Chapter 1026 Xuan Master

The person who had come was Li Changfeng. The strange fluctuation from Que Xinyan’s body was instantly covered up and disappeared without a trace as if it had never existed.

However, it didn’t escape Long Chen’s spiritual perception. Although he didn’t know what it was, he knew Que Xinyan was still hiding his power.

In truth, whether it was Que Xinyan or Hua Shiyu and the others, they were all hiding their true strength. The power they had displayed so far was nothing more than the tip of the iceberg.

They were true experts, and unless they were forced, none of them were willing to expose their trump cards. Once a trump card was exposed, it would no longer be a trump card, and then it would be dangerous.

Although their previous displays had all been shocking and impressive, Long Chen trusted that they all had misgivings and were holding back.

“Elder Li, Long Chen-” said Que Xinyan.

“We saw everything, and we know who’s right and who’s wrong. Return to your faction. The welcoming ceremony was about to start, so don’t cause a fuss,” warned Li Changfeng.

Seeing that Li Changfeng didn’t give him any chance to explain, anger flashed within Que Xinyan’s eyes. But he didn’t dare to express it. Putting away his flame beast, he returned to his faction.

Long Chen also put away Huo Long and returned to the Dragonblood Legion. Guo Ran and the others were just about to say something, but Long Chen shook his head. Now was not the time to talk.

“Everyone, keep your formations clean and tidy. I don’t want any trouble,” said Li Changfeng. As soon as he finished talking, the scene before them changed once more. They appeared in front of a huge tower.

This tower was grand and majestic. It took up an area of a hundred miles and soared high into the clouds. It was impossible to see the top.

This was the Xuantian Dao Sect’s signature, the Xuantian Tower. It was said that it had existed from the day the Xuantian Dao Sect was established. It was ancient and sacred.

There was a crowd of people in front of the Xuantian Tower. Long Chen and the others were startled to see that these people numbered in the millions, and most of them were wearing the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciple robes.

Furthermore, those people were also curiously looking at them. They were young, and were clearly also newcomers.

In truth, what Long Chen and the others didn’t know was that these disciples were from the same generation as them.

What was different was that most of them were not combat-oriented disciples. Their trials were completely different.

Other than these millions of disciples, there were thousands of Elders in front of the Xuantian Tower. They solemnly stood there, neither speaking nor smiling.

These thousands of Elders were all Kings, and they were the elites of the various departments in the sect. There were many Elders that didn’t even have the qualifications to participate in this ceremony.

This was the terrifying foundation of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Behind the thousands of Elders was a platform with thirty-six seats.

Each of those seats had someone in violet-gold robes sitting on it. Those were the positions of the experts on the level of Hall Masters.

Behind the thirty-six Hall Masters, there was one larger seat with no one sitting on it.

With millions of disciples, thousands of Kings, and thirty-six Hall Master-level experts all staring at them, even Long Chen felt a bit nervous. Some disciples could barely breathe from the pressure.

This lineup was absolutely shocking. They had never dreamed they would see this many experts gathered together.

Gulping sounds could be heard continuously. This huge space was so quiet that even the drop of a pin could be heard. The disciples could almost hear their own heartbeats.

Suddenly, a ray of light shot down from the sky. A figure slowly descended onto the large seat.

At first, that person had been half-transparent as if he was just an illusion. But by the time he sat on the seat, he appeared completely solid.

He was a middle-aged man with a faint halo of light surrounding him. That was no ordinary light. Long Chen could sense some faint immortal spiritual qi.

This kind of immortal spiritual qi was something the Eastern Wasteland Bell had once told Long Chen about. In the same way that spiritual qi could be cultivated to spiritual yuan, at the peak of spiritual yuan was immortal yuan. In order to form a strand of immortal yuan, it required one to condense immortal spiritual qi first.

Once a person’s immortal spiritual qi filled their whole body, they would transcend and become an immortal. Sensing the immortal spiritual qi around this person, Long Chen wondered if this was a person who had already touched the barrier to immortality.

Becoming an immortal was a very distant legend. It had become nothing more than a myth, but this person made him think of those legends.

When this person appeared, it was like the entire world changed. The air was full of an immortal charm, and strange fluctuations caused people’s pores to slowly open and greedily absorb his faint aura.

“Greetings, Xuan Master!”

All the Elders respectfully bowed, and all the disciples knelt on the ground. This wasn’t a particular requirement, but this man possessed something that made them feel a profound sense of reverence.

They felt like if they didn’t bow, it would be as if they had blasphemed a god. Even Hua Shiyu, Hu Guishan, and the others all involuntarily knelt.

They didn’t feel anything unnatural about bowing toward this person. Instead, they felt like it was only natural.

