Chapter 1014 The Difference is Too Great

His voice resounded in all their ears, and blood dripped down his sword drop by drop, causing everyone to smell the scent of death.

This tall, skinny man was too terrifying. Even someone as strong as Yan Mochen was unable to receive a single blow from him. If he had wanted to kill him, his head would already be rolling on the ground.

It had happened so suddenly that it felt like it was over before it started. The four regions’ disciples all felt a chill. The difference in power was too great.

The Central Plains’ disciples just indifferently watched, as if they had long since expected such a thing. There was faint derision in many of their eyes.

Su Mo didn’t say a word. Everything was within his expectations.

“How powerful! What kind of footwork was that?” Tang Wan-er was also shocked. She had exchanged blows with Yan Mochen, and so she knew how strong he was.

Last time, she had been able to fight evenly with him, even slightly winning. But she had been taking advantage of his minimal battle experience and using the openings between his moves. Even so, she had been unable to defeat him.

But this person was able to defeat Yan Mochen in one move. Although they were both rank five Celestials, the difference was immense.

“In truth, this is normal. This is the power a rank five Celestial should possess. Yan Mochen and the others are truly marvels; you can’t learn a rank five Celestial’s power by fighting them,” said Long Chen. He felt his blood quicken, and he sensed excitement in his bones. That was a desire to fight against real experts.

“You… this was… it was just an accident! I wasn’t properly prepared and didn’t agree to fight you yet before you started!” Yan Mochen was sweating, but he still put on a strong act.

“Hahahaha…” Hearing Yan Mochen’s quibbling, the Central Plains’ disciples laughed. He actually wanted to find such reasons for his loss. Did he think this was a game for children?

Long Chen was also speechless. Even he was being laughed at indirectly. The Central Plains’ disciples weren’t just laughing at Yan Mochen, but also at all the four regions’ disciples.

“Laughably childish. On the battlefield, will your enemies tell you that they’re going to kill you before doing so?” sneered the tall, skinny man. “Furthermore, I warned you, but you were unable to block. I didn’t even use my Heavenly Dao energy or activate my Spirit Blood. You’re too weak. Your cultivation base might be high, but you don’t know how to use it. A sheep with no claws is still prey no matter how big it grows. Since you aren’t convinced, I’ll give you another chance. The three of you can join hands. If you can receive three exchanges from me, you can go ahead and form your own faction.”

He put away his sword and looked at Yan Mochen, Han Yunshan, and Wei Changhai. His tone was flat without a hint of derision, but it was completely unacceptable to them.

“Fine, then we’ll attack!” Yan Mochen refused to give up like this. Although he had to admit he wasn’t his match, he didn’t believe that they wouldn’t even be able to last three exchanges once they joined hands.

“Earthen Suction!” Yan Mochen shouted, and the ground began to shake. People felt a powerful force pull them down into the earth. It was like their bodies suddenly became thousands of tons heavier and they were unable to move. This was an incredibly rare gravitational move.

The Central Plains’ disciples’ derision faded, replaced with shock. This earth energy was extremely powerful.

Even the aftershocks already possessed such power, not to mention the force that the tall man was enduring. It had to be at least a hundred times stronger.

“Your earth energy isn’t bad, not bad at all!” The tall man’s eyes brightened.

Although it sounded like praise, it wasn’t the praise of someone acknowledging his equal, and so it was no different than a slap in the face. Yan Mochen was enraged.

“Earth Spirit Fist!” Yan Mochen roared and countless runes lit up on the ground. The instant Yan Mochen attacked, the earth erupted and a huge arm shot out at the tall man.

This was Yan Mochen’s strongest attack. He hadn’t used it against Tang Wan-er. But at that time, it wasn’t that he hadn’t wanted to use it, but that he hadn’t had the chance. This move had a long cast time, and Tang Wan-er never gave him the chance to use it.

But now it was different. This tall man was allowing Yan Mochen to absorb as much energy as he wanted so he could unleash his strongest move.

Seeing this move, Han Yunshan and Wei Changhai, who had been brewing their own attacks, stopped. They were afraid they would kill their opponent, and that would be troublesome.


Suddenly, heaven and earth trembled and everyone staggered, almost falling. Yan Mochen’s fist had smashed into a runic barrier, shaking it slightly.

