Chapter 1036 Blood Spirit Ten Thousand Beast Shield

“Just his aura was able to break apart that flame hand… What kind of power is that?!”

Countless disciples were filled with shock. That flame hand was condensed from Que Xinyan’s core flame, and the sharp attacks of his core flame previously had been incredibly powerful.

Even Hua Shiyu, Hu Guishan, and the other rank five Celestials were shocked. They were extremely clear on the strength of that flame hand, and that made them even more shocked than the other disciples. That flame hand was condensed through a magical art combining his core energy and his Spirit Blood.

If Long Chen managed to break it by unleashing a full-strength attack, perhaps that would be understandable. But he hadn’t done anything. Just his aura had caused the large hand to explode.

The four-colored divine ring behind him began to revolve quicker. The faster it revolved, the stronger Long Chen’s aura grew.

In the end, the divine ring was circulating so fast that it appeared still. Long Chen’s aura had reached an exceedingly terrifying level. The most terrifying thing about it was the will within it.

That will was not targeted against anyone. It was a will to destroy the entire world.

The Elder Hall Master smiled slightly upon seeing this incomparably fierce and powerful appearance. He stealthily glanced at the sky. There was nothing up there, but his smile grew wider.

The Xuan Master was currently hidden in the sky. Seeing the four stars circulating within Long Chen’s eyes, his pupils shrank slightly.

“This is…”

“Yes, this is the aura possessed by cultivation techniques from before the immortal era. But in our current age, there’s no way to be sure.” An ancient voice rang out in the Xuan Master’s ears.

“An age from before the immortal era… that really is inconceivable. After that tribulation, the Martial Heaven Continent was basically crippled, and its cultivation civilization was almost severed. Only a few smaller powers were lucky and managed to inherit a portion of the immortal era’s arts. And the majority were incomplete. What terrifying luck Long Chen must have to be able to come into contact with something on that level. It seems this little fellow is hiding quite a few secrets,” said the Xuan Master.

“For something on that level, even if it’s just an incomplete piece, or even just a decimal of a decimal, it would require great karmic luck to obtain. Otherwise, even if you obtained it, you would be implicated by that treasure and killed.

“This Long Chen was able to come into contact with a cultivation technique from before the immortal era, and he still hasn’t died. Most likely, ever since he obtained it, his life was never very happy. All his karmic luck was sucked away by the treasure. And the greater the treasure, the more bad luck he’ll have to suffer to pay the debt.

“Liu Cang investigated his past and found that his life took a sudden turn when he was fifteen years old. He should have obtained the treasure at that time. But a Qi Condensation brat can’t possibly possess so much karmic luck. So whatever he obtained, it was just an extremely, extremely small portion of the inheritance, or he’d have died,” sighed the voice.

“Then that’s regretful. I like this little fellow’s disposition. But his fate has already been entwined with the treasure he obtained. I can’t help him. Unless he can one day make up for his overdrafted karmic luck… then I could consider handing the Xuantian Dao Sect to him,” said the Xuan Master.

“That’s unrelated to me. I held the Xuan Master position for over eight thousand years, and you finally arrived. The burden’s yours now. As for who you pass the burden to, that’s your matter. But I feel like you should consider it more if you want to hand it to Long Chen. He’s not that dependable,” warned the ancient voice.

The Xuan Master laughed, “Master, you’ve already withdrawn from your post, so you don’t need to worry about this. Since you’ve entrusted the Dao Sect to me, you can just peacefully go into seclusion.”

“I pulled you out of seclusion just to warn you about that little fellow. The Reincarnation Mirror also said that he is a double-edged blade. A mistake will cause great harm to the Xuantian Dao Sect. So, I’m warning you, don’t even think about running into seclusion because you’re lazy. By the time we come out of seclusion, the Dao Sect’s doors will probably be permanently closed.”

“Am I really that unreliable in your eyes?” The Xuan Master smiled bitterly.

“Youngsters aren’t as reliable as their elders,” was the reply.

“Fine, I’ll keep a close eye on things. Go into seclusion,” said the Xuan Master helplessly.