With all the disciples kneeling on the ground, one person instantly became very conspicuous. Only Long Chen was not kneeling.

Long Chen could sense that this middle-aged man was incredibly powerful, and he felt reverence for him. But it hadn’t reached the point where he would prostrate himself toward him. As a result, he instantly became a crane amongst a flock of chickens.

“Where did this brat come from? Kneel when you see the Xuan Master!”

This order came from none other than the Law Enforcement Hall Master. Seeing everyone kneel except for this one person, he directly let out a stern order.

Following his shout, everyone’s attention was drawn to Long Chen. He was too eye-catching now.

The Xuan Master also cast his gaze toward him. Long Chen’s heart suddenly shook. In that instant, he almost lost consciousness, with all his secrets laid before him.

“It’s fine.”

The Xuan Master smiled slightly, not revealing the slightest displeasure at Long Chen’s lack of courtesy.

No one noticed that when the Xuan Master’s gaze met Long Chen’s gaze, the soft hair on the back of his neck instantly stood on end.

“Just how does the Elder Hall raise its disciples for them to not care about the rules at all? Don’t you think someone should come out and apologize for this rudeness to the Xuan Master?” demanded the Law Enforcement Hall Master.

Everyone was aware of the conflict between the Elder Hall and the Law Enforcement Hall. But for the Law Enforcement Hall Master to criticize them in front of the new disciples and the Xuan Master during this welcoming ceremony was going too far. The Hall Masters all frowned.

The Elder Hall and the Law Enforcement Hall were the two departments with the greatest responsibility in the Xuantian Dao Sect. The Elder Hall was in charge of raising the disciples. It was the foundation for the growth and prosperity of the sect. As for the Law Enforcement Hall, its duty was to purify the atmosphere of the sect, to keep it healthy and peaceful.

For these two enormous powers to openly display their conflict in front of everyone, did they not care about the disciples’ feelings?

Wouldn’t this cause all the disciples to question the sect’s dignity? If the disciples felt no gratitude to the Elder Hall and no respect of the Law Enforcement Hall, wouldn’t the entire sect become a mess?

What startled the disciples was that despite the Xuan Master being the person with the highest authority in the Xuantian Dao Sect, he merely smiled amicably and didn’t say a word.

“It’s just an apology, isn’t it? Then I apologize.” Suddenly, Long Chen walked out, interrupting everyone’s thoughts. “Sorry, Xuan Master. It isn’t that disciple was trying to be rude, but that disciple’s skeleton is different. My kneecaps grew backwards, making it so I can’t kneel.”

“What nonsense. You need to be punished!” shouted the Law Enforcement Hall Master.

The Elder Hall’s Hall Master didn’t say a word. He just had a faint smile and watched as if this had nothing to do with him.

“You’re the one who needs to be punished. Respected Law Enforcement Hall Master, do you think your current conduct is respectful to the great Xuan Master? The Xuan Master has already said that it’s fine, meaning this matter has ended and the ceremony can continue. But you continue to bring it up in order to insult the Elder Hall’s Elders. In front of the Xuan Master and the disciples, you’re intentionally causing trouble. Your conduct has already gravely harmed the Law Enforcement Hall and the Elder Hall’s images. If you want to be a man of the law, you have to first act like one. As the person with the highest authority in the Law Enforcement Hall, you strike your colleagues and shake the Dao Sect’s foundation. Tell me, are you being respectful to the Xuan Master?”

The Law Enforcement Hall Master was unable to retort to Long Chen’s sharp questioning. His expression became exceedingly ugly, but on the contrary, the Elder Hall Master’s expression was indifferent. He didn’t seem pleased, nor did he try to mock him.

Suddenly, a clapping sound rang in the air. The Xuan Master himself smiled and said, “Good, what a sharp rhetoric and moving speech. I haven’t heard such an amazing argument in a long time.”

“Xuan Master…” The Law Enforcement Hall Master’s expression changed, and he hastily bowed toward him.

“When you go back, seal yourself in seclusion for three days. If you can’t even defeat a child in an argument, you need more work in that regard,” said the Xuan Master lightly.

Everyone’s hearts shook. The Xuan Master was essentially imprisoning the Law Enforcement Hall Master, and he had announced it in front of everyone. He didn’t give him any face.

“Yes, disciple knows his wrongs. I will reflect upon myself.” The Law Enforcement Hall Master lowered his head, a hint of anger appearing in his eyes.

The Xuan Master didn’t look at him. Instead, he smiled at Long Chen. “Little fellow, is there anything else?”

Long Chen hesitated, but he shook his head. He returned to his position, unable to comprehend this terrifying expert’s thoughts. He’d need more information before saying anything more.

“Then let the welcoming ceremony begin.” Only now did the Xuan Master rise from his seat, his gaze sweeping over everyone.

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