Chapter 1011 Contest of Strength (Teaser)

Only Mu Qingxuan was aware of Long Chen’s past interaction with Lu Minghan. In the Eastern Wasteland, he had once cut off Lu Minghan’s head.

Of course, that was just because Lu Minghan had been careless. It didn’t truly represent Long Chen had the power to fight against Kings.

The other disciples present were unaware of this. Through his words, it seemed that he knew this Elder and had also once cut off his head. They doubted his words at first, but Lu Minghan’s furious expression verified his words. That scared them witless. What kind of monster was Long Chen?

“Long Chen, you’re courting death!” raged Lu Minghan, killing intent erupting out of him.

“I don’t know whether or not I’m courting death, but I do know that you definitely are. If I could cut off your head once, I can cut it off again. And this time, I guarantee I won’t give you any chance to reconnect it,” said Long Chen.

Originally, Long Chen had no intention of infuriating Lu Minghan, as that wasn’t a smart move. But thinking of how this bastard had been greedy for his treasures and tried to use soulsearch on him, his hatred got the better...

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