Chapter 1031 Calamities Provoked by a Slutty Mouth

The thirty-mile martial stage was formed of cyan bricks, looking like one solid body. Four pillars soared into the heavens from the four corners of the stage, and a bright light enveloped the martial stage, keeping everyone else outside.

At the center, Long Chen and Que Xinyan glared at each other. Que Xinyan had launched a sneak attack against Long Chen’s flame dragon so that he could devour it with his Earth Flame. But he had met with cataclysmic failure, his own flame beast being taken away from him. Now, seeing the culprit standing before him, he was full of hatred.

“Long Chen, rejoice that this place is the Xuantian Dao Sect. Otherwise, I’d cut you into a thousand pieces. However, just because I can’t kill you doesn’t mean I can’t cripple you and make you pay the price.”

Long Chen looked back at Que Xinyan and shook his head. “You’re just an idiot. Did you really think that this matter is so simple? You think the enmity between us is limited to an Earth Flame Beast? You’re wrong, very wrong.

“To stop me from getting a core disciple spot, you sneak attacked my flame dragon. Originally, that should have just been a private enmity between us. For those who walk on the path of cultivation, fierce competition and fighting is only natural. That’s not wrong.

“But idiot, you should look at the situation. In that kind of critical moment, your actions caused the deaths of over ten thousand innocent disciples. Did you think this matter would end just like that?

“In this world, there’s no one that can forever look down on others. Perhaps in your eyes, or perhaps in the eyes of the sect’s rules, your actions weren’t a mistake. You also have an excuse to avoid punishment.

“But there are always people that don’t tread the usual paths. For example, me. I don’t need to use the rules to punish you, nor do I need to gather something as senseless as proof. I prefer being straightforward and direct. To me, rules are all nonsense. Now that you’ve come onto the martial stage, of the two of us, only one can leave alive.”

Long Chen’s voice was ice-cold and full of unquestionable resolve. He had decided, no matter what the price was, he had to kill this idiot. Even if he had to be expelled from the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Other than the Dragonblood warriors, everyone else was startled. So Long Chen’s previous agreement had been nothing more than a formality. His goal to kill Que Xinyan hadn’t changed.

“Hahahaha, you want to kill me? Good, what a grand desire! But trash who isn’t even a Celestial wouldn’t be able to achieve such a dream in their lifetime!” laughed Que Xinyan. As a peak heavenly genius, he had never encountered someone arrogant enough to say they would kill him.

Hu Guishan, Wang Zhen, and Fan Song sneered disdainfully. Even Hua Shiyu shook her head.

“Big sister Shiyu, can Long Chen win?” asked Zhao Ziyan worriedly.

Although Long Chen’s refusal to allow her to join the Dragonblood Legion twice made her feel bad, it didn’t affect the image of Long Chen in her heart. In her eyes, Long Chen was an energetic and positive figure whose humorous way of speaking had warmed her heart. Now seeing Hu Guishan and the others’ expressions, her heart sank.

“His chances are very low. Well, to put it more bluntly, he has no chance at all,” said Hua Shiyu.

“Are you sure? Long Chen is extremely powerful!” said Zhao Ziyan.

“Foolish girl, although you’re also a rank five Celestial, you haven’t gone through the baptism of a spirit pool. Without reaching the point of merging with heaven and earth, there are many things you don’t understand. Although Long Chen is one of those stinky men, at least he’s a real man, unlike those arrogant and presumptuous men who think all the world’s women should be theirs. However, he isn’t a Celestial, and even if he encountered some kind of miracle, the difference is clear. He cannot make up for it,” said Hua Shiyu.

Despite not having a favorable opinion of his odds, for someone who disliked men so much like Hua Shiyu to say such words clearly showed that Long Chen’s display after their initial conflict had won him some admiration from her.

However, admiration was just admiration. She didn’t think highly of his hotheadedness or his lack of intelligence.

“Today, even if he doesn’t die, he’ll at least be crippled. That’s the consequences of being such a slut,” sneered Wei Changhai suddenly.

He had always been bitterly pursuing Zhao Ziyan, while Zhao Ziyan always hid from him, refusing to face him. Although he never encountered success, Wei Changhai didn’t give up.

But ever since that day when he had seen Zhao Ziyan speaking with Long Chen, things had changed. She had never spoken to him like that, nor had she ever smiled like that around him.

