Chapter 1032 Heavenly Net Earth Core Blaze

As soon as that flame leopard appeared, it let out a heaven-shaking roar. It was now no longer five miles long, but eight.

The other thing different from before was the light circulating inside and outside the leopard’s body. Powerful pressure caused the space around it to twist.

“He actually hid his flame beast’s power!”

The Dragonblood warriors were startled. During the inner sect trial, the flame beast Que Xinyan had summoned hadn’t possessed this power.

It wasn’t just them. All the disciples who had participated in that trial were shocked. Originally, they had thought that the core disciples had been forced to use their full power in the core disciple trial. They hadn’t thought that they had been holding back.

It was clear that Que Xinyan hadn’t used his full power, or if he had shown this power back then, he probably would have been the one to obtain the first core disciple spot.

“Long Chen, it’s too late to beg for mercy now. Today, I’ll make you live a life worse than death!” The flame leopard was glaring at Long Chen, and it was already beginning to store up energy. As long as Que Xinyan gave the order, it would immediately launch an attack.

Only once you were standing in front of such an enormous flame beast would you know how terrifying it was. Just its aura would make others unable to breathe.

The martial stage’s barrier prevented the outside world’s auras from entering, but the auras inside could come out. However, due to the barrier, it didn’t have any threat to the people outside.

But even then, the level of its aura still made these disciples feel like there was a stone crushing their hearts. It made their hair stand on end.

“Do you think I’m as stupid as you? You think a single Earth Flame Beast can make me kneel and beg? Are you sure you have a brain?” sneered Long Chen.

“You still can’t see the reality now? This Earth Flame Beast is my true trump card. The Heart Rending Salamander Flame you devoured is only ranked ninety-three on the Earth Flame Rankings. But my Heavenly Net Earth Core Blaze is ranked eighty-five. Its power is several times that of the Heart Rending Salamander Flame, and if I wasn’t unwilling, I’d have long since let it devour my other Earth Flame. You really overrate yourself. Do you know how laughable you are? My things aren’t so easy to devour. I will take back ten times what you took from me!”

The flame leopard behind Que Xinyan roared and suddenly launched a claw at Long Chen. That claw was like a small mountain. But what shocked everyone was that Long Chen didn’t dodge. Instead, he sent out a punch.

BOOM! The entire martial stage shook. The flame leopard was forced back by Long Chen’s punch. As for Long Chen, he was also knocked back a few hundred meters.

“Fool, do you think refusing to release your Earth Flame will save it from being devoured? Don’t worry, as long as I defeat you, extracting your Earth Flame will be of no effort at all for me!” Que Xinyan stood with his hands clasped behind him. He had no intention of directly attacking, implying that just his flame leopard was enough to handle Long Chen.

Long Chen didn’t reply. He continued to fight with his fists against the flame leopard, but he was forced to repeatedly fall back.

“Will senior… will boss be alright?” asked a disciple beside Guo Ran.

“Are you joking? They’re still just in the process of probing each other. Furthermore, boss’s power surpasses your imagination. Just watch,” replied Guo Ran.

That flame leopard’s power was absolutely shocking. Each one of its blows could shatter mountains. Watching this, the disciples all had to admire the power of a core disciple. Any of these attacks could easily kill them.

But despite what Guo Ran said, they were worried to see Long Chen repeatedly being forced back.

People all had sympathy for the weak, and in their eyes, they had long since labelled Long Chen the weak one. The women were especially sympathetic. Although Long Chen wasn’t especially handsome, red flowers always needed green leaves to set themselves off. Compared to Que Xinyan who arrogantly looked down upon everyone else, Long Chen appeared exceptionally handsome and moving.

The majority of the disciples here hadn’t participated in the inner sect trial and didn’t know what had happened. But just from the words between the two of them, they knew Long Chen was getting revenge for people who had died because of Que Xinyan. That made them feel even more sympathetic.

“You can do it, Long Chen!” cried a woman in the crowd suddenly.

“What the fuck? How am I supposed to live like this?” Guo Ran was dumbfounded. When did his boss’s charisma grow to this level? When he was a poser, he had people worship him, and when he wasn’t a poser, people sympathized with him? Why was it that he didn’t have the same luck?

With one person taking the lead, quite a few people began to cheer for Long Chen, with the majority of them being women.

Tang Wan-er couldn’t help but laugh. Did that scoundrel really possess this much charisma? Why was it that she had never managed to see such a thing?

“Stop shouting, you’re annoying! The ones inside can’t hear the sounds from outside!” roared Han Yunshan. Seeing so many people sympathizing with Long Chen, he was infuriated.

Han Yunshan truly did lack brains. He didn’t even understand the simple rule that he shouldn’t roar at women, especially not a group of women.

“How could you be so coarse? If we want to cheer, we’ll cheer. What does it have to do with you?”

“Exactly, if you don’t want to listen, then don’t listen. By shouting even louder, aren’t you just being more annoying?”

“Hmph, I can tell you’re a bad person with just a look. You’re definitely jealous of him.”

Quite a few people hadn’t even been cheering at first, but because of Han Yunshan’s roar, they joined in just to irritate him.

“You damn slu-”

Han Yunshan suddenly felt an icy killing intent lock onto him, and all his hair stood on end. Everyone looked at him oddly.

“Continue.” Hua Shiyu looked indifferently at Han Yunshan.

A drop of sweat dripped off Han Yunshan’s forehead and onto the ground. He felt like his back had been drenched in sweat in an instant.

He had almost forgotten there was a terrifying fiend near him. Wei Changhai had almost lost his life because of his mouth.

If he committed a second violation, he didn’t know if there would even be a Han Yunshan in this world any longer.

Han Yunshan shut his mouth, refusing to say a word. Even his lower mouth was clenched tight, as he was afraid the slightest fart might end his life.

Seeing this, the flower petals around Hua Shiyu slowly faded and she continued looking at the martial stage.

At this time, Long Chen had been forced into a corner by the flame leopard. It roared and launched a claw at him. This time, there was nowhere to dodge.


The huge claw landed on the martial stage. Quite a few people jumped, thinking Long Chen had been crushed.

“What speed!” cried someone suddenly. At some unknown point, Long Chen had appeared in the air and launched a vicious kick at the flame leopard’s head.

The flame leopard smashed into the barrier and then rebounded back.

It let out a furious roar and released a flame sphere that shot toward Long Chen. It was huge, and Long Chen didn’t even have a chance to dodge before he was struck.

Startled cries rang out from the disciples. This had happened too suddenly. Had Long Chen only just launched a counterattack before being killed?

A dragon’s cry rang out. A ten-mile flame dragon appeared and smashed apart the flame sphere with its tail.

Long Chen was surrounded by flickering lightning as he floated in the air. The huge flame dragon circled around him, and a powerful aura began to rise. That was a kind of formless energy that caused the Dragonblood warriors to burst into cheers.

“Boss is finally getting serious!”

This aura was something the Dragonblood warriors were familiar with. It meant that Long Chen’s warm up was finished and the true battle was about to start.

When this aura permeated through the barrier, the Hall Masters’ expressions changed.

“This will… he walks the Undefeatable Dao!”

This aura was too clear for them. It was incomparably arrogant and domineering. Only an expert who had never once tasted defeat could possess such a thing. The disciples didn’t understand what this aura signified, but it made them tremble.

“You’re finally willing to bring out your rations to feed my Earth Flame Beast?” sneered Que Xinyan.

“Yes, but I’m worried your Earth Flame Beast doesn’t have the stomach for it.”

Long Chen extended another hand. His arm shook and another dragon cry rang out. Another ten-mile dragon appeared, this one formed of lightning.

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