Chapter 1017 Each Displaying Their Divine Abilities

Before they could even look around, tyrannical and brutal roars rang out, shaking their eardrums. Countless figures charged toward them.

Those figures were all three meters tall with arms and legs like apes. However, they had long fangs and sinister eyes. Sharp bone spurs grew out of their elbows and shoulders.

Their numbers were endless as they charged toward them with brutal auras.

“This is the inner sect trial. You’re currently in a sea of Bone Spur Devil Apes. To pass the trial, you must reach the end of the valley. This isn’t a trial, but a true battle. You cannot retreat, so you either succeed, or you die. Good luck.” Su Mo’s voice rang out in their ears, but they couldn’t see him.

Those countless Bone Spur Devil Apes had already rushed toward them, and they began to launch attacks right as Su Mo’s voice faded.

“Watch out!”


As soon as the Bone Spur Devil Apes arrived, their huge claws stretched out. Their half-a-foot-long claws were sharper than Treasure items, and in the first instant, quite a few disciples were killed.

What startled everyone was that these Bone Spur Devil Apes were only at the Sea Expansion realm, but these Sea Expansion Celestials were unable to block them.

In the first collision, over a thousand disciples died. They panicked.

The Bone Spur Devil Apes were too brutal, and many disciples had never experienced such a terrifying battlefield. Quite a few of them were scared witless.

“Hmph, a group of cowards. Even without any power, you ran over here to give your lives away. Foolish to the max.”

Suddenly, a cold snort rang out. That large and muscular man charged out of the crowd and let out a single punch.


Terrifying astral winds erupted. A powerful fist-image smashed apart countless Bone Spur Devil Apes, forming a hurricane of blood in the air. 

Their blood wasn’t red, but pitch-black. A disgusting stench attacked people’s noses as even the apes’ blood was full of a brutal aura.

That large man had introduced himself when recruiting disciples. His name was Fan Song, a body cultivator.

He was a rank five Celestial, and this attack was nothing more than a simple punch to him. His power shocked everyone.

The faction Fan Song had formed was called the Hegemon Hall. Yan Mochen had joined the Hegemon Hall because he was impressed by Fan Song’s power.

Following Fan Song, the tall and skinny Hu Guishan who had defeated Yan Mochen’s group of three also attacked. With a single slash of his sword, a huge wave of Sword Qi blew apart the Bone Spur Devil Apes. His destructive power was just as shocking.

Hu Guishan was also a rank five Celestial. His faction was called the Divine Beast Mansion. As for why he chose such a name, no one knew.

His previous display of defeating three rank five Celestials had caused quite a few elites to flock to his side. Han Yunshan and Wei Changhai had both joined his faction.

Not only that, but Hu Guishan also had quite a few ancient race experts in his faction. They possessed a portion of a Xuan Beast’s bloodline and were extremely powerful.

Following Hu Guishan and Fan Song, heaven and earth shook as a terrifying heat erupted. A furious roar shook the heavens.

A huge flame beast had appeared. It was lizard-like and completely formed of flame runes. It was over fifteen hundred meters long, and as soon as it appeared, space wildly twisted around it.

A man stood on the flame beast’s head, icily looking around, his eyes full of arrogance.

“Earth Flame Beast? He’s actually merged with his Earth Flame instead of devouring it. Damn, he really does have the qualifications to look down on others.” Long Chen was shocked by the power of his Earth Flame. 

The huge flame beast opened its mouth, and a wave of flames roared out. Those Bone Spur Devil Apes turned into black clumps that crumbled. Not only that, even the earth was starting to melt, looking like it was becoming lava.

The flame beast’s four legs were like pillars. As it advanced, the land shook. It crushed any Bone Spur Devil Apes in its path.

This huge flame beast was incredibly impressive. It blew so many Bone Spur Devil Apes apart that the pressure on everyone else lessened by a great deal.

The man standing atop the flame beast’s head was the flame cultivator that Long Chen had sensed hostility from. His name was Que Xinyan.[1]

The faction he had established was called Flame Gate. He had also recruited quite a few experts, as he was truly powerful. Just this one Earth Flame Beast was enough to suppress countless experts.

“Hmph, some insignificant Bone Spur Devil Apes are nothing more than fodder.”

Suddenly, an extremely thin man walked out. He didn’t seem to have much flesh on his body. He was all skin and bones, appearing extremely odd.

He extended a withered hand, and space trembled slightly. Countless insects suddenly appeared in the air.

Those insects were the size of a fist and completely black. They had a pair of wings and huge pincers at the front that shone coldly.

The flying insects directly flew at the Bone Spur Devil Apes. With just one bite, the apes let out miserable cries. Then their bodies stiffened and they didn’t move again.

Once they were immobilized, countless insects pounced on them and began to tear into their flesh. They were quickly turned into white skeletons.

Seeing such powerful beasts be eaten in the blink of an eye, everyone felt a chill. These insects were too terrifying.

