Chapter 1035 Four Stars Rock the Central Plains


Following Que Xinyan’s sneer, the power of his Blood Qi explosively grew. He had activated his Spirit Blood.

The instant he activated his Spirit Blood, the web of runic chains behind him exploded. Broken bits scattered throughout all of heaven and earth.

However, they didn’t truly disappear. With his Spirit Blood activated, they had fully merged with every inch of heaven and earth, and were now imperceptible with the naked eye.

Que Xinyan’s aura once more rose, causing the void to shake. It was like space was unable to bear his power.

“I bet you never imagined this, Long Chen. All that was before was nothing more than insignificant playtime. Only when a rank five Celestial fully activates their Spirit Blood can it count as truly fighting. Now I’ll teach you what despair is, the despair an ant who can forever only look up at geniuses feels! This is absolute power, power that you couldn’t hope to achieve even with a hundred years of cultivation!”

The space around Que Xinyan began to shine with blinding light. It was like a huge sun, and huge flame wings appeared on his back. He shot at Long Chen like a shooting star. Surprisingly, he had abandoned his flame blade and instead sent a punch at him.

Fast, incomparably fast. Having activated his Spirit Blood, Que Xinyan’s speed and power had leaped immensely. There was no way for Long Chen to dodge.


When Long Chen slashed Blooddrinker onto Que Xinyan’s fist, he saw concentrated blood-colored runes appear on his fist. They protected him, and in front of everyone’s shocked gazes, Long Chen was sent flying hundreds of meters away.

“Hahaha, you’re surprised, right? This is the Heavenly Dao armor formed from activating Spirit Blood with Heavenly Dao runes after merging with heaven and earth! Half my Heavenly Dao runes are merged with the world, absorbing energy for me, while the other half forms a set of armor around me! Not only can it block your attacks, but it even contains a rebound effect. Hahaha, tell me, what qualifications does garbage from the wilds have to fight against me, a genius being helped even by the heavens?” laughed Que Xinyan.

The disciples watching were shocked. Even the rank four Celestials hadn’t known there were so many secrets regarding rank five Celestials.

In fact, Han Yunshan, Wei Changhai, and the other rank five Celestials were also shocked. Even amongst rank five Celestials, the difference could be so immense.

This was the difference in foundations. Only the Central Plains’ rank five Celestials had the qualifications to receive such nurturing. Compared to the Central Plains’ disciples, they were too poor.

This was the first time the Dragonblood warriors began to feel worried for Long Chen. The current Que Xinyan was absolutely terrifying. His innate talent had already been high, then adding on the Central Plains’ foundation, he had been turned into a monster by piling on the resources.

As for Long Chen, he had been born destitute, and all his resources had to be gained through fighting with his life on the line. Furthermore, a great deal of the resources he obtained were given to the Dragonblood warriors. He not only needed to cultivate, but he also had to spend his time gathering resources.

But Que Xinyan was different. Whatever he wanted, he got. It was a completely unfair situation.

“Inferior trash, do you know why I’m not in a hurry to kill you? I want to see the expression of your helpless despair as you realize inferior ants should choose inferior ways of living.”

Suddenly, countless red chains flew out of Que Xinyan’s hand toward Long Chen. They whistled through the air, forming hurricanes as they flew.

Long Chen hastily dodged. When the red chains struck the ground, their power directly broke the incredibly firm bricks.

“Damn, these bricks are even harder than Treasure items when they’re supported by the formation. But they were still broken!” Startled cries rang out.

Long Chen continuously dodged, but the red chains were like a rain of arrows continuously falling toward him.

In truth, these red chains were Que Xinyan’s weaponized core flame after being merged with the power of his Spirit Blood.


Countless chains pierced through the martial stage, and Que Xinyan suddenly swung his arm. A torrent of bricks flew toward Long Chen.

Long Chen slashed his saber out, breaking a few of them. But he had only just done that when a huge red hand formed in the air and wrapped around him. Long Chen was caught in its grasp.

Startled cries rang out. The disciples all saw it clearly. The red chains first forced Long Chen to the defensive, then a heaven-encompassing attack blocked his vision. At that exact moment, the attack Que Xinyan had been storing up was unleashed to capture Long Chen.

