Chapter 1016 Ancient Art

That was the beautiful expert that had said she would accept all talented and beautiful women to her side. Now she was in front of Long Chen.

More precisely, she was in front of Tang Wan-er and didn’t even look at Long Chen.

“Junior sister, your strength is not bad. Join my faction. There’s no need to rely on a pack of smelly men,” said she.

Long Chen was just a bit surprised at first, but her words made him frown slightly. The insults towards men that came out of her mouth were irritating.

Her tone was icy, but her beauty gave off a feeling of innate haughtiness and grandeur. It made it so the Dragonblood warriors were unable to express their anger. It was like she was an arrogant peacock. Although she was arrogant, she had the qualifications to be, making people feel like her arrogance was simply natural.

Long Chen frowned but didn’t say anything. It seemed that this phrase did have a bit of reason behind it. Compared to women, men really did smell more. But if men had to wear perfume all over their body, it would be too annoying. Being a bit stinkier was better.

“Me?” Tang Wan-er was stunned. She hadn’t expected this powerful woman to take the initiative to invite her.

“You don’t need to have any misgivings. If anyone is threatening you, just tell me and I’ll trash him.” That woman glanced at Long Chen coldly, her meaning was clear.

Seeing her dense hostility made Long Chen even more irritated. He had seen countless people now, and with his experience, he could basically see through a person’s character with a glance. This was a powerful but conceited woman.

Whether it was in terms of power or beauty, she truly had the right to be conceited. But he refused to be threatened by her.

“My temper’s not good. Don’t think that I won’t beat you just because you’re a woman. Let me tell you, when I get angry, I even beat myself,” he said, glaring at her without yielding a step.

After saying this, he clearly felt the Central Plains’ disciples become silent. They stared at him in shock. Quite a few people had worshipful looks, while even more had expressions delighting in his misfortune. There were also some who had been prepared to see a good play like this from the start and were full of expectations.

“This brat’s definitely dead. The Hundred Flower Fairy hates it when people discriminate against her for being a woman,” muttered some people. This woman’s temper was something all the Central Plains’ disciples were aware of.

“Brat, you dare look down on me, Hua Shiyu? Do you believe me when I say I’ll twist your head off?!” As expected, she frowned and a cold aura began to rise.

Suddenly, millions of flower petals appeared, revolving around her. Boundless pressure erupted. Each one of those flower petals had five-colored runes moving within them. They surged into the sky, forming a huge phoenix.

The phoenix was lifelike and even let out a beautiful phoenix cry that resounded throughout heaven and earth, causing countless people’s expressions to change. That voice contained a terrifying spiritual suppression. It was like it truly came from an ancient god, making people have an urge to kneel in worship.

Even the distant Su Mo’s expression twitched. Closely staring at Hua Shiyu and the phoenix formed of flower petals, two words involuntarily escaped his mouth. “Ancient art.”

Long Chen was startled by this power. Although he had known she was powerful, he hadn’t expected it to have reached this level. That phoenix behind her was like a powerful ninth rank Magical Beast.

In front of this inviolable Hua Shiyu, Long Chen indifferently spat out, “I don’t believe that.”

That made everyone from the Central Plains take in a cold gasp of air. Was Long Chen really looking to die?

Hua Shiyu’s expression sank. Her phoenix’s runes lit up, and its powerful aura locked onto Long Chen.

In that instant, Long Chen jumped in shock. He suddenly felt like an ancient beast had set its gaze on him. What would follow would probably be a thunderous attack, and he was just about to release his own power to defend.

“That’s enough. Do I need to explain that this is against the rules?”

Just at this moment, Su Mo’s cold voice rang out. Hua Shiyu glared at Long Chen, her aura not weakening at all because of Su Mo’s words.

Long Chen glared back at her. His spiritual yuan was already circulating within him, and he was ready to attack at any time.

He knew these Central Plains geniuses were on a completely different level than Yan Mochen and the others. They were true experts, and once they fought, it would definitely be a heaven-shaking battle. 

But he was confident he wouldn’t lose. This was the confidence built up from never experiencing a loss to anyone in the same realm. It hadn’t happened in the past, and he was confident it wouldn’t happen in the future.

Long Chen glared at Hua Shiyu, and Hua Shiyu glared at him. Neither side took even half a step back. Hua Shiyu’s aura continued to rise.

Long Chen was starting to be unable to endure it. If he didn’t release his power, he would be forced into a disadvantageous position, and if Hua Shiyu attacked at that time, he would be instantly defeated.

