Chapter 1019 Core Disciple Spots

Those disciples finally saw the reality around them and made their determination to put everything on the line. In this instant, they forgot their terror. They only had one thought: to go all-out killing.

Long Chen’s words were very clear: others could help you for a moment, but they couldn’t help you for a lifetime. If you wanted to get stronger, you had to rely on yourself. He could only give them a chance to take a breath.

But this chance was exceptionally precious. He had helped them escape from the bindings of their terror and make their resolve.

“Yes, just like this. Go all-out and show those bastards who looked down on us just whose talent isn’t high enough. What are geniuses there for? To be trampled upon! Use the weapons in your hands to give them vicious slaps in the face. Make sure those slaps are fierce enough to show your mettle!” encouraged Guo Ran.

He finally had an opening to raise these disciples’ fighting spirit. By saying ‘us’, he drew them closer to the Dragonblood Legion.

Seeing this group of disciples, Guo Ran and the others thought of themselves. Their talent had also been lacking, and the resources they had were mediocre. It was Long Chen who had pulled them to their current height.

It aroused their sympathy to see these people being looked down upon and tossed aside. The entire Dragonblood Legion had been thinking about helping them from the start.

Experts needed a chance to become experts. In the same way, if they hadn’t encountered Long Chen back then, then let alone coming to the Central Plains, they would probably still be mediocre existences in the Eastern Wasteland.

So Long Chen’s conduct inspired them as well. Even after all this time, he hadn’t forgotten his original heart. This boss of theirs was still the same boss who made decisions according to his original heart.

Once thirty thousand disciples went all-out, it was an extremely powerful sight. Once a person chose to put their life on the line, they would be able to unleash several times their normal combat power.

Long Chen charged with the Dragonblood warriors, and the Bone Spur Devil Apes were slaughtered easily. Huo Long was especially powerful. With each fire breath, it killed a wave of them. There was no need for Long Chen to do anything.

Behind him, Gu Yang and the others were slaughtering them as well. These Bone Spur Devil Apes were actually only at the level of ordinary Sea Expansion experts. The reason they had managed to kill so many people at the beginning was because those people had been too terrified to fight properly. They had never seen such terrifying beasts, nor had they ever seen a person by their side get torn apart.

Even the ordinary disciples behind the Dragonblood Legion were dominating them now that they had shed their shackles of terror and were releasing their true power. Working together, there wasn’t much threat to them. They started to get in a rhythm.

By the time Tang Wan-er stopped offering them any further support with her wind blades, they were able to hold their own. Their original panic was gone, and within this slaughter, they gradually came to understand the feeling of a life and death battle.

Seeing this, Long Chen nodded. He was a human, not a god. He could only do this much. As for how many of them could survive, that would be up to how hardy their lives were.

Qian Duoduo was following Guo Ran. He suddenly realized that every single person in the Dragonblood Legion was incredibly powerful. They never needed a second move to kill a Bone Spur Devil Ape.

Compared to the experts from the other factions, they were completely different. Their moves weren’t flashy and grand; instead, they were sharp and ruthless. Each of their moves were unleashed with the intent to kill the Bone Spur Devil Apes in the fastest, most effortless manner.

The valley was a thousand miles wide, and Bone Spur Devil Apes crashed down upon them from every direction. They had no choice but to quicken their steps, because if they slowed down, it would become even more difficult. Each faction had sent their top experts to the front to open a path.

Those elite disciples were all powerful. This was the only way for the whole faction to continue at the same speed. 

Within the Elder Hall, the hall master praised, “This Long Chen truly is incredible. With just a few words, he dispelled their terror and roused their courage. Just what level of charisma does that require? Once the trial is over, the disciples that live will definitely become his loyal followers. It’s unknown if Long Chen has some plan for them or if he really is so gallant. If it’s the former, then his scheming ability really runs deep. He’s already so powerful, and he has such a group of loyal followers. If he uses them for good, it could benefit the whole world, but if he uses them for evil…”

“He won’t. Based on what I know about him, although he doesn’t show any arrogance on the surface, he is actually extremely prideful and unyielding. He would disdain doing such things. Furthermore, he cares deeply about relationships and treats his people very well. In terms of moral quality, there is definitely no problem,” said Li Changfeng.

