Chapter 1038 A Full Strength Exchange

When Long Chen summoned the complete Green Dragon Battle Armor, a spiritual pressure erupted that caused everyone's expressions to change.

Whether it was the disciples, the Elders, or the Hall Masters, they felt a reverence that originated from the depths of their souls.

“This is true dragon pressure! Green Drake and White Drake were telling the truth, he truly possesses the essence blood of a true dragon!” The hidden Xuan Master nodded to himself.

The Green Drake and White Drake he was talking about were the two tenth rank Xuan Beasts who had been standing at the top of the Xuantian Staircase during the trial for outer sect disciples.

Long Chen’s body was covered in green dragon scales. Waves of spiritual pressure came out of the barrier, and some disciples actually began to kneel on the ground one by one.

Over a thousand disciples knelt on the ground. The other disciples didn’t understand, but the Elders knew. Those disciples were ancient race disciples. The blood of Xuan Beasts flowed in their bodies, and under the pressure of dragon blood, they involuntarily knelt. There was no way for them to resist that instinct.

As for the humans, they merely felt some pressure and it was not so direct. So they were a bit better off.

Suddenly, a light cracking sound rang out. People looked at the martial stage to see that the bricks had long since disappeared. Now, only the foundation remained, and that foundation was starting to crack right where Long Chen was standing.

“Heavens, how strong is he?!”

Que Xinyan’s flames after transforming into a flame monster had already melted the bricks with its abnormal power. But even those flames hadn’t been able to damage the foundation.

“Are you prepared? I’m about to attack.”

Long Chen leaned forward slightly, and suddenly, a thunderous pitch rang out. He shot out like a bolt of lightning, his fist smashing toward Que Xinyan.

There was no technique, no flowery appearance. It was a pure and simple punch, and yet it locked down heaven and earth, making it completely unavoidable.

“Arrogance! Do you think I, Que Xinyan, am afraid of the likes of you?!”


Que Xinyan’s flames roared out, following his own fist. When their two fists collided, the entire martial stage shook violently.

Powerful qi waves surged out, striking against the barrier. The barrier swayed and suddenly, a slight wave exploded out of it, striking the disciples.

The disciples closest to the barrier immediately vomited blood and were knocked back, causing chaos amongst the crowd.

“The barrier blocked ninety percent of the shockwaves’ power, but it still managed to injure people. These two disciples are truly powerful,” praised an Elder.

Those disciples climbed up in the distance, all of them pale from terror. Without the barrier, they would have been killed.

Looking at the barrier, they saw that the two of them were still locked in combat. Both their fists were still striking at the other, and the space around them was twisting wildly. A sphere of light gradually formed around their fists. The two of them were clearly increasing their power rapidly.

Suddenly, their other fists also collided together. The martial stage became covered in cracks, and those cracks rapidly grew.

Finally, the martial stage could no longer bear their power, and it collapsed. A huge hole appeared where the two of them were, but they were still facing off in the same posture. It was a simple competition of power.

A fiery expression appeared in Fan Song’s eyes as he watched this exchange. He unconsciously clenched his fists. He specialized in power, and watching them compete like this, his own hands grew itchy.

At this time, Que Xinyan’s expression was twisted and sinister like a wild beast. But what startled the disciples was that Long Chen’s expression was still calm as if this wasn’t very taxing to him.

“In terms of power, you’ve already lost completely. Can you still not tell?” said Long Chen after a while.

“Bullshit, I have plenty of power left!” roared Que Xinyan.

“You really are an idiot. If I had wanted to kill you from the start, I could have slain you in one shot at least three times already. You didn’t even notice this?” Long Chen shook his head.

Long Chen’s words caused all the disciples to feel shocked. Those words were too arrogant, weren’t they? Three times? Killed in one shot?

But Long Chen’s current power didn’t seem any weaker than a rank five Celestial at this time. According to reason, he had no reason to say such easily exposed bragging.

“Do you think I’m a three-year-old child? You want to use such a fake lie to shake my confidence?” sneered Que Xinyan.

Long Chen shook his head. “Whether you believe it or not is up to you. The reason I didn’t kill you and allowed you to show off, to increase your power bit by bit… well, the reason is actually quite similar to your own.

“You wanted to enjoy the sight of my pain, or my despair. But what I wanted was to give other people hope and confidence. I want to show everyone that even without talent, even without powerful backers, even without a rich daddy, as long as you work hard, you can still become strong.

