Chapter 1027 Deserving a Slap

Everyone was completely focused on the Xuan Master. They saw him stand and walk to the front of the platform.

“First of all, congratulations to all of you for passing the inner sect trial. You will be raised as the Xuantian Dao Sect’s elites and become the future pillars of the sect. Regretfully, many disciples died in the trial and have left this world. But you also know that this isn’t because the Dao Sect is being vicious, but because this world is just that cruel.

“Being kind to you now is being cruel to you in the future. When reality strikes you, it will mercilessly reap your lives. You’ve been living too peaceful lives, and after growing under the wings of your families, you still aren’t aware of just how cruel this world is.

“This is a world where countless people are falling so that you can live your peaceful lives. They have used their own lives to win you your lives,” said the Xuan Master.

The Xuan Master’s voice was low and magnetic, making it very comfortable for these disciples to listen to. His voice was full of sincerity and reached their core. None of them could doubt his words, and as a result, they were deeply shocked by them.

Long Chen’s heart shook. As expected, only by reaching higher heights could you see things that you couldn’t see before.

Long Chen had always felt that there was something wrong with this world. It wasn’t as peaceful as he had thought, and the Xuan Master’s words confirmed his suspicions.

The Central Plains’ disciples weren’t that shocked, but the disciples from the four regions all jumped in fright.

The Xuan Master continued, “The creatures you encountered in the trial are devil monsters that come from the Devil Worlds. In places where the world’s barriers are weak and in contact with Devil Worlds, there needs to be people guarding the channel. The Xuantian Dao Sect guards one of those channels.

“Each year, we have to invest a huge amount of manpower and resources. Of course, there are constantly experts that end up being sacrificed in the battles against the Devil World.

“As for your trial, what you faced was nothing more than the most commonly seen, most inferior creatures invading from the Devil World.”

The disciples were practically unable to believe their ears. Such terrifying creatures were nothing more than the weakest devil monsters? Then just how terrifying did the high-level devil monsters have to be?

“That’s why you have to be full of reverence and gratitude to this world. Everything you have right now was not won by you, but by countless experts who sacrificed their lives.

“Each one of you has reached the Sea Expansion realm, and you’ve started to come into contact with some of this world’s secrets. Just like how children who grow up into adults need to know their responsibilities and duties, as the inner sect disciples, you have a duty. Although the sect will go all-out to raise you, there’s no free lunch in this world.

“The resources you enjoy were only obtained through the countless lives of heroes. So at the same time as you enjoy the privilege of using those resources, you have a responsibility. When the Dao Sect needs you, you need to stand up and face your fierce opponents.”

Long Chen now finally understood why the Eastern Wasteland’s branch sect didn’t engage in any business and merely relied on the Central Plains’ head sect. In the beginning, he hadn’t understood why the sect would simply continuously take a loss by throwing resources at disciples for free. Even if the sect was built over a mountain of gold, it would eventually be used up like that.

But now, Long Chen understood that it was an investment for now.

“If there are people who feel like the pressure is too great, or that it is too dangerous, you can give up your status as inner sect disciples and become outer sect disciples. The sect will definitely not mistreat you, and will still give you your due as outer sect disciples.

“If you choose to stay as inner sect disciples, then you have to understand your duty. You’ve all grown up now, and need to take up your responsibilities. So before the ceremony, make your decision. If anyone has any objections, you can raise them right now. After the ceremony, there won’t be any time for objections, and violators will be harshly punished according to the sect’s rules,” said the Xuan Master.

The disciples didn’t know what to say. The Xuan Master’s meaning was clear: being an inner sect disciple had its own conditions. Once you entered, it was like signing a contract. You couldn’t selfishly leave the Xuantian Dao Sect, or you would be viewed as a traitor of the sect.

But now that everyone had just survived that deadly inner sect trial, they were unwilling to just give up the status they had won.

Long Chen was indifferent. Having eaten the food of the Xuantian Dao Sect, did these people want to just pat their butts and leave without working for it? There was no such thing in this world.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s rules were very fair. Better treatment required greater danger. And greater danger naturally resulted in higher rewards. Furthermore, the Xuan Master had stated it very clearly and openly.

“Oh?” Long Chen suddenly saw a strange thing. The Law Enforcement Hall Master had cast a special look at a certain person.

