Chapter 1018 Extending a Helping Hand (Teaser)


Huo Long charged forward. Wherever it passed, the Bone Spur Devil Apes were burnt to crisps.

With Huo Long leading the way, the Dragonblood warriors roared, their voices shaking the sky. Terrifying killing intent erupted, and in that instant, it felt like space had frozen.

Behind Long Chen; Gu Yang, Guo Ran, Song Mingyuan, and Li Qi were attacking the Bone Spur Devil Apes that covered the land as far as one could see. Even the valley in front was packed full of them.

Standing on Huo Long’s head, Long Chen clasped his hands behind his back. There was no need for him to do anything as the Bone Spur Devil Apes were unable to stop the power of an Earth Flame.

Seeing that Long Chen also had an Earth Flame startled everyone. Hua Shiyu snorted and didn’t say anything. Just based on the fact that he possessed an Earth Flame, Long Chen was qualified to form a faction like them.

As for Long Chen’s people, although they numbered less than four hundred, instead of using the most energy-saving wedge formation, they spread out in...

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