Chapter 1034 Activating his Spirit Blood

“Divine ring!”

That cry was like the cry of a god, shaking the world and penetrating people to their cores.

The four qi seas below the FengFu Star, Alioth Star, Life Fate Star, and Enlightenment Palace Star fully activated, and boundless energy surged within him.

A red, orange, yellow, and green ring appeared behind him. It caused the void to rumble, and even the barrier of the martial stage began to shake.

The four-colored, three-thousand-meter divine ring revolved. It seemed to contain the greatest principles of heaven and earth within it, as if it possessed the entire world’s laws. It was sacred and divine.

This was Long Chen’s first time fully activating the divine ring since arriving in the Central Plains.

“What kind of technique is this?! Even the barrier is being affected!” The Elder Hall Master was shocked. Long Chen’s divine ring was loosening the barrier.

This barrier was not an ordinary one. Even Foundation Forging experts wouldn’t necessarily be able to shake it, as it was extremely tough. Those below the Jade Core realm were normally unable to damage it.

But Long Chen’s divine ring seemed to possess some strange energy that was disturbing the barrier. The Elder Hall Master sank into thought for a moment, and then decided to secretly increase the power of the barrier to make sure it was secure.

The divine ring was absolutely shocking and drew everyone’s attention. But no one noticed a man standing in the air, calmly looking at the divine ring behind Long Chen.

That person was the Xuan Master. Even as he stood there, no one was capable of noticing him, not even the Hall Masters.

Seeing this divine ring, the Xuan Master’s expression finally turned a bit grave, and he was lost in thought.

The divine ring’s manifestation had completely suppressed the manifestation of Que Xinyan’s Cry of the Heavenly Daos and his merging with heaven and earth.

That shocked Que Xinyan. Having activated the manifestation of merging with heaven and earth, he had sucked all the Heavenly Dao energy dry. Theoretically, he could suppress any Celestial in this space.

However, he was unable to sense Long Chen’s existence and use his Heavenly Dao energy to lock onto him.

It was like Long Chen was a fish, and Que Xinyan’s Heavenly Dao energy was water. No matter how much water he used, he wouldn’t be able to drown Long Chen.

Que Xinyan didn’t realize that Long Chen’s divine ring didn’t draw Heavenly Dao energy. As a result, his Heavenly Dao manifestation had no effect on Long Chen.

As for Long Chen himself, he had no dependence on Heavenly Dao energy, and so Que Xinyan’s powerful Cry of the Heavenly Daos, which was fatal against other Celestials, was useless against him.

“So what if you have a trump card? In front of absolute power, you’re still just garbage!” shouted Que Xinyan. The spiderweb-like Heavenly Dao runes suddenly shot toward Long Chen, and Que Xinyan also slashed his flame blade at Long Chen’s head.


Long Chen slashed Blooddrinker out, clashing with Que Xinyan’s flame blade. A powerful explosion rocked the heavens.

Long Chen was surprised. Even with his divine ring, he was unable to shatter Que Xinyan’s flame blade.

“Fool, do you think I condensed my flame blade with some ordinary magical art? This is a flame cultivator’s core flame, the wellspring of my power. You thought you’d break it with one blow? Laughable!” Que Xinyan sneered. His flame blade suddenly transformed into a spear and stabbed toward Long Chen.

This sudden change came without any warning. Long Chen hastily tilted Blooddrinker to block the flame spear. But just at this moment, a crafty light appeared in Que Xinyan’s eyes.

A flame sword appeared in Que Xinyan’s other hand. He stabbed it at Long Chen’s ribcage.

This flame sword was extremely strange. It was not formed of flame runes and was just like a normal weapon that was incomparably sharp. Even before it arrived, Long Chen felt goosebumps. If he was struck, his body would be instantly pierced.

Blooddrinker suddenly released a suction force that drew in Que Xinyan’s spear. Long Chen borrowed that power to dodge his sword.

“Did you think that would work?” Que Xinyan’s spear vanished and now Long Chen had no way to borrow his power to dodge. The flame sword in Que Xinyan’s other hand suddenly explosively grew and stabbed toward Long Chen.

Despite Long Chen doing his best to dodge, the flame sword still slashed across his waist. It left behind a long cut, and Long Chen’s blood poured out.

What startled people was that despite that flame sword looking like it was formed of condensed flames, there was no heat. It didn’t cauterize his wound.

“What is going on?” asked Zhao Ziyan.

“When heat is compressed through special magical arts, it transforms into sharpness, and one’s core energy can transform freely as they please,” said Hua Shiyu.

