Chapter 1005 You’re Too Filthy

There was a sea of people ahead. Hundreds of thousands of disciples were watching an intense battle. Sand and stone tore through the air alongside the powerful winds.

There were two figures on the battlefield. One was a beautiful figure surrounded by whirling wind blades. Like a celestial goddess, she was Tang Wan-er.

The one she was facing was a man in thick armor. That armor had runes the color of the ground, and powerful earth energy continuously surged towards him. It was the Western Desert’s heavenly genius, Yan Mochen.

“It’s sister Wan-er. Boss, let’s go cut down that ground beetle,” raged one of the Dragonblood warriors.

“Hey, what did I tell you guys before? This place is not the Eastern Wasteland. Don’t think about fighting and killing all day. Use kindness to subdue others. Furthermore, Wan-er isn’t losing. She hasn’t fought in a long time, so fighting a bit is good. Maybe then she won’t want to fight me all day. Let’s go find a good place to watch.” Long Chen didn’t plan on immediately interfering. He wasn’t worried for Tang Wan-er at all.

She had obtained a powerful inheritance in the Immemorial Path. Combined with her refining the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood, her power was extremely great.

Most importantly, she was someone who had faced death with him several times and was a true expert forged through many great battles.

The wind blades around her surged and crashed like a tsunami. With two wind blades in her hands, she forced Yan Mochen to retreat miserably over and over again.

Fortunately for Yan Mochen, that thick armor around him was the Great Earthen Armor condensed from his core runes. It was his strongest defense, and the wind blades were all blown back when they struck it.

However, the wind blades also possessed immense destructive power, leaving countless nicks in his earth armor. He was forced to constantly draw out earth energy to repair those nicks, or his earth armor would have long since shattered.

All the experts watching were stunned. They had never imagined that a rank four Celestial like Tang Wan-er would be able to repeatedly force back the rank five Celestial Yan Mochen.

“Sister Wan-er is mighty!”

“Sister Wan-er is mighty!”

“Sister Wan-er is mighty!”

There was a group of people that were constantly cheering. When Long Chen looked over, he couldn’t help but laugh. Who could the person leading that group be other than Guo Ran?

Long Chen immediately saw Gu Yang’s bright head behind him. He was relieved to see him, and he brought his group over.

“Haha. Boss, you’ve come too! That Yan Mochen was such a damn poser, saying that he could challenge the entire Eastern Wasteland. Thus, sister Wan-er decided to teach him a lesson,” explained Guo Ran with a smile.

“Did you manage to obtain the secrets of the wooden puppets?” Long Chen suddenly thought of the last time he had seen him.

“Ugh, it’s too depressing to talk about. The only thing I got was my own tears,” said Guo Ran sorrowfully.

“Gu Yang, how did you manage to get out of the illusion formation?” asked Long Chen.

“I…” Gu Yang blushed, causing Long Chen to be stunned.

“This little fellow paid someone to bring him out, hahaha!” laughed Guo Ran, his gloom vanishing in an instant.

Gu Yang rubbed his head, embarrassed. “There was no way around it. Otherwise, I’d have failed on the first part.”

“Even that’s an option? Not bad, not bad. In truth, there are many things that money can solve. Sometimes it’s even more effective than martial strength, so it’s not embarrassing,” laughed Long Chen.

“Oh, boss, look, our ferryboat has also come. He’s even looking worshipfully at you,” exclaimed the Dragonblood warrior who had spent a few days acting as a ferryman.

Long Chen quickly saw a pair of eyes filled with rancor glaring at him. That gaze clearly said he wanted to bite Long Chen to death. How was it worshipful?

That person was precisely the person who had been viciously put in his place twice, Han Yunshan.

“I wonder if the brother who bought him managed to make back his money?” laughed the Dragonblood warrior.

Long Chen ignored Han Yunshan. That idiot was nothing to him, unable to pose the slightest threat.

Han Yunshan was gathered with the Northern Source’s disciples. Although the people here looked to be in disarray, they were actually split into four regions.

Long Chen quickly saw a beautiful woman in the Southern Sea’s side waving slightly at him. She was Zhao Ziyan.

Long Chen smiled slightly and nodded toward her, which could count as a greeting. Guo Ran was shocked and worshipfully said, “Boss, you really are the boss! No matter who she is, any woman ends up captured in your hands! When it comes to seducing-”

A hand clamped onto Guo Ran’s throat. Long Chen raged, “Brat, when are you going to reserve yourself a bit?! I almost got killed several times because of you. Do you know how many times Tang Wan-er beat me in private because of your blabbing mouth? If you want to die, can you not bring me down with you?”

