Chapter 1033 The True Power of Being Merged with Heaven and Earth

The two dragons coiled around each other, their dragon cries shaking the sky. Blazing light came from them that dazzled the people outside.

“How domineering!”

Long Chen was like a god as he stood in the midst of those two dragons. The disciples outside had seen countless experts, but they had never seen someone who appeared so domineering.

Long Chen’s domineeringness was not an external appearance, but something that came from his bones. It usually didn’t reveal itself, but when he began to fight for real, it would unconsciously awaken.

It wasn’t even something that Long Chen did on purpose. It was a sign of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art and impossible to hide.

When Long Chen circulated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, that wild, domineering aura would spread. That was an aura that refused to be one with heaven and earth.

The Central Plains’ disciples had never seen such a thing, but the Dragonblood warriors were familiar with the sight, and their blood began to boil. The sight of Long Chen standing in the air with the two brilliant dragons around him also possessed a special effect on the women who were still in the springtime of their youth.

“How handsome!” One of the Heaven Female Alliance’s maidens involuntarily clenched her hands in front of her, looking worshipfully at that figure on the martial stage.

“What’s so handsome about a stinky man? You’re not allowed to worship him,” ordered Hua Shiyu coldly. But even as she said this, she had to admit that Long Chen’s current appearance was worth a second look.

“You think that summoning two little pieces of crap will allow you to fight against me? Your flame dragon will be my beast’s food!” Que Xinyan had absolute confidence in his Earth Flame Beast.

“Show him just who is the food,” ordered Long Chen. Huo Long and Lei Long both roared and charged at Que Xinyan’s flame beast.

“Devour them!” Que Xinyan also gave his flame beast an order. The flame leopard roared and pounced.

Originally, the flame and lightning dragons had been flying separately. But on the way, they suddenly coiled around each other, forming a flame and lightning twister.


Flames and lightning erupted, instantly filling the entire barrier. The disciples outside were unable to see the situation inside any longer as all they saw was chaos.

But even standing outside, they could feel the ground constantly shaking.

“What’s going on inside?!” cried some of the disciples.

The Elder Hall Master muttered to himself and slowly extended his hands. Forming three hand seals, the martial stage and the barrier began to rapidly expand.

The disciples cried out in shock and hastily fell back. In just a few breaths, the martial stage had grown by ten times. As it expanded, the scene inside grew clearer.

They saw a lightning and flame dragon fighting intensely against a flame leopard. Each time their huge bodies collided, it would cause the ground to shake. It was an incredibly crazy and fierce fight that shocked all of them.

Que Xinyan hadn’t expected that Long Chen’s flame and lightning dragons would be able to contend evenly with his Earth Flame Beast. For the moment, there was no way to determine victory or defeat.

That was completely different from the result he had imagined. He thought that Long Chen’s flame dragon wouldn’t have had time to completely refine his first Earth Flame yet.

And even if it had, its power would only barely be able to match the Heart Rending Salamander Flame. It definitely would not surpass it. That was because Long Chen’s flame dragon’s power had been weaker. Even after devouring it, its power would not surpass the Heart Rending Salamander Flame.

As for the current Earth Flame Beast, it was ranked eighty-fifth, and it was much, much stronger than the Heart Rending Salamander Flame. It would be able to easily devour it.

He had always been hesitating about whether or not he should allow his Heavenly Net Earth Core Blaze to devour his Heart Rending Salamander Flame. That would strengthen the Heavenly Net Earth Core Blaze, but he had never been willing to do so as both these Earth Flames had cost him endless sweat and blood to raise. Of course, he had never imagined that one would be devoured by Long Chen.

So now, Que Xinyan wanted the Heavenly Net Earth Core Blaze to devour Long Chen’s flame dragon. That would be like devouring two Earth Flames for the price of one.

But then he was startled to find that the flame dragon was stronger than he had imagined. Although its actual power was at most a match for the Heart Rending Salamander Flame, it actually possessed battle tactics and knew how to cooperate with the lightning dragon to attack.

That was the thing that Que Xinyan found most unbelievable. Although Earth Flames had spirits, their intelligence was extremely limited. Everything they did occurred instinctively, and being able to listen to a few simple orders was the limit.

But Long Chen’s lightning and flame dragons were extremely smart and knew how to cooperate. It was only through this cooperation that they managed to fight evenly against his flame leopard whose power far surpassed theirs.

What Que Xinyan didn’t know was that Long Chen’s Earth Flame had been harvested while it had been extremely young and immature. There had been great room for growth and molding, and as a result of Long Chen’s attention and care, it was extremely devoted to him.

