Chapter 1024 Devouring the Flame Beast (Teaser)

Lei Long charged out, lighting up the sky. It pounced on the Bloodthirsty Devil Lizards, and its powerful thunderforce caused them to explode one by one.

Long Chen was unaware that the Devil World’s creatures were all restrained by thunderforce. That was especially true since his thunderforce came from the nine heavens’ tribulation lightning. It was the most supreme Yang existence, and so its effect was even greater than the flame dragon’s.

Lei Long’s arrival immediately reversed the tides. Under Guo Ran’s command, they tightened their battle formation and focused on defense.

Lei Long had filled the void left by Huo Long. Now they were safe, but when they clearly saw how many of them were left, all their eyes turned red.

From the moment Huo Long had been attacked, which caused their defensive line to be broken, until Long Chen returned, only a few breaths had passed. But during that time, half of them had died. 

Some of them couldn’t help but let out...

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