“A person who calls himself a genius and likes to trample others will eventually be trampled on one day. Today, I let you properly put on your act just so I could trample you perfectly. And after trampling you, I’ll be using your head as a sacrifice to those brothers whose dreams and aspirations were cut short by you.”

Long Chen’s voice was extremely calm, almost as if he was recounting a story set in stone. But it was as shocking as thunder in other people’s ears.

“So he really was serious.”

His agreement to the Hall Master had been nothing more than bait to get Que Xinyan onto the martial stage. He was going to kill him regardless of the rules.

Those disciples who had been protected by the Dragonblood warriors turned red-eyed. Such a chivalrous person made them incomparably moved.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, don’t kill this bastard! It’s not worth you being expelled from the sect,” cried a disciple.

“There’s no need to shout. They can’t hear you inside anyways. Furthermore, no one can change the things that boss decides on. Just watch.” Guo Ran waved his hand.

“Hehe, Long Chen treats your words as nothing more than farts. It’s all because of how your Elder Hall raises people.” The Law Enforcement Hall Master didn’t forget to insult to the Elder Hall Master.

As for the Elder Hall Master, his expression didn’t even twitch. It was like he hadn’t even heard him. He was completely focused on the figure on the martial stage.

Que Xinyan was roaring furiously and unleashing his full power now, but he was unable to shake Long Chen in the slightest. Instead, Long Chen’s power was growing faster than his own.


Finally, Que Xinyan was forced back a step, and as a result, the martial stage once more crumbled.

Long Chen pressed forward like he was pushing a cart. Que Xinyan was forced to fall back, and with each step he took, the ground shattered.

Even the Elders were no longer able to stay calm. Just how was Long Chen so powerful?

They were unaware that as Long Chen’s cultivation base increased, the power of the Green Dragon Battle Armor also increased. Even Long Chen didn’t know how strong he was.

At this time, Que Xinyan was still trying to compete with Long Chen in brute power, the thing he specialized in the most. As a result, Que Xinyan was repeatedly forced back.

The disciples watching were unable to believe their eyes. Although Que Xinyan was the one who appeared like a monster right now, it was Long Chen who they viewed as the more terrifying monster.

“Bastard, since you want to die, don’t blame me!” Que Xinyan roared. The rune on his forehead suddenly spread and covered his whole body.

That rune began to burn. In that instant, it was like a volcano that had been sealed for ten thousand years was finally erupting.


The ground exploded. Long Chen was instantly sent flying back by Que Xinyan’s new power.

“Has he gone crazy?! He ignited his Spirit Blood?!” Even the icy Wang Zhen was filled with disbelief.

As peak experts who had reached the realm of merging with heaven and earth, he and the others naturally knew what Que Xinyan was doing.

This was no ordinary ignition of his Spirit Blood. In the state of merging with heaven and earth, igniting his Spirit Blood was also igniting his core runes. It was an extremely destructive technique.

Now, not only would the purity of his Spirit Blood drop, but his core would also be injured. Both were as precious as one’s life to Celestials. Was it worth it for him to ignite his Spirit Blood for a moment of transcendent power?

“DIE!” roared Que Xinyan. He attacked Long Chen with a huge flame blade.

Long Chen snorted and Blooddrinker once more appeared in his hand.


Each time their weapons collided, the ground would explode. The martial stage had been turned into a completely unrecognizable state. Their two figures continued to clash within the barrier, appearing like two shooting stars repeatedly crashing against each other.

Each collision shook heaven and earth. The disciples watching were all terrified. They had never seen such a fierce battle before.

A battle on this intensity completely dazzled them, and it continued for a full hour. The stage within the barrier had vanished completely, but the two of them were still fighting.

“Bastard, hurry up and die!” Que Xinyan’s flame blade suddenly transformed. It grew explosively and took on a red shade like blood. With boundless killing intent, all the energy of heaven and earth was instantly sucked away by it. “Blood Blaze Annihilation Slash!”

The huge blade descended from the sky. This was Que Xinyan’s most powerful attack. Once he used it, his aura clearly dropped a great deal.

“I don’t have much spiritual yuan left. Then let’s decide victory or defeat with this move.” Long Chen clenched his teeth. He raised Blooddrinker, the energy within his four seas pouring through twenty-seven acupuncture points. A blood-red saber-image rose into the sky.

“Split the Heavens 3!”

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