No one else heard the conversation between the Xuan Master and the patriarch. Everyone’s attention was focused on the martial stage.

Long Chen appeared like a devil from hell. He slowly walked toward a shocked Que Xinyan.

“Die!” Long Chen suddenly shot forward. Que Xinyan’s hair stood on end as he sensed a feeling of death. He was a true expert who had experienced life and death battles. Hence, his sense of danger was extremely sensitive.

He knew that the current Long Chen had the power to kill him. That shocked him. He had never imagined that someone who wasn’t even a Celestial would possess the power to kill him.

“Blood Spirit Blaze Shield!” Que Xinyan suddenly took out a blood-colored shield. Countless runes revolved around it, and it released endless life force.

“Que Xinyan is actually forced on the defensive! That Blood Spirit Blaze Shield is his strongest defensive art!” said Hua Shiyu.

Seeing Que Xinyan be forced onto the defensive, Hua Shiyu, Hu Guishan, and the others were all shocked. Was Long Chen truly so powerful?

BOOM! Long Chen’s saber slashed onto Que Xinyan’s shield.


What shocked everyone was that this random blow from Long Chen actually tore through Que Xinyan’s shield.

Que Xinyan was forced seven steps back, and with each step, the martial stage cracked. It was clear how powerful the force he was under was.

Seven steps blew him three hundred meters back. There were seven large spider-web cracks on the martial stage now.

“Split the Heavens 2!”

Que Xinyan had only just stabilized when Long Chen appeared in the air, his saber slashing down. A mile-long saber image filled with an unstoppable air caused everyone’s hearts to shake.

“As expected, it’s the Undefeatable Dao. Just his aura is able to steal away a person’s will to resist,” said an Elder. Previously, they had been suspicious, but this attack confirmed those suspicions.

“Those who walk that path crumble far too easily. Practically, no one is able to raise such disciples, and even if they do, they need Dao Protectors. But Long Chen doesn’t meet any of those requirements,” said another Elder.

Geniuses who chose the Undefeatable Dao were all peerless heavenly geniuses. By maintaining a perfect record of never being defeated in the same realm, they cultured an undefeatable Dao-heart.

But it was too difficult to maintain a perfect record. Just one loss was enough to cause their Dao-heart to crumble. They would be afflicted by a heart-devil and would essentially be crippled.

There were few geniuses who chose that path, and their sects found it extremely difficult to raise them.

As a result, it was almost impossible to find a disciple who chose to cultivate the Undefeatable Dao. And such people needed Dao Protectors by their side to prevent enemies from sneak-attacking them while they were still too weak. If they encountered others in the same realm who they weren’t assured of defeating, the Dao Protectors would prevent a battle from occurring.

But Long Chen couldn’t possibly meet such conditions. A disciple with no background couldn’t possibly walk the Undefeatable Dao. But this undefeatable will unleashed by Long Chen’s attack was undoubtable. Even the disciples felt a great deal of pressure.

“Blood Spirit Ten Thousand Beast Shield!”

Seeing Long Chen’s saber slashing at him as quick as lightning, Que Xinyan roared and clapped his hands together. A supreme shield formed before him.

This shield had countless designs of beasts carved into it. It was like it was alive, and bestial roars came from it. Just looking at this shield gave people an urge to give up on fighting Que Xinyan. For them to attack this shield would be like an ant trying to shake a tree.

This was Que Xinyan’s greatest defensive skill. Even Hua Shiyu hadn’t known about it, as Que Xinyan had been hoping to crush Long Chen while holding back as much as possible. That was because in his eyes, Long Chen wasn’t worth anything. His opponents were his fellow heavenly geniuses like Hua Shiyu and Hu Guishan, and his trump cards were supposed to be used to deal with them. But now, he couldn’t hold back anymore.


The blood-colored saber slashed into his huge shield, releasing surging qi waves. The saber-image and shield exploded at the same time. Countless runes filled the martial stage. Eventually they faded, revealing the two of them. Countless people couldn’t help letting out cold gasps.

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