But Que Xinyan’s Earth Flames were different. They had been forcibly subdued with secret arts when they had already been fully mature. They didn’t dare to refuse his orders, but as a result, there were many things that couldn’t be communicated.

Earth Flames would normally slowly mature in well-hidden regions during their youth. They wouldn’t be easily noticed, and when they dared to go out, they were mostly fully matured. So it was very difficult to find immature Earth Flames.

Furthermore, Que Xinyan was startled by the lightning dragon. Since it was formed of lightning, it wasn’t afraid of the flame leopard tearing at it. Even if it bit off a piece of its body, all it got were some lightning runes. The flame leopard was unable to devour lightning runes, and those runes would return to the lightning dragon’s body eventually.

While the lightning dragon was the main fighter, the flame dragon would constantly nip and bite at the flame leopard, occasionally managing to get a bite. Although there was no way for it to immediately digest that energy and strengthen itself, a flame beast that lost its core runes would gradually weaken.

One or two bites wasn’t a big problem, but if it continued, his flame leopard would only grow weaker, and sooner or later, it would be completely devoured.

“So the reason you allowed yourself to be entangled with my Earth Flame Beast was to figure out its attack patterns and weaknesses.” Que Xinyan clenched his teeth. He knew he had been schemed against.

Seeing this situation, it was all too clear. The two dragons were cooperating perfectly, while his flame leopard was unable to strike them. Instead, it was constantly being bitten by the flame dragon, and when it went to attack the flame dragon, the lightning dragon would stop it.

When the people outside heard this, they finally understood why Long Chen had been forced back repeatedly by the flame leopard. As for when he had kicked away the flame leopard, he must have already figured out all there was to figure out about the flame leopard and hadn’t wanted to waste any more time.

“Don’t you think saying that now is a bit meaningless? Bring out your full power. This isn’t a game, nor is it the time to be a poser. This is revenge,” said Long Chen.

“Hahahahaha!” Que Xinyan raised his head and laughed. He was completely infuriated now. Long Chen kept saying he would get revenge on him, and now he was tired of hearing it. Just as he was about to speak…


A large hand came from a strange angle and struck Que Xinyan while he wasn’t expecting it at all. The huge power behind it sent him flying.

“This face-slapping art is probably unrivaled beneath the heavens…” sighed the Elder Hall Master.

All the Hall Masters, other than the Law Enforcement Hall Master, nodded inside. This move of Long Chen’s had already touched upon the realm of a natural Dao.

From the moment he launched it to the point it struck, it was flawless as if it had been created by the heavens. Even for them, this was the first time seeing such a face-slapping art.

The disciples that were just watching for fun were startled, but they mostly found it comedic. A grand rank five Celestial was actually slapped in the face.

“Bastard, I’ll kill you!” roared Que Xinyan. Probably, anyone on his level would be unable to bear being slapped in the face like this. This was the only time he had ever been slapped in the face.

Five-colored runes erupted, forming chains in the air. The chains were constantly moving like thousands of tentacles.

It looked like there was a huge, five-colored spider web behind Que Xinyan. But as soon as it appeared, all the disciples’ expressions changed.

“How is this possible?!”

They were horrified to find that in that instant, they were unable to sense any Heavenly Dao energy. It was like the world’s Heavenly Dao energy had all been sucked away by Que Xinyan.

As for Que Xinyan, it was practically possible to see Heavenly Dao energy pouring toward him like hundreds of streams. His aura was crazily climbing.

“Do you see it? This is the difference. That’s why I said Long Chen has no chance. A Celestial who has reached the realm of merging with heaven and earth can instantly absorb all the Heavenly Dao energy around them for their own use. Unless others have also reached the realm of merging with heaven and earth, they’ll find themselves without any energy. Just how are they supposed to fight?” sighed Hua Shiyu.

It wasn’t just Zhao Ziyan she was talking to. All the disciples heard it. Over ninety-nine percent of them hadn’t known about this, as they didn’t have the qualifications to know about such a thing.

Seeing Que Xinyan’s aura rapidly climbing, they felt a profound sense of helplessness. Although they were also Celestials, they were completely suppressed. As for Han Yunshan, Wei Changhai, and Yan Mochen, they finally understood just how great the difference was between them and these monsters.

“Long Chen, now do you understand the difference between us? A piece of trash like you isn’t even fit to carry my shoes! Hurry up and die!” Once Que Xinyan’s aura reached an unprecedented level, raging qi waves continuously poured out of him.

“All I know is that the difference between us is that one is a person, and the other is an idiot. Today, I’ll let you see just how great the difference between a person and an idiot is! Divine ring!”

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