Chapter 1021 Tit for Tat

Long Chen’s actions startled everyone. Even after all this time fighting, the other disciples had been relying on brute force to charge through the ranks of the Dark Devil Leopards.

But the Dark Devil Leopards were incredibly quick and powerful. Even rank four Celestials were in constant danger of falling.

The disciples were all bunched together in their factions, competing in terms of luck to see who the Dark Devil Leopards would target. While the leopards were attacking their prey, the other disciples would attack them.

But as for the unlucky ones to be targeted by the Dark Devil Leopards, only a few of them managed to survive. This was the method they were using to kill the Dark Devil Leopards.

Now that Long Chen had explained their weaknesses and how to take advantage of them, they all followed his lead. And immediately, they felt like killing the Dark Devil Leopards became much easier.

Furthermore, they also picked out some elite experts to handle the leopards. By using this method, it changed from a one-sided slaughter to an even battle.

However, although they were powerful, they still didn’t possess as much killing power as the disciples on Long Chen’s side. In their case, after everyone had begun to cooperate, only a few casualties ever occurred again.

As for the other factions, although this method reduced their casualties, their people were still constantly being killed.

They were all heavenly geniuses, but unlike the disciples in Long Chen’s faction, they were unable to entrust their lives to others. To simplify it, they only fought for themselves. They knew how to kill the Dark Devil Leopards; however, cooperating with others to do it was something else entirely. For them, their ‘comrades’ were nothing more than strangers.

“Not bad. Continue like this and cut them down together. The weapons in your hands don’t exist just to kill. They are also used to protect. When people don’t hesitate to give their lives to you, you’ll feel moved and blessed. However, you’ll also feel the burden on your shoulders grow heavier. Yes, this is what I was talking about before, the reason for getting stronger. Experts need to know why they want to get stronger. Everyone, keep up. I’m going to charge forward. How can we allow ourselves to fall behind others?” Long Chen smiled.

Huo Long suddenly roared. Its flame energy exploded in power, and a single swing of its tail killed all the devil beasts in front of it.

“Come, charge! Let the world see that you are not weak!”

Long Chen roared and charged forward with Huo Long. He was a blazing streak of light that slaughtered all the Dark Devil Leopards and Bone Spur Devil Apes in front of them.

One man and one dragon, both possessing an unstoppable air. Standing atop Huo Long’s head, Long Chen appeared indescribably domineering.

“Boss is finally getting serious. Each time I see this, I can’t help but get excited,” cried Guo Ran. “Brothers, charge with boss!”

Long Chen was like a blade that viciously stabbed into the sea of devil beasts. The Dragonblood warriors followed close behind him, still maintaining a widened formation to reduce the pressure on the disciples behind them as much as possible.

It had been a long time since they had seen Long Chen emitting this undefeatable aura on the battlefield. Seeing him like a battle god in the air, they felt their own blood boiling. Even the disciples behind the Dragonblood warriors were affected.

The other heavenly geniuses looked down on them. The world had abandoned them. They had thought they would die in this trial, but Long Chen had extended a helping hand.

Now seeing how mighty Long Chen appeared atop the flame dragon’s head, they all felt their blood heating up. Roaring, they charged their way forward.

Long Chen’s group had originally fallen a dozen miles behind. But now it was like they were blowing through rotting wood. Nothing could stop them.

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, they had caught up with the other five factions and were advancing side by side. Seeing them standing on the same level as the five great factions, those disciples felt a burst of pride and let out cheers.

“Shut up! A group of trash without the slightest standards will never be worth anything. There’s still a long way until the trial ends, so what are you getting so excited about?” shouted Wei Changhai from Hu Guishan’s faction.

They immediately felt embarrassed. This really was too early to be excited. 

Long Chen ignored him. But Guo Ran said, “If you’re a man, you should follow your heart’s desire. Don’t listen to an idiot’s bullshit. He’s just jealous, so he’s trying to belittle and insult you. Your actions have caused certain people to feel uncomfortable inside. That’s because your current battle power is even greater than those so-called elites that they picked. It’s a slap in their faces, and a very vicious one at that. Your display has proven their blindness.”

“What nonsense, why would I be jealous over trash? What a huge joke. Furthermore, how are they any stronger than the disciples we chose?” retorted Wei Changhai.

“Idiot, you still don’t want to admit it? Isn’t it obvious if you just look at the death ratio? How many people did you have before, and how many do you have now? Furthermore, are you blind? Do you not see how few people are even injured on our side? As for you… look, another one of your people died.” Just as Guo Ran was speaking, another rank four Celestial was mercilessly torn apart by a Dark Devil Leopard.

