Chapter 1037 Flame Monster

When the runes finally faded, it revealed Long Chen with his saber resting on his shoulder, expressionlessly staring at the person in front of him.

The stage in front of Long Chen was a complete mess. The bricks had all exploded, revealing a metallic foundation.

The bricks were just ornamental. Now it revealed the true core of the platform, and it was incomparably sturdy.

The martial stage looked like a mural that had been torn open. In front of Long Chen was Que Xinyan. He stood there motionless.




Beads of blood descended from the space between Que Xinyan’s forehead to his nose and then dripped onto the ground. Flowers of blood rapidly bloomed on the ground below him.

The disciples outside all looked at the martial stage in shock. Long Chen’s attack had actually broken Que Xinyan’s shield and injured him.

That was different from the previous face slap. This had been a true collision of power without the slightest technique.


But unexpectedly, Que Xinyan suddenly raised his head and laughed. With his messed up hair, he looked like he had gone insane.

“Good, Long Chen! You really surprised me! I didn’t think you were hiding so many trump cards, disguising yourself as a pig to eat the tiger. I admit I underestimated you,” said Que Xinyan. The blood dripping down his face made him appear even more sinister.

“I, Long Chen, never disguise myself as a pig to eat the tiger. That’s just a senseless game. Those who can eat tigers have no need to disguise themselves as pigs. The only one trying to disguise themselves as a pig is you. Are you planning on still holding back and being a pig? If you are, then I don’t mind being a butcher!” said Long Chen.


The disciples were startled. According to Long Chen, it seemed Que Xinyan was still holding back? Furthermore, it seemed that even Long Chen was holding back. Then what had been that terrifying fight? A warm-up?

“Hahaha, since you want to die, I’ll let you die in peace. I’ll show you my true power!”


The flame leopard fighting against the lightning and flame dragons suddenly vanished. When it once more appeared, it was behind Que Xinyan.

“Flame Ancestor Heaven Merging Art!”

A golden rune suddenly lit up on Que Xinyan’s forehead. At the same time, an identical golden rune lit up on the flame leopard’s head.

Rumbling filled the air as the huge flame leopard was slowly absorbed by Que Xinyan. Countless runes began to shine on Que Xinyan’s body, and he became like a blazing sun. A terrifying aura also surged into the sky.

In that instant, intense heat waves suddenly erupted, and the disciples were caught off guard. A few of them who didn’t flee fast enough had their clothes catch on fire.

These heat waves completely ignored their Heavenly Dao energy. With their defenses bypassed, quite a few people ended up butt naked.

As Que Xinyan merged with his Earth Flame Beast, Long Chen hastily retreated. He also summoned Lei Long and Huo Long to his side.

He had known Que Xinyan was still hiding a trump card, but he hadn’t thought he would be able to merge with his Earth Flame Beast. His current aura was still rapidly growing, and it had already reached a terrifying level. Those heat waves were like erupting lava.

“Heavens, the martial stage’s bricks are deforming, melting from the heat!”

Following one person’s cry, everyone hastily looked and saw that, as expected, the bricks on the martial stage now appeared like lard.

“If I was on the martial stage, I’d probably be dead without a corpse…” said a rank four Celestial.

Within that space, let alone fighting, he wouldn’t even be able to exist.

“Long Chen’s dead now. He actually made Que Xinyan show off his final trump card. I wonder if he’ll end up dying accidentally,” said Hu Guishan.

Fan Song nodded. They were all holding back their strongest trump cards and wouldn’t use them easily. Those were their killing moves against powerful opponents. Once such a move was exposed, others would be able to study their weak points and come up with counters. Then their killing blows would be ineffective.

For Long Chen to force Que Xinyan to reveal this precious move, it was clear that Que Xinyan’s hatred for Long Chen had reached a pinnacle. Even if he didn’t kill Long Chen, he would definitely cripple him.