Just at this moment, Que Xinyan took a step forward. “Xuan Master, disciple has one thing he doesn’t understand. The inner sect trial is a survival of the fittest, a trial so that the Dao Sect can choose the best people to spend its resources on. But there’s someone who broke the rules and pulled a group of trash in as well. Having them associated with elites like us is an insult, and a blasphemy to the Dao Sect.”

Que Xinyan’s words immediately caused the disciples behind the Dragonblood Legion to become furious. Calling them trash was the greatest insult.

“Correct, it really is going too far. It has affected the impartiality of the trial. Some people, in order to seem like a hero, ignored the Dao Sect’s rules and need to be punished.” Unexpectedly, Hu Guishan also walked forward.

“They should be stripped of their right to be inner sect disciples, or it would be an insult to the other inner sect disciples.” Fan Song also walked forward.

Of the five great heavenly geniuses, other than Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen, the others had all walked forward to criticize Long Chen.

“Correct, Long Chen intentionally disturbed the impartiality of the Dao Sect and should be heavily punished. Such a person shouldn’t even be an inner sect disciple and should be expelled from the Dao Sect!” cried Han Yunshan, Wei Changhai, and Yan Mochen.

Following them, the three factions’ experts all began to shout, demanding that Long Chen be punished.

The millions of disciples looked oddly at these passionately shouting disciples, not knowing what was happening.

The Law Enforcement Hall Master smiled faintly. He looked toward the Elder Hall Master, but he was disappointed to see that his expression was still indifferent.

As for the person with the highest authority in the Xuantian Dao Sect, the Xuan Master, he didn’t say a word. He just watched with interest, a slight smile on his lips. It was like he was just a spectator watching a show.

“Xuan Master, we are willing to give up our spots as inner sect disciples. But please don’t make things hard on senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!” shouted one of the disciples behind the Dragonblood Legion.

“Yes, I also don’t want my inner sect disciple position. All I ask is that the sect does not punish senior apprentice-brother Long Chen.”

Following one person’s lead, the others also began to shout. Over thirteen thousand disciples chose to give up their inner sect disciple positions.

This action caused all the Elders to be moved. In order to not implicate Long Chen, these people had all taken the initiative to give up their spots.

“Don’t you dare!” raged Long Chen. “Do you realize your current actions are a betrayal?”

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen...?” They were startled.

“If you give up your spots, what about your efforts? What about those brothers who died in the battle in order to protect you? Your lives are no longer your own, and you have to accomplish the dreams they weren’t able to accomplish. You are a continuation of their lives and wills. Is this kind of little setback enough for you to give up on everything? Do you think your brothers’ lives were sacrificed for this? Is this worthy of their sacrifice?”


“What is there to argue about? It’s just a bunch of hopping clowns. If you can be unafraid of death, why be afraid of a few idiots? Don’t make me look down on you,” said Long Chen.

“Alright, we’ll do as you say. Even if you want us to fight to the death against them, we won’t hesitate!” shouted the disciples. Some of them were already holding their weapons.

“How brazen! Are you trying to rebel!?” shouted the Law Enforcement Hall Master.

Long Chen waved his hand, and only then did they quiet down. As for the Law Enforcement Hall Master’s shout, they had treated it like a fart, ignoring it completely.

Long Chen looked from the cold and sanctimonious Law Enforcement Hall Master to the Xuan Master who was watching with interest. He was unable to comprehend what this middle-aged man was doing. Was he really the leader of this sect? He had no arrogance or awe-inspiring aura to him. He didn’t even seem to care the slightest about the Law Enforcement Hall Master’s shouting.

Long Chen didn’t understand what the Xuan Master was thinking. He had no choice but to stand out, but he was comforted to see the Elder Hall Master almost imperceptibly nod toward him.

If Long Chen still didn’t understand, then he wouldn’t be Long Chen.

The Elder Hall Master’s meaning was clear: go against them as brazenly as you want. The Elder Hall will be your solid support.

“As the leader of the Law Enforcement Hall, you label people criminals and rebels so easily? Is this the style of the Law Enforcement Hall? Is everyone you talk to a criminal?” said Long Chen.

All the Elders’ expressions became odd. That was because his words were entirely correct: when the Law Enforcement Hall’s Elders spoke to others, they spoke as if they were interrogating them, irritating them.

“Long Chen, you’re too brazen! You dare to contradict the master of the Law Enforcement Hall? Now that you’ve offended your superior, you need a slap!” shouted Que Xinyan.


Que Xinyan had only just spoken when a large hand immediately helped him out and viciously struck his face.

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