Just as he was preparing to summon his divine ring, Hua Shiyu retracted her aura, and her huge phoenix let out a cry as it decomposed into flower petals that then faded in the air.

When those flower petals disappeared, Yan Mochen, Wei Changhai, and Han Yunshan were all startled. Now they understood the true terror of merging with heaven and earth.

A portion of Hua Shiyu’s Heavenly Dao runes stayed within her body, while another portion was merging with the space around her, and they couldn’t be sensed by others.

In battle, she could release her full power in the shortest time possible. If her opponent wasn’t ready, they would be instantly killed.

This was also why Yan Mochen was suppressed from the start against his opponent. This was the power of merging with heaven and earth.

Furthermore, when they weren’t in battle, that portion of Heavenly Dao runes in the space around them would give them a close connection to heaven and earth, making it easier for them to comprehend the Heavenly Daos.

“Hmph, I’ll let you off today. Don’t provoke me again, or you won’t be so lucky.” Hua Shiyu suddenly turned to look at Tang Wan-er. “Junior sister, come. Men are never reliable, and being powerful yourself is the correct path.”

“Thank you for your kindness, but I’d prefer to stay here. Other than that, Long Chen really is a good person. I hope you won’t make things hard on him,” said Tang Wan-er.

For some unknown reason, Tang Wan-er felt some worship for this female expert. She saw another kind of beauty from her. So a powerful and domineering woman was also so moving.

“Alright. If you have any troubles, just tell me. The Heaven Female Alliance’s door will always be open to you.” Hua Shiyu nodded and left.

But before leaving, she didn’t forget to glare at Long Chen threateningly.

“Heaven Female Alliance?” said Long Chen as he watched Hua Shiyu leave.

“This big sister is very powerful. To tell the truth, I really am a bit moved by her proposal,” said Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen’s face immediately turned dark. “Girl, do you not have the slightest trust in me?”

“No, not that. I was thinking of helping you form an alliance.” Tang Wan-er stuck out her tongue at him.

Guo Ran raised his hand. “I agree with that plan.”

Gu Yang: “Seconded.”

Song Mingyuan: “I second it plus one.”

Li Qi: “Same.”

“Shut up!” Long Chen raged, “All of you want to go against me? You want to play this voting game with me? Stop messing around. The upcoming trial is not going to be ordinary. Start getting tense and stop spouting nonsense.”

These brats had all been led astray by Guo Ran. Instead of learning other things, they had become experts in talking nonsense.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen…” Just at this moment, a man hesitantly walked over.

At this time, the four regions’ disciples had all run over to the Central Plains’ side, wanting to find a good faction to rely on. Only this person came over to Long Chen’s side.

“Qian Duoduo, come over. Stay with us.” Long Chen smiled. This was the person who had been peddling those miraculous and divine seeds.

“Many thanks!” Qian Duoduo was so delighted that his voice quivered slightly.

Previously, he had already run over to the Central Plains’ side, but none of them had wanted him. And so he could only return and ask Long Chen.

He hadn’t expected Long Chen to agree without saying another word. The Dragonblood Legion had never admitted new people before.

“Guo Ran, you bring him along during the trial.” Long Chen left Qian Duoduo with Guo Ran. Qian Duoduo’s power truly wasn’t that great.

“No problem. Brother, stick with me and I’ll carry your posing arts soaring over the horizon.” Guo Ran patted Qian Duoduo’s shoulder.


Qian Duoduo didn’t know how to reply to that. Long Chen laughed, “Don’t look down on him just because he talks drivel. His power is definitely reliable, and as long as you stay with him, you’ll be fine during the trial.”

Hearing that, Qian Duoduo was much more relieved. He didn’t get the feeling that Guo Ran was extremely powerful.

The Dragonblood Legion was an isolated faction now. But they weren’t accepting others, so they didn’t affect the other factions’ recruiting. Naturally, no conflicts arose from that.

Long Chen saw that the powerful Central Plains’ experts had accepted many elites into their camps. But there were over thirty thousand disciples that had been excluded.

These disciples decided to form their own factions since no one else had claimed them. They had the numbers, but not the power. However, there was no way around that. If they didn’t band together, their chances of surviving the trial would be even lower.

Seeing that the factions had been formed, the taciturn Su Mo finally opened his mouth. “The inner sect trial can start now. I wish you good luck in surviving to the end!”


Suddenly, a loud explosion erupted, and the world changed around them. Their vision darkened, and they appeared in a desolate valley without the slightest life. Brutal auras crashed upon them.

Before they could even figure out what was happening, furious roars shook the heavens. Countless figures charged out from every direction.

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