Chapter 1010 Quell Them Through Viciousness

The few people still persevering on the Xuantian Staircase all had a sad glimmer in their eyes when Mu Qingxuan’s voice rang out. As for the people who had long since given up, their derision increased.

“The mission is accomplished. We’re leaving.”

The two huge figures suddenly disappeared from their sight. The terrifying pressure instantly vanished with them.

It was like a huge boulder had been lifted from everyone’s hearts. They relaxed, feeling like the sky had become brighter.

Once both of the tenth rank Xuan Beasts had left, Mu Qingxuan smiled at the disciples sitting on the stairs. “Congratulations. According to the rules, any disciples who are on the five hundredth stair and above when the time is up pass.”


Everyone was startled, not daring to believe their ears. That was especially true of those disciples who had reached past the seven hundredth stair before giving up.

The ten thousand disciples that were on the Xuantian Staircase began to weep tears of joy and excitement. Some even wailed and repeatedly kissed the staircase.

Now there were over ninety thousand disciples who had passed. Ten thousand of those were people who had refused to give up despite already despairing. They had also known there was no hope, but they hadn’t been able to give up.

“This is unfair! Why didn’t you say this beforehand? You were conning people!”

Some people began to furiously roar. The disciples who had failed the trial immediately erupted in fury, feeling like they had been cheated.

That was especially true of those talented rank four Celestials. Their shouting was the most ferocious. Some even spouted the wildest profanities, crying about how this was cheating and that they wanted to take the trial again.

“Everyone, calm down-” shouted Mu Qingxuan. But she was unable to control such a chaotic scene.

“It’s unfair! Why didn’t you state the rules at the beginning? The trial must be held again!”

“Exactly, restart the trial! There’s definitely something fishy, or how could those Eastern Wasteland dogs climb up so easily!?”

“That’s right, they were clearly cheating! The Eastern Wasteland dogs were cheating, so the trial must be held again!”

The screaming only grew more and more intense. Mu Qingxuan panicked as things went completely out of her control.

The Elders watched this chaotic scene with dark expressions. How were this year’s disciples so shameful?

“Hall Master, send a few people to suppress them. Mu Qingxuan is still too young and can’t handle it,” said an Elder.

“No need. Young people need trials to grow. This child Qingxuan is a steady person, but she’s not bold enough and needs to toughen up. Anyway, a group of children is unable to cause any ripples,” said the Hall Master.

Hearing the Hall Master’s orders, the Elders stayed quiet. The scene they were watching was completely chaotic.

“Charge! If those despicable Eastern Wasteland dogs can cheat their way into becoming the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples, then we can too!”

Suddenly, a person shouted and charged onto the staircase with a sinister smile. He was the one Long Chen had slapped before, Xie Wei. The formation had been deactivated, and the pressure of the Xuan Beasts had vanished as well, allowing them to charge up easily.

It was true that from the start, Long Chen had passed through the trials easily. It could look like cheating. Furthermore, even the Dragonblood warriors had so easily passed this trial, with even rank five Celestials thrown behind them. With the urging shouts of some people, some of them began to believe more and more that the Eastern Wasteland’s people had cheated.

“You… stop! Otherwise… I won’t be courteous!” Mu Qingxuan was startled and infuriated. But in front of this tide-like charge of furious disciples, she found herself at a loss for what to do.

“If you have any guts, just try and kill us all. You think you can open the back door to the Eastern Wasteland dogs while not allowing us to retort? We want justice!” sneered Xie Wei as he led everyone charging forward.

“You… you…” Mu Qingxuan was so infuriated she turned deathly pale. She formed hand seals, but even after a long time, no attack was released.

“Let me.”

Long Chen shook his head and pointed his finger. A bolt of lightning shot out at the one at the very front, Xie Wei.

Xie Wei had never imagined that Long Chen would dare to attack him. He had no time to block with his weapon, and he hastily summoned a runic barrier around him. But it was instantly torn through by the bolt of lightning, and he was blown apart into bloody mist.

With one attack, a rank four Celestial at the very front had been killed, shocking everyone.

“Bastard, you dare to kill people?! I don’t believe you dare to kill us all-”

A person shouting in the crowd didn’t even manage to finish speaking before being killed by a lightning arrow. His soul was destroyed, and his corpse nonexistent.

Everyone stopped. Mu Qingxuan jumped in fright, as even she didn’t have the authority to kill people.

“Kill all those who cursed us,” said Long Chen coldly.

“Boss, those were the words I was waiting for!”

