Chapter 1022 Bloodthirsty Devil Lizards (Teaser)

“What… what are these monsters?!”

The end of the valley was finally in sight. They could vaguely see some castle walls with countless lifeforms climbing over them.

Those lifeforms had upper bodies like humans, but lower bodies like lizards. They were three meters tall with scales covering their entire bodies.

They had human faces, but their mouths were strangely large, the tips almost reaching their ears. They had sharp teeth, and their pupils were vertical like an alligator’s. A long horn could be seen growing out of their foreheads.

Everyone’s pupils shrank upon seeing those lizard monsters. They sensed a fatal threat from each one of them.

Within the broken down castle in front of them, they also saw several huge light barriers. They were round, each covering a hundred-mile space.

Just as they were bewildered by this sight, Su Mo’s voice rang out in the air, “This is the final step of the trial. These...

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