In his fury, he had attacked Long Chen only to get repeatedly slapped in return. His hatred for Long Chen had reached an extreme level, which was why he was delighted that Long Chen would send himself to his death by challenging Que Xinyan. 

Hearing Zhao Ziyan voice her worry for Long Chen, his fury ignited again. He had lost a great deal of face because of Long Chen, and even his urge to pursue Zhao Ziyan had weakened because of him. Furthermore, Zhao Ziyan now seemed to hate him as well.

As for calling him a slut, it was a play on words. He was cursing Long Chen, but he was also cursing Zhao Ziyan with the word slut, which was usually used to curse women.

But Wei Changhai didn’t expect that this one word would bring a calamity onto him. He had forgotten that Hua Shiyu was standing right there.

Countless flower petals suddenly condensed into a spear and stabbed through Wei Changhai’s heart, leaving a large hole in his chest.

“Clean your filthy mouth. Next time you say something like that, I’ll slaughter you,” said Hua Shiyu coldly.

No one had expected Hua Shiyu to attack suddenly. Furthermore, her attack was so vicious and had come with no warning at all. She didn’t give Wei Changhai any chance to dodge.

That shocked everyone. Was the difference between rank five Celestials truly so great? If Hua Shiyu had wanted to kill Wei Changhai, he would already be dead.

“You-!” Wei Changhai was startled and infuriated, but he had only just opened his mouth when he coughed up blood. He was horrified to find that he was unable to heal his injury. With his heart destroyed and his blood pouring out, he was rapidly weakening.

Hua Shiyu’s attack had contained a strange energy that rendered his Heavenly Dao energy ineffective. If this continued, he really would run out of blood and die.

Suddenly, a large hand patted Wei Changhai’s body, spreading a strange fluctuation that eliminated Hua Shiyu’s energy. Only then was Wei Changhai able to use his Heavenly Dao energy to heal.

But even after healing the injury, he had lost a huge amount of blood and his face was as pale as paper. He stared at Hua Shiyu in terror, finally realizing how terrifying this woman was.

“Hua Shiyu, you went too far.” Hu Guishan frowned, pulling back his hand. If it hadn’t been for him, Wei Changhai would have been in trouble.

As soon as Wei Changhai had said the word slut, Hu Guishan had had a bad feeling. He had been about to chide him, but it had been too late.

Wei Changhai’s words might have been offensive, but no matter what, he was Hu Guishan’s subordinate. Even if you wanted to beat a dog, you had to see who the owner was first. Hua Shiyu’s attack was also a slap to Hu Guishan’s face.

“Do you see? This is the difference. Long Chen has no chance of victory,” said Hua Shiyu to Zhao Ziyan as if she hadn’t heard Hu Guishan.

“You!” Hu Guishan’s expression sank.

“What? Do you want to challenge me? I, Hua Shiyu, never fear any stinky man. If you want to fight, let’s fight!” Hua Shiyu’s eyes turned cold.

Hua Shiyu had always appeared like an arrogant fairy, but she had the right to be full of herself. Not only was she as beautiful as a heavenly fairy, but she also had such terrifying combat strength. Amongst the core disciples, she had defeated her silver lizard the fastest.

Although the others had been holding back, Hua Shiyu had also yet to reveal her true power. At least on the surface, it seemed like she was the strongest since she had obtained her core disciple spot first.

“Hmph, we’ll have an opportunity for that later,” snorted Hu Guishan before turning silent. He was extremely apprehensive of Hua Shiyu, but he wasn’t afraid. It was just that now wasn’t the time to make enemies.

The Elders frowned. How was it that the youngsters these days didn’t have the slightest bit of respect anymore? Did they not see that they were right there?

This scuffle drew quite a bit of attention, but their conflict didn’t grow any further, so everyone’s attention once more focused on the two people on the martial stage.

Neither Long Chen nor Que Xinyan had seen what was happening outside. The martial stage was special, and every one of their actions was projected so that the people outside could see it clearly. However, the ones inside were isolated from the outside world so that they could fight without any distractions.

The two of them didn’t know that before they started fighting, a rank five Celestial had almost caused his own death because of one word.

“Long Chen, trying to anger me is useless. I’m not stupid enough to kill you, and I won’t give up my future prospects because of trash like you. However, I’ll crush you like the dog you are on this martial stage!”

Que Xinyan suddenly clapped his hands together. Roaring rang out as a huge flame leopard appeared on the martial stage.

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