Chapter 102 Shocking Everyone


Long Tianxiao’s blade sharply sped up, and with a cold shout, he collided with the three others. He took a few steps back and looked at Long Chen, gratified.

“Excellent, as expected of my Long Tianxiao’s son. This is how men should be!”

Everything Long Chen had done since arriving had been seen by him. That sniffling child that always followed behind him had already become a true man.

Back when he had left, Long Chen had just been a child who only knew how to cry. But in the blink of an eye, he had grown up.

He felt both gratified and as if he had lost something. His greatest regret was that he hadn’t been able to accompany Long Chen as he grew up. The bitterness Long Chen had had to suffer over these years was something he was extremely aware of.

It was also precisely because of that suffering that Long Chen, who should still be an immature teen, had matured earlier and become a man capable of supporting heaven and earth, someone who could be relied on to block the wind and rain of life.

Seeing that Long Chen had arrived, Marquis Ying and the others paused. Marquis Ying’s face was especially ugly.

Last time he had only managed to return half dead. That was all because of Long Chen. Seeing him standing there as healthy as ever, he was filled with resentment.

“Long Chen, last time you were lucky. Do you still think you can flee again?”

“Flee? But it seems that the person who fled at the end last time wasn’t me, was it?” Long Chen coldly laughed.

Marquis Ying’s face immediately turned purple from rage. Long Chen’s words were no different than giving him an open slap on the face.

Back then, he had chased Long Chen only to be sent fleeing from Long Chen’s sword. A Tendon Transformation expert had been sent fleeing from a Qi Condensation novice. Was there anything else in the world that could be so ridiculous?

The other three people, including Long Tianxiao, were all shocked. Marquis Wu, who had known that Marquis Ying had been severely injured, had once asked him about his injuries, but Marquis Ying had refused to say the slightest.

But now from what the two of them were saying and then adding on Marquis Ying’s expression, they could all infer some clues. And it was precisely because they managed to guess what had happened that they were so shocked.

“Hahaha, this is how my Long Tianxiao’s son should be! Excellent, today us father and son will join hands and let them see the grandness of our Long family’s men!”

Long Tianxiao’s laughed heartily. He had already learned from Chen Fei that Long Chen’s growth had been extremely rapid. Chen Fei himself, a peak Blood Condensation expert, had been completely under Long Chen’s control.

But Long Tianxiao knew that that had just been luck. Long Chen had relied on alchemy to take advantage of him, and Chen Fei also wasn’t truly trying to fight against him. So when he had heard Chen Fei’s praise, he had merely smiled slightly.

However, seeing Long Chen appear on the battlefield like this, crushing Marquis Ying’s spear, advancing through a huge army like it was nothing, displaying his imposingness, he knew that that was no fake. That kind of level was something only someone who had been tempered by repeatedly narrowly escaping death was capable of reaching.

And now from their exchange of word’s, Long Tianxiao saw the domineering side of Long Chen. The current Long Chen possessed the air of a true expert.

The situation was still as desperate as ever. But now that Long Chen had arrived, Long Tianxiao celebrated. He also wanted to see just how strong his son had grown.

“I’ll go first. You focus on safety; don’t try to show off.” Long Tianxiao quietly warned him and then dashed forward, many saber images appearing around him. The saber-light was like a wave as it immediately engulfed the three of them.

Obviously, Long Tianxiao was someone who cared deeply about his child. Even now, he was still afraid to put Long Chen in danger. After all, Long Chen was still too young. This kind of life and death battle was too dangerous.

Looking at Long Tianxiao’s back, Long Chen recalled how when he was young, his father would secretly bring him into the mountains for some adventures behind his mother’s back.

One time, Long Chen had been wielding a sword against a small wild boar. His father had taken the front while he assisted to the side, and the two had ‘worked together’ to bring it down.

Now over ten years had passed. That back still hadn’t changed and was still as large and as imposing as ever. But the slight whitening of his hair caused Long Chen to feel wistful.

Father, I’ve already grown up. Let me take the vanguard this time.

Taking a look over their three opponents, Long Chen charged forward explosively, slashing at Marquis Ying.

Marquis Ying had long since been on guard. If the question was who had the greatest understanding of Long Chen here, it would definitely have to be him. He was the only one who knew how powerful Long Chen was. If anyone underestimated him due to his youth, they would definitely just be asking for death.

Seeing Long Chen charging over, Marquis Ying laughed coldly. Taking a single step back, he retreated from Long Tianxiao’s attack radius.

Seeing that strange smile on Marquis Ying’s face, Long Tianxiao couldn’t help but feel alarmed. He had a profound understanding of this old opponent of his. Although his combat ability was inferior to his own by a level, his sinister schemes were definitely terrifying.

Although he didn’t know just what his plan was, he instinctively sped over in that direction, wanting to lock him in battle.

But Marquis Wu and that expert from the Grand Xia had seen through Long Tianxiao’s intentions. They exploded out with their full force, forcibly blocking him.

Veins popped out on Marquis Ying’s forehead and an unprecedentedly powerful aura soared. His sword shook and immediately a powerful explosive sound that sent qi waves surging rang out.

“Careful, it’s an Earth class Battle Skill!”

Long Tianxiao was greatly startled. He hadn’t expected Marquis Ying to use an Earth class Battle Skill at this time. Even a Tendon Transformation expert would only be able to use such a thing twice in one battle.

