Chapter 1025 Vicious Sparring

All the disciples had been transported to the huge plaza. They were jubilant, but one person was extremely gloomy. It was none other than Que Xinyan.

They had all been transported to the plaza, but no one here came to greet them. They were practically given the cold shoulder.

In truth, this was the Xuantian Dao Sect’s rule. If a disciple failed the core disciple trial, they and their faction would have to endure for an incense stick’s amount of time on their own.

This was a very cruel punishment. The other factions would have already left, while the remaining ones would have to face a sea of devil monsters.

Once Long Chen and the others arrived, they drew everyone’s attention. Que Xinyan immediately attacked.

“Long Chen, hand over your life!”

Que Xinyan was filled with killing intent, and everyone here knew it. Long Chen had devoured his flame beast.

Que Xinyan attacked incredibly quickly. Long Chen had only just appeared and hadn’t had a chance to look around. Meanwhile, Que Xinyan’s hand had almost reached his throat.

Another large hand almost instinctively shot out in a profound arc, viciously slapping across Que Xinyan’s sinister face.

“Fuck your mother, you’re the one who needs to hand over your life!” roared Long Chen.

Everyone only saw a blur before Que Xinyan staggered back. His hand missed Long Chen’s throat.

After slapping him, Long Chen struck like lightning. Before Que Xinyan could react, he grabbed his hair and slammed his head with his knee.

In front of everyone's shocked gazes, Long Chen repeatedly slammed his knee into Que Xinyan’s face.  The sound of bones breaking made people cringe.

“Idiot, a person who can fight my boss at close range has yet to be born!” sneered Guo Ran.

Long Chen’s close-range combat skills had been accumulated bit by bit through true battles. The amount of experience he had in that was enough to write a textbook. No one would dare to fight him barehanded.

For Que Xinyan to want to subdue Long Chen in one move to humiliate him, it could only be said that he was asking for it. He tried to retaliate several times, but his efforts were all ineffective.

Long Chen slammed his kneecap into Que Xinyan’s head as hard as he could. He wanted to kill this bastard.

He didn’t care what reason Que Xinyan had to order his flame beast to attack Huo Long. All he knew was that this bastard’s action had caused over ten thousand innocent lives to be lost forever.

He wasn’t holding back at all. But he was surprised to see that Que Xinyan’s head didn’t explode. Even a Treasure item would have exploded by now.

“Bastard, fuck off!” Que Xinyan hadn’t been able to get free with his hair caught. Now, with a furious roar, he suddenly escaped from Long Chen’s grasp.

Two huge pieces of his scalp were now gone. Long Chen was carrying two pieces of skin with hair and blood on them.

“He actually severed his own skin!” startled cries rang out. Even Hua Shiyu, Fan Song and the others had solemn expressions. For martial cultivators, doing such a thing was one of the most ominous things possible.

Furthermore, injuries could be quickly healed, but the hair had to grow back naturally. Now he would be in a humiliating state for a long time. Seeing his dense head suddenly become a barren island, all of them thought it was startling as well as funny.

But no one dared to laugh. Both Long Chen and Que Xinyan were erupting with killing intent. This was no ordinary battle, but a battle to the death.

“Die!” Que Xinyan roared furiously. Flame runes formed a pair of wings around him. A majestic aura soared, and terrifying waves of heat rolled out.

Everyone hastily retreated as even the air was being ignited. A sensation of mortal danger forced them to run.

Only Hua Shiyu, Hu Guishan, Fan Song, and Wang Zhen were able to stay standing in their original locations, coldly staring at the two of them.

“Let’s charge too to get revenge for our fallen brothers!” roared the disciples who had survived with the Dragonblood Legion. If it hadn’t been for Que Xinyan, their brothers wouldn’t have died. A needle-like pain stabbed their hearts when they thought of those people who would forever rest in the trial.

“Don’t mess around. Do you think boss needs your help? Just watch.” Guo Ran stopped them from charging forward.

“But, he…”

“No buts. In this world, no one in the same realm can match boss,” said Guo Ran confidently.

