Chapter 1015 First Encounter With a Flame Cultivator

A beautiful woman walked out gracefully with enchanting charm. But her gem-like eyes contained a repelling iciness, and her voice was haughty.

Following her was a group of women, and all of them were beautiful as well.

“Another person difficult to deal with.” Long Chen narrowed his eyes.

“Why would you have to deal with her?” Tang Wan-er glared at him.

Long Chen rolled his eyes. More and more, he found that this girl really didn’t know how to have a proper conversation.

“Her Heavenly Dao energy fluctuates around her, and not the slightest bit of her aura is leaking. That means her control has reached an extremely terrifying realm. Furthermore, that natural light in her eyes, it’s clearly a sign of dense Spirit Blood. She is extremely powerful,” said Long Chen.

Whether it was the tall Hu Guishan or the iron pagoda-like man, they didn’t say anything further. They were clearly familiar with her, and it seemed that they were afraid of her.

“Any woman with talent and looks can become one of my subordinates,” she said.

The women amongst the four regions’ disciples were delighted to hear that and rushed over to her side. Compared to the men, the women were truly a bit weaker. Now that someone specifically wanted them, they rushed over.

“Brother Long, what do you think? Should I go rely on this big sister?” Zhao Ziyan walked over and quietly whispered to him.

Zhao Ziyan was clearly probing his attitude toward her again. Long Chen could only thicken his face and say, “This woman is a phoenix amongst mortals. If you follow her, you’ll definitely learn many things that will be of great value to your future. Choosing her would be the wisest decision for you.” He said it with a smile, but he felt that his smile was very fake.

“Oh, many thanks for your pointers, brother Long. That’s what I was thinking too. Take care.” Zhao Ziyan smiled slightly, but a trace of disappointment could be seen in her eyes.

Watching Zhao Ziyan’s departing figure, Long Chen felt a few complicated emotions. Tang Wan-er lightly pushed him, saying, “Fool, this sister is a good person, and she’s talented with a high cultivation base. She clearly wants to join the Dragonblood Legion, so why would you refuse her?”

“It’s naturally because I love you too much and worry about you being jealous.”

“Dislikable. I refuse to believe you.” However, she still blushed. She was very satisfied with this reply.

“Long Chen, although I’m a bit petty, I’m not someone who can’t see the big picture, nor am I a violent shrew who gets jealous and complains,” said Tang Wan-er warmly, holding Long Chen’s hand.

“Really? How come I can’t tell that?” said Long Chen.

“Bastard, do you believe me when I say I’ll bite you to death?!” Tang Wan-er’s warmth instantly vanished without a trace. She glared at him, looking like she might pounce and take a bite out of him.”

“Yes, this I definitely believe.” Long Chen nodded obediently.

“You bastard, you refuse to listen when people talk to you normally. Instead, I have to beat you fiercely for you to behave!”

“Fine, lady Wan-er, if you have anything to say at all, this little one will carefully listen,” said Long Chen, putting on a humble expression.

“Be serious. This is important.” Tang Wan-er hit him lightly before saying, “Sister Meng Qi said that I can’t be petty with you over big matters, as that will influence your plans and affect the entire Dragonblood Legion. As the soul of the Dragonblood Legion, the burden on your shoulders is incredibly heavy, and each of your decisions could decide our lives and deaths. So sister Meng Qi said I can scuffle and quarrel with you, but at critical times, I have to express my support, even if you’re going around picking up girls.”

Long Chen was dumbfounded to hear this. But looking at her aggrieved expression, he felt a burst of emotion. She was the most jealous of girls, but for Long Chen, she would force herself not to be jealous.

“Sister Wan-er, are you encouraging boss to pursue Zhao Ziyan? How magnanimous! Boss, what are you waiting for? The beauty is right there beckoning to you. Although whether or not you pursue her has nothing to do with us, it’s easy on the eyes,” said Guo Ran expectantly.

“I really will slap you if you spout more nonsense!” raged Long Chen. From morning to night, this brat didn’t think about any proper things. He didn’t even understand what heat control was.

“Long Chen, Zhao Ziyan is talented with unlimited potential. If she joins the Dragonblood Legion, it will strengthen the entire legion. The danger to each one of us will lessen a bit. I don’t want you to make the wrong decision because you’re worried about me…” said Tang Wan-er, her voice slightly choked with sobs.