The most shocking thing was that they were practically endless. More and more of them filled the air, and they eventually formed a sea that devoured any Bone Spur Devil Apes in their path.

“What… what are those things?!” cried Guo Ran.

“He’s an extremely rare insect cultivator. If you’re stretching it, you can call him a Beast Tamer. But contrary to Beast Tamers, they walk an extreme path which makes them even more terrifying. If an insect cultivator wants to tame insects, they must use their own essence blood to feed them. Only then can they control the insects to fight for them,” said Long Chen gravely.

“No wonder he looks like a corpse. All his essence blood was consumed by insects,” said Guo Ran.

“Meng Qi has said that insect cultivators are exceptionally rare. They not only need powerful soul energy, but they also have to be ready for their insects to attack them at any time. It’s an extremely crazy method of cultivation, no different from playing with fire. Most insect cultivators are unable to grow, because without enough money, the majority of them are eventually eaten by their own housepets,” said Long Chen.

Everyone’s scalps turned numb. This was a completely abnormal method of cultivation. To use one’s own body to raise insects, that was absolutely crazy.

This insect cultivator’s name was Wang Zhen. He was extremely icy and didn’t talk much with others. Although he had also established a faction called the Ten Thousand Insect Guild, he hadn’t spoken with anyone. He had left that to his subordinates to handle.

Just as everyone was shocked by the insect cultivator, a brilliant light filled the air. Countless flower petals appeared as Hua Shiyu also took action.

The five-colored petals were like a beautiful wave in the air. They were incredibly dazzling, but any Bone Spur Devil Apes that approached her were torn apart by the flower petals. It was beautiful and bloody.

Even Long Chen had to sigh emotionally. When it came to beautiful techniques, Hua Shiyu was definitely the highest level he had seen.

Following Hua Shiyu’s attack, a burst of cheering filled the air. It came from the women Hua Shiyu had recruited. The Heaven Female Alliance only accepted women, but otherwise, its requirements were low.

Wang Zhen’s Ten Thousand Insect Guild, Que Xinyan’s Flame Gate, Hu Guishan’s Divine Beast Mansion, Fan Song’s Hegemon Hall, and Hua Shiyu’s Heaven Female Alliance. They were the five great factions in the trial.

Of these five factions, the Heaven Female Alliance had the greatest numbers. Practically all the women had joined her side. Hua Shiyu was incredibly powerful, and most of the women had preferred to join a faction led by a woman. The feeling of being looked down upon by men was irritating.

The Heaven Female Alliance had one hundred and thirty thousand members. Following it was Hu Guishan’s Divine Beast Mansion at ninety thousand, and then Fan Song’s Hegemon Hall. His charisma was a bit lower than Hu Guishan’s, but just his domineering display and appearance had drawn over many people. He had seventy thousand people.

Fourth in numbers was Que Xinyan’s Flame Gate at fifty thousand members. As for Wang Zhen’s Ten Thousand Insect Guild, it was unknown whether it was because he wasn’t famous enough or if he was too icy, but he only had twenty thousand people.

Other than them, there were thirty thousand disciples that hadn’t been chosen for any faction. Those people’s strengths and talents were too low.

There was also the Dragonblood Legion, which numbers were pitifully few compared to the other five great factions.

Their numbers had only increased by one thanks to Qian Duoduo. Originally, Long Chen had been thinking of bringing along the other disciples from the Eastern Wasteland, but the majority of them had failed the outer sect trial. The few that had passed through luck directly gave up on the inner sect trial.

“Long Chen, aren’t you thinking of forming your own faction? Why don’t you show off your strength as the commander? Do you only have this little ability?”

Just as Long Chen was about to call for everyone to change formations and charge, a beautiful and provoking voice rang out. It was Hua Shiyu. Even while displaying such a huge scale attack, she didn’t forget to look at Long Chen.

Long Chen was speechless. He asked himself how he had offended this woman. Why was she fixated on him?

But being looked down upon and targeted like this, if Long Chen continued to endure, he wouldn’t be Long Chen.

“Since sister Hua Shiyu wants to see, then I’ll show you my power.”

Long Chen snorted. One of the tattoos on his arms lit up, and a dragon’s cry shook heaven and earth.

A thirty-thousand-meter flame dragon appeared in the sky. Flame scales flickered on its body, and its high heat roasted the air.

Even the flame cultivator Que Xinyan’s eyes narrowed. He was unable to recognize the origin of Long Chen’s Earth Flame, and he had never seen a dragon-shaped Earth Flame Beast. But after a moment of shock, a greedy light shone in his eyes.

Long Chen stood atop the flame dragon’s head, his robes billowing around him. His eyes were like stars, and now he seemed like a completely different person. He looked like an undefeatable war god.

“Brothers, charge! Don’t let these ‘city people’ look down on us,” shouted Long Chen. Huo Long roared and charged at the Bone Spur Devil Apes.

[1] 阙辛炎 Que=common surname, Xin=hot, Yan=flame. Sounds like 缺心眼, meaning stupid, dim-witted, uncomprehending of obvious things.

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