Quite a few people jumped upon seeing Long Chen injured. The women supporting Long Chen all turned ashen. That had been too close, and he had almost been pierced through the heart.

But as soon as Long Chen was injured and began bleeding, his body curved and he sent a kick straight at Que Xinyan’s nose.

Crack! Que Xinyan let out a pained groan and was sent flying. Everyone jumped in shock once more. Just as they had thought the trend of the battle had been decided, Long Chen struck back.

Long Chen sensed some kind of energy that was constantly trying to break his body apart within his injury. However, as soon as he activated the primal chaos bead, its life energy instantly healed him. Long Chen was already charging at Que Xinyan again.

Que Xinyan had only just used his Heavenly Dao energy to heal, but tears still covered his face. Of course, that wasn’t from being moved, but because Long Chen’s kick had irritated his tear ducts. His injury had healed, but he had yet to wipe away those tears.

With his turbid sight, all he managed to see was a red blur coming toward him.

He was shocked. The surrounding Heavenly Dao energy had been seized by him. Others were unable to use it to heal, but Long Chen healed even faster than he did.

Long Chen fiercely slashed down with his saber. An incomparably heavy aura locked down Que Xinyan.

“Split the Heavens!”

With Long Chen’s fierce attack coming right at him, Que Xinyan couldn’t bother with how Long Chen had healed. All he could do was block.


Astral winds erupted. Que Xinyan was sent flying by Long Chen’s attack, shocking everyone.

“This is… the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s unique Battle Skill! How did he learn it?” cried some of the Elders in shock.

Split the Heavens’ form and domineering aura were extremely easy to recognize. All the Elders saw through the origin of this attack.

Li Changfeng and Lu Minghan had learned about Long Chen’s Split the Heavens back then. But upon returning, they had only reported it to the higher-ups. The others hadn’t learned of it.

The Elders were unable to comprehend how Long Chen had learned the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s core technique. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was filled with only unreasonable fellows who definitely would not allow other sects’ disciples to learn Split the Heavens.

“Meteor Fire Rain!”

Being sent flying twice, Que Xinyan was infuriated. Forming hand seals in the air, countless flame spheres condensed high in the sky and shot down at Long Chen.

Each one of them was like a powerful meteorite, and they completely hid the sun.

When the meteorites landed on the ground, they exploded and raging flames covered the land. The place Long Chen was standing turned into a sea of flames.


Suddenly, Long Chen charged out of the flames, lightning flickering around him. He arrived right in front of Que Xinyan like a phantom, and he slashed with his saber.

Long Chen had only just arrived beside Que Xinyan when his expression suddenly changed. He shot backward as countless flame spears shot out of the ground. If it weren’t for his sudden retreat, he would definitely have been struck. As it was, he only narrowly avoided this trap Que Xinyan had set.

Long Chen fell back seven times, just enough to dodge this trap. But when he took his eighth step, his figure suddenly vanished. When he appeared once more, he was once again by Que Xinyan’s side and attacked him.

Everyone was shocked. They suddenly realized why Long Chen’s seven steps had appeared odd. He had been accumulating energy through them. It was an incredibly outrageous tactic.

However, Long Chen’s saber missed. Que Xinyan had dodged his attack and appeared in the air.

The disciples were all startled. The two of them were incredibly fast with lightning reaction speeds. Their offensive and defensive moves all came without the slightest warning. This speed was something they could never hope to keep up with. Just trying to keep track of their bodies was very difficult.

Long Chen’s blood-colored saber was incredibly fierce, while Que Xinyan’s core flame continuously transformed into different weapons. Furthermore, he could unleash them from any part of his body, giving them great killing power. Their intense fight dazzled the disciples.

As for the lightning dragon and flame dragon’s fight against the flame leopard, victory or defeat had yet to be decided. They were still locked in an intense battle.

“He’s not a Celestial, but he can contend against a rank five Celestial. This Long Chen is truly powerful.”

Seeing that Long Chen wasn’t at the slightest disadvantage against Que Xinyan caused people’s hearts to pound. As for the women who had been worried for him, they were cheering loudly. To them, being able to fight evenly against Que Xinyan was already Long Chen’s victory.

Han Yunshan’s expression became exceedingly ugly. He hated Long Chen, and seeing so many people worried for him, he clenched his teeth. But he didn’t dare to say a word in case he said a sensitive word and was attacked by Hua Shiyu.

After fighting intensely for an incense stick’s worth of time without being able to suppress Long Chen, Que Xinyan finally snorted, “Hmph, you have a few tricks, but it’s not enough. I suppose I’ll let you see a rank five Celestial’s true power. Spirit Blood Rocks the Heavens!”

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