From the moment he had met Long Chen, he had personally seen Long Chen defeat countless powerful opponents. He had trampled over the corpses of his enemies, fighting across realms easily. Even against unrivaled heavenly geniuses, Long Chen had maintained an undefeated record.

“Long Chen has a death wish. But it’ll be up to Que Xinyan’s guts. I doubt he’d dare to kill Long Chen,” said Hu Guishan.

Fan Song and Wang Zhen didn’t say anything. They were all experts on the same level, and they were aware of each other’s power. So they knew there was an uncrossable gap between Long Chen and them.

A furious roar rang out as a huge flame leopard appeared in the plaza. Que Xinyan had summoned his flame beast.

He had only just summoned the flame beast when the tattoo on Long Chen’s arm lit up. Without Long Chen having to do anything, Huo Long automatically flew out. It coiled in the air, glaring at the flame leopard.

Earth Flames were innate mortal enemies. As long as they saw another, they would want to devour them. It was instinct.

The two Earth Flames caused quite a few people’s expressions to drastically change. They sensed their hostility toward each other, as well as their immense power. Once they clashed, it would be a haven-shaking collision.


Long Chen and Que Xinyan both shouted at the same time and charged at each other. Que Xinyan was wrapped in flames, and he held a huge flame blade.


Long Chen’s divine ring appeared, and boundless energy poured toward him. His killing intent filled the air as Blooddrinker slashed onto Que Xinyan’s flame blade.

Terrifying qi waves completely exploded. At the same time as Long Chen and Que Xinyan clashed, Huo Long and the flame leopard crashed into each other. Heaven and earth shook, and flame runes released a blinding light.

The two flame beasts released heaven-shaking roars, and their power shook everyone present. They felt like they were suffocating in their presence.

As for Long Chen and Que Xinyan, they had also unleashed their killing moves, and had exchanged seven blows without either side being able to suppress the other.

What startled Long Chen was that Que Xinyan’s flame blade was something he had never encountered before. It was like a true weapon, and when it clashed with Blooddrinker, it actually let out a metallic ringing.

Furthermore, it contained some kind of indescribable energy. It was like it was alive.


Blooddrinker and the flame blade once more clashed. Both sides tried to knock the other back, but neither got their wish. They deadlocked in the air.

“Long Chen, I’ll make you pay a price for devouring my Earth Flame.” Killing intent raged in Que Xinyan’s eyes.

“I’ll make you pay a price for your idiocy. If I don’t kill you, I won’t be able to make it up to those fallen brothers.” Long Chen glared coldly at Que Xinyan, almost as if he was seeing a dead person.

Hearing that, the disciples following Long Chen finally understood why the Dragonblood warriors followed and worshipped Long Chen so fervently. He used his conduct to prove that he was willing to use his life to protect the dignity of his brothers.

They weren’t even Dragonblood warriors and had only received Long Chen’s care through their own luck. But now Long Chen had not only sacrificed his core disciple spot, but he was also making an enemy out of a heavenly genius with unlimited potential for them.

“Haha, do you think you’re the savior of the world? Who do you think you are? You want to act like some righteous hero? Within the trial, life and death are destined. The weak should be aware of their weaknesses. Without power, testing their luck is just courting death. Do you think the Xuantian Dao Sect is a charity? By bringing in a group of trash, you’re wasting the sect’s resources. Their deaths will only benefit the Xuantian Dao Sect. You-”


While Que Xinyan energetically talked, he didn’t expect Long Chen to suddenly tilt Blooddrinker. Caught off guard, their blades went to the side and Long Chen’s hand viciously slapped across his face.

“I look down the most on people not in touch with reality. Is it so amazing to be born into a rich family? Does being born rich grant you the right to trample over others as you please? Does being born rich gave you the power to treat other people’s lives as blades of grass?!”

Long Chen raised Blooddrinker into the sky. Blooddrinker began to unleash waves of saber-images that forced back Que Xinyan.

Because of the previous face-slap, Que Xinyan was unable to recover in time and had no chance to strike back. He was forced back over and over.

A light cracking sound came from within Que Xinyan’s body as if something had shattered. A strange energy began to surge.


Just at this moment, a cold shout suddenly rang out.

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