Long Chen held her hand, his heart filled with emotions. A person’s character didn’t change. For Tang Wan-er to be able to say such words meant she really wasn’t an obstinate girl.

Women naturally didn’t like sharing the person they loved with others. And if the roles were reversed and Tang Wan-er wanted another man, Long Chen definitely wouldn’t be able to accept that.

His refusal of Zhao Ziyan made her grateful, but she was also worried. She was worried about whether the growth of the Dragonblood Legion would be held back because of her. If someone from the Dragonblood Legion fell, she would feel guilty, and she was worried Long Chen would hate her for that irreplaceable loss.

She wasn’t afraid of death, but she was afraid Long Chen would hate her. That was the thing she was most terrified of. So although she clearly didn’t like Long Chen accepting other women, she still expressed this attitude.

“Foolish girl, when did I ever need to seduce women to strengthen my group? The hot-blooded brothers I have are enough to dominate the Central Plains!” Long Chen gently wiped away Tang Wan-er’s tears.

“Exactly, sister Wan-er, you’re worried over nothing. With us brothers together, what can’t we do? However, getting back to that point, if there really was a beautiful woman who wanted to join, it wouldn’t be a bad thing- aiya!” Guo Ran was kicked away by Long Chen.

“The only thing you remember is beatings,” laughed Tang Wan-er.

“I’m talking seriously! That Zhao Ziyan’s talent is so good, and she’s not bad as a person. Why not pull her in?” demanded Guo Ran, unconvinced.

Long Chen shook his head. “People can’t be too selfish. She isn’t someone that walks the same path as us. Why pull her in and ruin her life? We walk a path of thorns and bones, and our hands are dyed in blood. Our path isn’t suitable for just anyone.

“Whether it’s Meng Qi, Wan-er, Zhiqiu, or Chu Yao, they all don’t like fighting. It’s the opposite; they loathe it. But you all raise the butcher’s blade because of me. I understand all your pain, and I owe you all too much. Why owe others as well?”

“Long Chen…” Tang Wan-er’s eyes reddened. “When you talk like a normal person, you make me happy.”

Long Chen rolled his eyes. She was getting less and less good at talking. The good atmosphere vanished with just a sentence.

As they were talking, the disciples from the Central Plains split up, forming factions.

There was a man with a mustache and light beard that startled Long Chen. A strange fluctuation came from him that caused Huo Long to grow restless.

It was like the Earth Flame had been provoked. It began to automatically release its pressure. Long Chen looked at that man, and he looked back at him. He had also sensed Long Chen’s existence.

That man was a bit startled, but he quickly became calm. With a cold snort, a faint smile appeared on his face.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. Perhaps he had just gained a terrifying opponent. This man also had an Earth Flame within him, and one that was extremely powerful at that.

“He should be a flame cultivator.” Long Chen was startled. This person’s body contained a terrifying Earth Flame, one that was even stronger than Huo Long. Furthermore, he sensed that his flame energy possessed no trace of wood spiritual energy. In other words, he was no alchemist, but a pure flame cultivator.

Alchemists didn’t just need flame energy, but also a trace of wood spiritual energy. Only then could they refine pills.

Without that trace of wood spiritual energy, there was no way for them to control a Pill Flame precisely enough to form pills. That was why a flame cultivator’s flame wasn’t called a Pill Flame. Their flames specialized in offense and destruction. They were berserk and powerful, and normally, flame cultivators were the ones hardest to get along with, as their tempers were too explosive.

Long Chen also noticed that the Earth Flame in that person’s body had sensed Huo Long and had formed a clear hostility toward it.

This kind of hostility was only natural between Earth Flames, because they relied on devouring each other to increase their own power. Long Chen didn’t know if the hostility he sensed was from the Earth Flame or the man himself.

Other than that terrifying flame cultivator, the other person to draw his attention was a gloomy-faced man.

There was no sign of his cultivation base or his Heavenly Dao runes. He seemed like an ordinary person, but Long Chen sensed an extremely dangerous feeling from him.

“He’s a soul cultivator.” Long Chen finally decided that he was likely a soul cultivator. But according to reason, a soul cultivator shouldn’t be able to give him such an intense feeling of danger.

Just as Long Chen was sensing these terrifying figures, he suddenly noticed a shift behind him. Turning around, he saw that the beautiful, icy woman had walked over to him.

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