All of the spectators could clearly see Yan Mochen’s runic energy being broken down by the barrier. The tall man stood within the barrier, indifferently looking at Yan Mochen.

“Bastard, break!” roared Yan Mochen. The earth around him trembled even more intensely than before. Endless earth energy surged toward him.

“What an idiot. It’s like he’s trying to make a bag explode by pouring in water, but the bag has holes in it. No matter how much water he pours in, it’s useless. Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, don’t learn from him,” said Long Chen.

“Don’t worry boss, we have brains,” said the two of them, expressing the greatest difference between them and Yan Mochen.

“Chilling Ice Slash!”

“Water Dragon Attack!”

Han Yunshan and Wei Changhai saw that their expectations were off, and they also unleashed their strongest attacks.

The two of their attacks were incredibly powerful. A huge water dragon and ice blade mercilessly crashed down on the barrier.

“Be repelled.” The tall man extended a single hand. A terrifying force suddenly erupted, and runes filled the sky.

BOOM! Three figures flew back, wildly vomiting blood. Yan Mochen, Wei Changhai, and Han Yunshan were blown back with a single attack.

As for the tall man, he was still in his original posture with his arm outstretched. His body hadn’t moved at all.

“How could he be so terrifying? He can send the three of them flying without the slightest effort?” asked Guo Ran.

Everyone was shocked. Was the difference really this great? Three peak experts joined hands but were unable to even shake their opponent? That blow to their confidence was a bit too strong!

“What he used was technique. His runes are very special, and he absorbed Yan Mochen’s runic energy without him even noticing. He’s very powerful to be able to absorb his opponent’s energy and transform it into his own power secretly. By the time they sense it, it’s too late. It’s like they just beat themselves. It saves energy, it’s effective, and it’s simple. In battle, each little bit of energy you can save gives you a greater chance of survival. So this person is definitely an expert,” said Long Chen.

This person was powerful and had plenty of battle experience. Compared to Yan Mochen and the other greenhouse flowers, he was probably over ten times stronger.

“With just only power but no way to use it, you’ll just throw away your lives to your enemies. Now that we’ve exchanged blows, I can say that you might be able to protect yourself in the upcoming trial, but protecting others would be a joke. You’d just cause them to die. If you join my faction, I can make you my assistants and teach you what I’ve learned through my years of life and death battles. You’ll be able to become true experts in the shortest time possible,” said the tall man.

What a routine. First, he gave them a slap, then he brought out the candy to entice them. Long Chen couldn’t help being moved.

That slap in the face even had benefits for those three, erasing the arrogance in them. Now through his condescending kindness, it truly was difficult for them to refuse.

“Hu Guishan, your appetite’s a bit too big. Aren’t you worried you’ll get fat if you eat all three?” Suddenly, a cold shout rang out, and a large man like an iron pagoda walked out.

As soon as he walked out, everyone jumped in shock, even Long Chen. This person was huge, only a bit shorter than Wilde.

But his body was incredibly wide, making him not seem so tall. His exposed arms were as thick as a person’s waist.

The blood vessels on his arms were like crawling serpents. His muscles bulged intensely, and it was basically impossible to see his neck since it was covered up by muscles. His Blood Qi was incredibly powerful. Overall, his body was like a volcano about to explode.

There were faint runes circulating over his bronze skin. With each step he took, the ground shuddered, and his footsteps were like the ringing of a bell.

He practically didn’t look human. He was more like a human-shaped Magical Beast, appearing frighteningly fierce.

“What a powerful physical body. He’s probably a body cultivator,” said Long Chen.

Body cultivators were extremely powerful, but cultivating the body was one of the most painful and bitter methods to cultivate. Furthermore, it required an extremely powerful constitution that few people possessed.

They focused all their cultivation base on strengthening their physical bodies. Their bodies would be even harder than a Treasure item, and all their moves would be backed by immense power. This was the most domineering cultivation method.

“That earth brat, you should follow me. Your physical body is not bad; you should be a power type. If you follow him, you won’t learn shit,” said that large man.

For another terrifying figure to appear stunned the three of them. Furthermore, just at this time, a refined voice rang out:

“Stinky men, go and fight all you want. All the women can come to my side.”

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