A crossbow appeared in Guo Ran’s hands, and golden arrows shot out like bolts of lightning. With each attack, a person in the crowd would explode.

“Stop!” shouted Mu Qingxuan.

But Guo Ran ignored her. His crossbow continued to launch arrow after arrow, eliciting miserable cries from the crowd.

Those overbearing, aggressive people immediately panicked. People amongst them continued to explode, splattering them with blood.

“Boss, there were fifty-seven people who cursed us. They’ve all been handled.” Guo Ran put away his golden crossbow.

Everyone was deathly silent, looking in horror at the emotionless Long Chen and the pleased Guo Ran. They were unable to say anything.

Seeing that Guo Ran’s killing had stunned the disciples who had been washed out, Long Chen icily said, “If anyone else wants to question the power of my Eastern Wasteland’s disciples, please go ahead.”

“Long Chen, you… How could you be so vicious to those from the same sect? You’ve gone too far!” shouted Yan Mochen.

“Idiot, who said they were from the same sect? They’ve already failed, so they aren’t disciples of the Xuantian Dao Sect,” sneered Long Chen.

“But… but they’re still disciples of the branch sects! How could you be so vicious and merciless to them?!” Han Yunshan also stood out.

“Exactly, whether or not they were disciples of the branch sects, they are still humans. How can you kill them without the slightest pity?” demanded Wei Changhai.

The three of them were clearly standing together to target Long Chen. The disciples who had failed once more began to curse at him when they saw the three of them support their cause.

“Exactly, Eastern Wasteland dogs-”

A person who had barely opened their mouth was killed by Guo Ran. Guo Ran’s crossbow was constantly being upgraded as his forging skills improved, and at this distance, there was no stopping it.

“Continue.” Guo Ran pointed his crossbow at those people below. With such a terrifying crossbow pointing at them, their scalps turned numb.

Although they had seen Guo Ran shoot several arrows, they were appalled to find that they were unable to even see the arrows, only able to faintly see a golden light before another person was killed. It was too fast for them to react, let alone dodge or block.

These disciples instantly turned pale, not daring to speak. They looked from the crossbow to the pools of blood on the ground.

“Long Chen, how dare you order your subordinate to kill people. You-” shouted Yan Mochen.

“A nation has a nation’s laws, a family has a family’s rules, and a sect has a sect’s rules. Right now, they’ve washed out but dare to charge onto the important land of the Xuantian Dao Sect. They’ve broken the rules of the trial and gravely harmed the prestige of the sect. Even if I killed them all, there would be nothing wrong with it. You say they are the sect’s disciples? For the sect’s disciples to break the sect’s rules, discriminate against a region’s disciples, incite inner strife in the sect, and try to destroy the sect from the inside, they deserve death all the more.

“You should rejoice. If it weren’t for a promise I made to one my beauties to control my temper, well, if it was me from a year ago, you’d have long since gone into the path of reincarnation,” said Long Chen.

“You… you’re just twisting words!” Yan Mochen was unable to find a way to retort Long Chen’s words. When it came to eloquence, even ten of him weren’t a match for Long Chen.

“Don’t play such childish games with me. I don’t have time for such senseless things. If you make me lose my patience, I’ll kill all of you.” Long Chen’s gaze swept over the three of them, his killing intent suddenly surging.

In that instant, the three of them felt like space had frozen around them. A fierce sensation of death made all their hair stand on end.

Let alone the three of them, even Mu Qingxuan was affected. She had never come into contact with such a terrifying killing intent. It was like just his killing intent could take a person’s life.

Long Chen was truly angry now. Although he had promised Meng Qi not to cause trouble and rein in his temper, that didn’t mean he would just grin and bear everything.

He wouldn’t take the initiative to cause trouble. But if someone wanted to try to bully him, well, there was no way he was going to endure it.

This was Long Chen’s final warning to them. If the three of them still tried to find trouble for him and slow down his growth, then he wouldn’t hesitate to pay any price to cut the three of them down.

Everyone was deathly silent, because they were within the range of that terrifying killing intent. They didn’t dare to move, feeling like a death god’s scythe was pressed against their necks.

“Long Chen, as a disciple of the Xuantian Dao Sect, you dare to indiscriminately kill the innocent. Just who gave you that authority?!” Suddenly, a cold shout rang out. Space twisted, and two new figures appeared in the sky.

Those two figures wore black robes and had long chains in their hands. The jade plate on their waists had the Law character written on them.

Long Chen’s eyes narrowed upon one of them. That was a familiar face.

“Lu Minghan, long time no see. I’m relieved to see your head has reattached so seamlessly.”

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