Earth class Battle Skills were frighteningly terrifying, but the exhaustion rate was also accordingly great. It would quickly use up all your spiritual qi, and unless you were forced to, you would rarely ever use one.

And so during their battle up until this point, the four of them had yet to use any Earth class Battle Skills. That was because if they didn’t manage to kill someone with one, then the situation would become extremely dangerous.

Long Tianxiao had yet to use one because he was never certain of being able to kill the three in front of him. There were also three other Tendon Transformation experts watching him from the side like tigers stalking their prey.

And so they had all kept their trump cards in reserve. But now Marquis Ying decided to use one of those trump cards on just Long Chen! That was definitely out of Long Tianxiao’s expectations. That just wasn’t common sense.

Of course, if Long Tianxiao had known that Marquis Ying had almost died under Long Chen’s hands, he definitely wouldn’t be thinking like that.

Long Chen looked at Marquis Ying’s smile and thought to himself, You’re smiling? I hope you can still smile afterwards.

His FengFu Star activated, and his body’s qi began to wildly circulate. Waves of qi shot out from his body.

Even Long Tianxiao and the other two were startled by that. But by the time they sensed the change in his aura, Long Chen had already charged over in front of Marquis Ying.

“Parting Wind Slash!”

“Breaking Void Slash!”

BOOM! The explosive sound from their collision shook the entire battlefield, suppressing all the other sounds. The earth trembled, making it so everyone was stumbling, the aftershocks horrifying them.

People only managed to see the two of them collide before a cloud of dust filled the sky. Even Long Tianxiao and the other two were shaken back and retreated, looking on in shock.

One figure was blown out of the dust and tumbled across the ground several times. The powerful force that had blown him back had left behind a long scar on the hard ground.

That person vomited blood. There were also some broken pieces of his internal organs in there.

The white-robed man, who had been indifferently sipping tea in the back of the crowd, accidentally tightened his grip in shock, causing the tea to splash over his body. Slowly taking out a handkerchief and wiping up the tea, he muttered to himself:

“He’s comparable to a top talent. How unfortunate.”

When the dust settled, a huge crater appeared in everyone’s eyes. Long Chen was still standing in front of that crater, his black hair dancing in the wind, and his broadsword still maintaining his downward slash posture.

On the other side of the crater, Marquis Ying was a complete mess. He looked at Long Chen in complete shock and horror.

“Blood… Condensation…”

A faint Blood Qi was coming out from Long Chen’s body, causing the surrounding space to twist. That clearly told everyone he had stepped into the Blood Condensation realm.

Long Chen’s figure suddenly disappeared, and when he once more emerged, he was already at Marquis Ying’s side. His speed was so fast that people couldn’t believe their own eyes.

Long Chen didn’t waste the slightest bit of time on useless words. After advancing into the Blood Condensation realm, his speed and power had both sharply risen. His usage of the Windchasing Steps had reached the pinnacle, and as soon as he arrived, his sword sliced sideways.

“Parting Wind Slice!”

Marquis Ying’s expression changed, not expecting Long Chen to follow up so quickly with another move like this. Normally, Tendon Transformation experts would all need to store up energy in order to use Earth class Battle Skills, but Long Chen seemed to be able to consecutively use them without pause.

Their last exchange had heavily injured Marquis Ying. And the current move Long Chen was using didn’t seem the slightest bit weaker in terms of aura. He was scared witless.

His sword had been shattered into pieces during their last exchange. After all, longswords were never suited to clashing using force.

Now he was weaponless as Long Chen’s sword sliced over. Marquis Ying hastily took out five thick shields and lined them up between him and Long Chen. At the same time, he forced down the pain and quickly jumped back.

He didn’t have the slightest hope that those shields would be able to block Long Chen’s attack. He only hoped to gain enough time to flee from Long Chen’s attack range.

BOOM! Those huge shields that had been made from the finest steel essence were like paper in front of Long Chen’s attack, immediately blown apart by his terrifying astral wind.

Although Marquis Ying had quickly retreated, he had no idea that Long Chen’s Earth class Battle Skill was actually capable of long-distance attacks.

Marquis Ying was struck midair and was like a kite whose string had been cut, falling from the sky.

“Parting Wind Stab!”

A cold shout that sounded as if it had come from the god of death from the depths of the underworld rang in Marquis Ying’s ears.

Marquis Ying’s body, which had been falling, suddenly stopped in midair. A broadsword had pierced his stomach. The other end of the broadsword was in Long Chen’s hand.

Everyone was deathly silent. Other than grandmaster Yun Qi’s battlefield which couldn’t see what had happened, everyone paused. They all looked over at Long Chen in shock.

Marquis Ying looked in disbelief at his stomach. He couldn’t even feel any pain. All he felt was his body growing colder and colder.

Slowly raising his head, he followed along the broadsword’s length to look upon its master. A pair of emotionless eyes stared back at him.

“Ying Zhao, back when you tried to kill me, I already said that since my father was able to sever your finger, I will sever your head.”

He pulled his broadsword out of Marquis Ying’s stomach and slashed it across the air. A head flew up and tumbled to the ground.

“When the men of the Long family say we’ll do something, we do it. Now you believe it, right?”

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