The huge hand blocked their vision now, but they were sure Long Chen was caught inside. Quite a few maidens cried out, turning pale.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, what do you have to say now? Damnable trash, what qualifications do you have to fight against me?!” Que Xinyan clenched the hand, smiling sinisterly.

Everyone was deathly silent. Long Chen’s life was in Que Xinyan’s hands.

“Boss has been captured. We have to think of some way to save him,” whispered Gu Yang.

“Are you stupid, or joking? Do you think boss will be defeated so easily? Just watch quietly,” said Guo Ran confidently.

Tang Wan-er was also a bit pale, but seeing how confident Guo Ran was, she was slightly comforted.

“Will Long Chen die?” Zhao Ziyan asked worriedly.

“At present, that still isn’t a problem. Don’t you see the two dragons still fighting the flame leopard? That means it hasn’t reached that critical point yet. However, my guess is that he can’t last much longer anyhow. To be able to force Que Xinyan to activate his Spirit Blood is enough to be proud of,” said Hua Shiyu.

Long Chen’s display truly surprised her. He wasn’t even a Celestial, but by using some strange techniques and powerful combat skills, he was able to force a rank five Celestial to activate their Spirit Blood. It truly was admirable.

However, the conclusion was basically forgone. Right now, Long Chen could only make some final struggles. His efforts would only stall for time.

“Long Chen, I’ll give you one chance. Kowtow to me three times, call me daddy, and call yourself trash. Then I can spare your life,” said Que Xinyan.

Naturally, that was nonsense. He had no intention of killing Long Chen, as he didn’t dare to.

Once he killed Long Chen, he would have broken the sect’s rules and would be expelled. That price was too high.

Although he had expressed an urge to kill him at the start, all his attacks had been merciful to make sure he didn’t take his life. If he killed Long Chen, it would be troublesome.

From the start, he had already decided to torment and humiliate Long Chen as much as possible. As long as no one came to stop him, he would torment Long Chen to the point where he was half dead to vent his anger at being slapped in the face.

“Call you what?”

Long Chen’s voice rang out from within the flame hand. That voice was calm, without the slightest panic.


Que Xinyan truly lived up to his name. He thought Long Chen hadn’t heard clearly and obediently said what Long Chen wanted him to say.[1]

“I, Long Chen, do not have a son like you. Don’t call me that.” Long Chen’s voice dumbfounded everyone.

What kind of time was it for him to play a game of tongues? Was he worried he hadn’t infuriated Que Xinyan enough to have him kill him?

“Bastard, die!”

Que Xinyan was enraged, and he tightened his hand. He was fiercely crushing Long Chen.

“What bravado. You don’t even have the courage to kill someone. You’re trash with no guts at all. What happened to your determination when you killed all those innocent disciples? Now you say you want to kill me, but you don’t dare to actually. All you are is a coward who can only bully the weak.

“You don’t dare to kill me because you’re afraid of being expelled from the Xuantian Dao Sect and losing your future, your dreams. But when you sneak attacked my flame dragon, did you once think about other people’s futures and dreams? Did you once think of their fathers and mothers who are praying for them, waiting for them to return in glory?

“Do you know why they still continued despite knowing they might lose their lives at any moment? They put everything on the line just to change their own fates. You’re the one who killed them, and you didn’t even blink an eye. Furthermore, you use your filthy words to humiliate other people’s dreams.

“When it’s your turn, you hesitate like a bitch. Your dreams are dreams, but other people’s dreams aren’t? Just because you chose a good fetus to reincarnate into, you can trample over other people’s dignity, ignore their dreams, and reap their lives?”

As Long Chen spoke, his voice grew louder and more emotional. It was full of fury and killing intent, and toward the end, it was a heaven-shaking roar.

“What kind of garbage magical art is this? It wants to bind me, Long Chen?! Break!”


Suddenly, in front of everyone’s stupefied gazes, the huge flame hand exploded, revealing Long Chen.

The space around Long Chen was twisted as a terrifying pressure soared out of him. From a distance, it was like a sea was soaring into the sky.

His robes and hair danced in the wind, and a blood-colored saber rested upon his shoulder. Four stars revolved in his eyes, along with boundless killing intent. It was like a devil from hell had appeared on earth.

[1] Recall how Que Xinyan is a homophone for stupid.

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