Whether it was Hua Shiyu, Hu Guishan, Fan Song, or Wang Zhen, they had yet to reveal their true power, and their trump cards were still secret. Now, the four of them were prepared for Que Xinyan’s trump cards, and so he would end up at an immense disadvantage in their future competitions.

BOOM! Suddenly, a blinding light erupted. They had no choice but to turn away. When the light slowly faded and everyone looked back at the martial stage, they were shocked by what they saw.

Que Xinyan was covered in flames. His head had completely transformed. It was now a leopard’s head with fangs protruding out of its mouth and scarlet eyes.

As for his hands and feet, long claws had grown out of them. Most shocking of all, he now had a lengthy tail. He had turned into a flame monster.

“Long Chen, do you see this? This is my strongest state. As for before, I wasn’t even using half my power. I like to see people with hopeful expressions right before I thrust them into despair. Now tell me, what are you going to use to fight me?”

The monstrous Que Xinyan still managed to speak, but his voice had completely transformed. It sounded like metal clashing against metal and was painful to listen to.

Everyone looked toward Long Chen. But the expression of shock and despair they had expected was nowhere to be found. 

“You truly are powerful,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Are you afraid? It’s too late!”

Que Xinyan suddenly shot forward. The martial stage trembled intensely, and Que Xinyan appeared in front of Long Chen in an instant, a fist smashing down.

“What speed.” Long Chen narrowed his eyes. Que Xinyan’s speed had multiplied after entering this monstrous state. Long Chen was almost unable to track him with his eyes.

Long Chen shot to the side, narrowly avoiding the attack. But just as he was preparing to counterattack, Que Xinyan seemed to teleport, appearing in front of him again.

BOOM! Long Chen barely managed to swing Blooddrinker halfway before Que Xinyan’s fist smashed into his chest. He wildly vomited blood and shot back like a shooting star, smashing into the barrier.

“Boss!” cried the Dragonblood warriors. The current Que Xinyan was actually too strong for Long Chen.

“Long Chen, I said that I’d crush you like a dog!” Que Xinyan laughed sinisterly and shot after Long Chen once more.

The disciples outside let out startled cries. If such a terrifying attack struck Long Chen again in his already injured state, it was very likely for a life to be lost.

But what none of them expected was that the sight of Long Chen being smashed into pieces never appeared. Instead, a scale-covered hand caught the flame fist.


No one could believe their eyes. Just now, Long Chen had been heavily injured and vomiting blood. But now he was standing, a hand tightly holding Que Xinyan’s fist.

Long Chen’s hand was covered in green scales. They rapidly spread down his arm.

Que Xinyan was shocked. He had never imagined Long Chen would possess the power to block his attack. He tried several times, but he was unable to pull back his hand.

Que Xinyan reflexively swung out his other fist. As a result, Long Chen caught it with his other hand. Their arms were locked together.

“I wasn’t finished speaking before. You truly are powerful; if I hadn’t devoured one of your Earth Flame Beasts, I really might not have been your match,” said Long Chen. Dragon scales continued to spread over his whole body.

That was an extremely strange sight that dumbfounded the disciples outside. They hadn’t thought that even at this time, Long Chen had been holding back.

“Idiot, are you saying you’re my match now?!” Que Xinyan’s leopard mouth suddenly opened, and a blazing flame arrow shot at Long Chen’s head.

This attack formed so suddenly that it made everyone jump. If this arrow struck at such close range while boosted with his Spirit Blood, Long Chen really might die.

But just as Que Xinyan’s arrow formed, Long Chen fiercely pushed his arms to the side. He sent a kick straight up at Que Xinyan’s jaw.

As a result, the flame arrow shot upward, smashing into the barrier. The barrier trembled intensely, while Que Xinyan was sent flying.

“I dislike people who spout crap from their mouths. Since you’ve taken out your trump card, I won’t hide mine any longer. Green Dragon Battle Armor!”

The green scales finally covered every inch of Long Chen’s body. In that instant, a grand, domineering, noble aura erupted, one that looked down on all others.

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