“Since you’re so sure, I’m at ease.” The hall master smiled.

“No, no, I don’t dare to say anything for sure. Although there’s no problem with his moral quality, he’s too stubborn. Once he decides something, he won’t change his mind even in death. He’s a master at causing trouble. With my frail old bones, I don’t dare to guarantee anything about him!” said Li Changfeng with a bitter smile. 

“We aren’t lacking geniuses, but we are lacking good leaders. The five heavenly geniuses from the Central Plains have great talent and strength, and the Dao Sect places high hopes on them. But now that Long Chen has arrived, the original plan has to be changed. The four regions’ disciples used to just be green leaves led by the Central Plains’ disciples. But now a few new variables have entered the equation,” said the hall master.

In truth, the inner sect trial was the playing field for the Central Plains’ disciples. The four regions’ disciples were nothing more than extras.

“Then the amount of core disciple spots this time…?”

“There originally shouldn’t have been a spot for Long Chen, but our competition must be fair. If Long Chen really can keep up with the other five until the end, bring out an extra one for him,” said the hall master.

“But the number of the core disciple spots has already been set. And the Law Enforcement Hall…” Li Changfeng hesitated.

“It’s fine. Since we’ve chosen not to endure any longer, we have to be unyielding as well. We’ve restrained ourselves for so long that they think we’re easy to bully. But still, it’s too early to say anything. Long Chen’s charisma might be strong and he has high leadership abilities, but in terms of power, he probably can’t compare to the Central Plains’ heavenly geniuses. After all, their foundations are too far apart. Those heavenly geniuses are monsters, and the power they’ve displayed is just the tip of the iceberg,” said the hall master.

Thinking about it, the other Elders agreed. Although Long Chen might be at the peak of the four regions’ disciples, in front of the Central Plains’ heavenly geniuses, he was at too much of a disadvantage.

But the hall master, Li Changfeng, and a few others thought of something else. Although right now, Long Chen hadn’t shown enough power to stand on the same level as the Central Plains’ monsters, the patriarch had been disturbed because of his existence. In other words, things definitely weren’t as simple as they thought.

In truth, both the hall master and Li Changfeng hoped for Long Chen to put on a powerful enough display for the Elder Hall to fight for an extra core disciple spot for him.

Helping Long Chen was helping themselves. The Elder Hall couldn’t directly clash against the Law Enforcement Hall, but they could use Long Chen to display their tough position and establish their own prestige.

The Elder Hall had no choice but to be tough. Otherwise, the Law Enforcement Hall would become even more arrogant and suppress them even more fiercely. Long Chen was their best weapon against them.

Long Chen didn’t know there were so many people discussing him. Right now, he was leading the Dragonblood Legion forward. The Bone Spur Devil Apes were growing stronger and stronger.

After two hours, the disciples had advanced two hundred miles. Now the Bone Spur Devil Apes were so strong that people died with each passing moment. There were too many of them, and they were unafraid of death. No matter how many of them died, they continued charging.

It was like the only thought in their heads was to kill. They had no sense of terror. They were natural slaughter weapons, merciless and brutal.

The six factions continued to rush forward. But what startled people was the fact that Long Chen’s faction had the lowest mortality rate!

After two hours, only less than eight hundred of them had died. As for the other factions, at least ten thousand disciples had lost their lives in total. 

“The Bone Spur Devil Apes are getting stronger and stronger,” said Gu Yang darkly.

Even after all this time, the Bone Spur Devil Apes didn’t drop in number. Instead, their bodies were growing larger and stronger. Even the Dragonblood warriors couldn’t be careless any longer.

Suddenly, countless huge figures covered the sky. Huge leopards with a pair of wings on their backs swooped down. They were incredibly fast, so fast that they seemed like phantoms.


A rank four Celestial’s sword was shattered with a single claw from these devil leopards. Along with his sword, half his body exploded as well.

Everyone was taken by surprise. These devil leopards weren’t just fast; they were incredibly powerful. Caught off-guard, quite a few people were cut down in an instant, and panic struck the disciples.

Several of them came toward Long Chen, quick as lightning. Long Chen smiled slightly and extended his hand.

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