The disciples in Long Chen’s faction were all shocked. Even rank four Celestials were killed so easily, but they were still alive. It was all because of the protection of their companions.

Although Long Chen had only been leading them for a short few hours, they had now comprehended things that others wouldn’t be able to understand in a lifetime.

In these short few hours, each one of them had gone through a heaven-toppling transformation. Now that they compared themselves to the other factions, their gratefulness toward Long Chen could no longer be described with words. In their hearts, Long Chen was like a god now, and they were unswervingly loyal to him.

“Hmph, it’s just luck. Let’s see just how long you will last!” sneered Wei Changhai. He clearly had no way to retort.

There had been just over thirty-four thousand people at Long Chen’s side at the beginning. Now there were still thirty-three thousand people, and only over a thousand people had died. It was practically a miracle.

As for the other factions, their losses were shockingly high. Even the Ten Thousand Insect Guild which only had twenty thousand disciples at the beginning had lost five thousand people now. 

As for the ones who had lost the most, it was the Heaven Female Alliance. Despite Hua Shiyu and Zhao Ziyan doing their best to protect them, of their original one hundred and thirty thousand members, thirty thousand had still died. This trial was too cruel. Zhao Ziyan had already wept several times, almost collapsing. Fortunately, Hua Shiyu was there to support her.

At this time, the Dragonblood Legion realized why Long Chen had refused to allow Zhao Ziyan to join twice. Her character was too kind and weak. The Dragonblood Legion truly wasn’t suited to her. If she couldn’t even handle something like this, there was no way she could handle what would come in the future.

For the other factions, their deaths were in the tens of thousands. When it came to true combat power, Long Chen’s people were the weakest, but they had the least casualties. This was an indisputable fact.

“Did your father not teach you that luck is also a kind of power? If your father didn’t teach you that, then I’ll teach it to you instead,” said Guo Ran.

The Dragonblood warriors were speechless. Guo Ran always liked to boast about stuff. But was being Wei Changhai’s father very glorious?

That Wei Changhai clearly didn’t have any experience with this kind of thing. He hadn’t understood what he had said and he sneered, “You just have some dogshit luck, and that kind of dogshit luck isn’t power, just coincidence.”

At this time, the silent Long Chen suddenly opened his mouth. “Correct, dogshit luck won’t come very often. But ever since I ran into you, it’s different.”

“What are you talking about?” demanded Wei Changhai.

“Idiot, my boss means that you’re a lump of dogshit, so every day he sees you, he gets dogshit luck,” translated Guo Ran.

“You two, are you looking to die?!”

“Aren’t you right here? Why would I still need to look for more shit?” sneered Guo Ran.


“Long Chen, control your subordinates!” interjected Hu Guishan.

“I don’t have subordinates. Each member of the Dragonblood Legion is my brother or sister. My brother’s words represent my own thoughts,” replied Long Chen coldly.

Although Long Chen knew that powerful experts like Hu Guishan and Que Xinyan shouldn’t be offended, his experience told him that if he conceded to them, they would definitely push him even further, suppressing him to the point that he was crushed. So Long Chen didn’t bother conceding at all.

“Long Chen, you’re too arrogant. Before being so arrogant, you should check whether you have the qualifications or not.” Hu Guishan’s expression sank.

As an unrivaled heavenly genius, he was able to detect that Long Chen wasn’t ordinary. But he wasn’t able to sense a feeling of mortal danger from him, so he didn’t think Long Chen had the ability to challenge them.

He had warned him several times, but Long Chen had remained unconcerned. That made him extremely irritated. Moreover, Wei Changhai and Han Yunshan were now his subordinates, and they would be capable helpers of his. He had to protect them.

He looked favorably on their talent. Once their true combat power also increased to a high enough level, his Divine Beast Mansion would definitely dominate this new generation of disciples.

Long Chen’s attitude irked him, and if it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t have the time to handle him, he would have taught a lesson to this brat who didn’t know how high the heavens were.

Now that Long Chen was leading his group to travel along with the other five factions, Hu Guishan considered it a kind of provocation. If the timing was right, he would have used him to show everyone his power.

“Arrogant? What a joke. This group of people was abandoned by all of you but has better results than you, so you insult them. Just who is being arrogant? You can act like gods looking down on ants, but you don’t have the qualifications to sneer at others. If your ability at reincarnating wasn’t better, you wouldn’t necessarily be any stronger than them. Do you have to trample over others to prove your own existence? Well, I don’t really care, but while tramping others, you should be prepared for the people you’re trampling to turn the tables and trample you under their feet,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Hu Guishan’s expression became extremely ugly, and killing intent appeared in his eyes. He was just about to speak when terrifying auras appeared from the front.

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