment, he lost his spiritual connection with his Earth Flame beast.

“Long Chen, you really are looking to die!” roared Que Xinyan. He knew this was definitely done by Long Chen. He had taken away his Earth Flame Beast.

His guess was correct. Perhaps if his Earth Flame Beast still had its energy, Long Chen wouldn’t have been able to do anything to it, but now, it was weak, unable to bear another blow. With Lei Long and Huo Long’s help, Long Chen had drawn it into the primal chaos space.

As soon as the flame leopard entered the primal chaos space, it seemed to sense something and became motionless, not daring to move. Huo Long did not hesitate to go devour it, but it was stopped by Long Chen.

He had Lei Long and Huo Long keep watch over it. Now wasn’t the time to handle it yet as he had more pressing things to do.

Holding Blooddrinker, Long Chen slowly walked toward Que Xinyan. Although his hair was messy, his robes were torn, and blood was all over his body, he didn’t seem sloppy. Instead, he seemed to possess a wild domineering air as well as a wanton grandness.

Seeing Long Chen walk over to Que Xinyan, everyone’s hearts rose into their throats. Looking at that wild and domineering figure, as well as that blood-red saber resting on his shoulder, it was like they were watching the advancement of a death god.

“Is he really going to kill him?”

That was the question resounding in people’s minds. Looking at the current situation, Long Chen had taken an absolute advantage. They could all see a trace of fear within Que Xinyan’s enraged expression. Although his face was twisted like a monster, it gave people a feeling like he was trying to cover up his inner fear.

When Long Chen reached Que Xinyan, without a word, he slashed his saber down.

Que Xinyan used his final bit of energy to condense a flame shield. When struck, his shield exploded and he tumbled back miserably, vomiting blood.

Long Chen also didn’t have it that well off. The backlash caused Blooddrinker to fly out of his grasp. It clanked and fell to the ground. Meanwhile, the wounds all over his body opened once more.

Those wounds were from their previous exchange. He was no longer able to forcibly suppress them, and they began to bleed profusely.

Long Chen picked up Blooddrinker with his left hand and rested it against his shoulder. His right hand was now numb and couldn’t lift it.

The same as last time, Long Chen began to walk over to Que Xinyan with the exact same rhythm. The sound of his steps was like an overture of death.

Que Xinyan crawled up and immediately vomited a mouthful of blood. He was pale as paper. Having ignited a great deal of his essence blood and core energy, he was in a terrible situation now. He didn’t have the slightest bit of energy left in his body.

Looking at Long Chen walking over to him without a word, Que Xinyan felt like Long Chen was an emotionless death god who had come to reap his life.

“Long Chen, I don’t believe you dare to kill me! If you dare-”

Que Xinyan’s words were cut off by Long Chen’s advancing saber. It was aimed at Que Xinyan’s neck, but in his exhausted state, Long Chen ended up deviating from his planned path, while Que Xinyan also instinctively dodged. As a result, his saber struck Que Xinyan’s chest.

If it was a normal time, Long Chen’s saber could blow Que Xinyan to pieces. But now, his attack had no power behind it, only leaving behind a deep cut.

Long Chen’s body wobbled slightly as he felt a wave of exhaustion washing over him. He took a deep breath and adjusted himself. Once more resting Blooddrinker on his shoulder, he pressed onward toward Que Xinyan.

But the people watching could all see that Long Chen had already reached his limit a while ago. At this time, his saber was constantly quivering in his grasp.

However, Long Chen’s expression was still calm. No one further questioned Long Chen’s resolve to kill Que Xinyan.

“Long Chen, you won’t have a good ending if you kill me! You’ll be expelled!” Que Xinyan was finally afraid.

Now he understood that Long Chen’s words at the beginning had been an oath to himself. Long Chen’s goal wasn’t to humiliate him or force him to surrender. It was purely to kill him.

“I know.”

Long Chen’s indifferent voice was so calm that it was frightening.

“Then why do you still want to kill me?!” roared Que Xinyan.

“To give an explanation to those who died,” said Long Chen.

“They weren’t your relatives or your friends! Why do you have to do this?!” roared Que Xinyan.

“Because they once trusted me with their lives,” said Long Chen.

The disciples beside the Dragonblood warriors were unable to make a sound anymore. They had never imagined that they would meet someone who would give up his core disciple spot and even give up his life to get revenge for some fallen brothers just because of this one moment of trust. They felt like even if they had to die immediately, their lives had been worthwhile now.

At this moment, they understood the true reason why the Dragonblood warriors called him boss. It was because Long Chen truly viewed every one of the people who followed him as a brother.[1]

For hot-blooded men, crying was a weak display, and yet these displays couldn’t help themselves. And no one laughed at them for it.

“Bastard, you’re going to throw away your future just because of this?! If you wanted to humiliate me, if you wanted to establish your name, you’ve already done it! Just what do you want?!” shouted Que Xinyan.

“To kill you,” said Long Chen. As he got closer, he slowly raised Blooddrinker.

“No… you can’t kill me!” Que Xinyan roared unwillingly.

“This is the price of trampling over other people’s dreams and lives. Actions have consequences!”

Long Chen shook his head, and Blooddrinker flashed with a cold light. It thrust straight toward Que Xinyan’s head.

[1] The word for boss means “biggest brother”.

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