Long Chen’s fury immediately erupted. Because of Guo Ran, he had been interrogated by Tang Wan-er many times when no one else had been watching. Thinking of that, he ground his teeth.

“It was just a misunderstanding, boss! Furthermore, sister Meng Qi and Wan-er aren’t here.” Guo Ran begged for forgiveness.

Only then did Long Chen release him. He wasn’t afraid of a god-like opponent, but he was afraid of a pig-like ally. He had been implicated by Guo Ran far too many times.

“Reporting to boss, that Wei Changhai is glaring at you,” said Guo Ran immediately after being released.

“Ignore him. They’re all just idiots. Is the entire Dragonblood Legion present?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes, they’re all here. But there are over seventy brothers that came with us that didn’t manage to pass,” said Guo Ran.

“Over seventy?” Long Chen sighed. Only five hundred people had come from the Eastern Wasteland, and the Dragonblood Legion had taken up most of those spots. Now that seventy had been taken from their number… it really was pitifully low.

For over seventy people to be unable to pass such a simple trial, the power difference was truly immense.

Long Chen looked around. Doing a rough estimate, he’d say there were less than seven hundred and fifty thousand people.

Of eight hundred and seventy-six hundred thousand disciples, only over a hundred thousand of them had been washed out. The failure rate wasn’t very high. Long Chen had originally thought that at least half of them would fail.

BOOM! Tang Wan-er suddenly summoned a huge wind blade and exchanged a head-on blow with Yan Mochen. Both sides fell back.

“Sister Wan-er is mighty! Beat this ground beetle!” cried Guo Ran. Gu Yang and the others also cheered along.

Although this exchange had ended in a draw, everyone could clearly see that it was Yan Mochen who was at a disadvantage.

Tang Wan-er’s attacks were too agile and drifting. She could attack from any angle with great destructive power. As for Yan Mochen, he had only managed to keep up thanks to an earth attribute expert’s great defensive power.

If this continued, then the attacking Tang Wan-er would have much higher odds of winning. As for Yan Mochen, he wouldn’t even have a chance to counterattack and would only be able to stall for time.

This result was unacceptable to the Western Desert’s people. It was they who had mocked the Eastern Wasteland the most, calling them dogs.

But now Yan Mochen, their top expert, a grand rank five Celestial, was at a disadvantage against a rank four Celestial. Their faces were burning hot as if they had just been slapped.

“Hmph, Yan Mochen refuses to use his full power against a woman. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to last even a hundred exchanges!” cried one of the Western Desert’s disciples.

“You’re still alive?” Guo Ran was stunned. That person was the one who had come out to insult the Eastern Wasteland’s disciples first, Xie Wei.

On that day, he had almost been killed by a single slash of Yue Zifeng’s sword. If it hadn’t been for an Elder saving him, he’d have died. Then, Long Chen had slapped him so hard that he had fainted in front of everyone.

“Hmph, of course I’m still alive. You think an insignificant trial of this difficulty can stop me?” sneered Xie Wei.

“No, you misunderstand. What I meant was, you’re not embarrassed to stay alive? You lost so much face that day that anyone else would have killed themselves out of shame. I admire your bravery,” praised Guo Ran.

“You!” Xie Wei almost coughed up blood. Guo Ran was intentionally picking at his scab. Thinking of how much face he had lost that day, he clenched his teeth but was unable to retort. He could only endure.

“Don’t be like this, I’m not trying to humiliate you. I really admire you. This is praise… Yes, it’s praise,” said Guo Ran.

Although he said it was praise, that evil smile made it so no one could believe him.

“Yan Mochen, next time you want to say such big words, you should consider your own power first. Don’t spout whatever you want, or you can come and try me any time,” said Tang Wan-er indifferently before ignoring him and returning to her side.

“Sister Wan-er is mighty!” cheered the Dragonblood warriors.

Seeing Long Chen looking at her with a mischievous smile, Tang Wan-er blushed slightly. She rebuked, “What are you looking at me like that for? Did I do something wrong?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, but you said something wrong.”


“Your words were too filthy.”

“Filthy? How?”

“Just look at how big he is. You want him to appraise his ‘crap’ power before speaking? Don’t you think that it’s too filthy?”[1]

Tang Wan-er didn’t understand for a long time. But seeing Guo Ran and Gu Yang smiling, she suddenly realized what he was saying.

“Long Chen, you’re disgusting!”


Long Chen’s words truly were disgusting. Tang Wan-er couldn’t bear it, but the Dragonblood warriors all laughed. As for Yan Mochen, his expression sank.


Suddenly, space shook, and a majestic pressure descended, causing everyone’s hearts to shake.

[1] This is a pun on 分量 and 粪量 which sound the same, but Tang Wan-er’s says power, while Long Chen’s says crap. So in Long Chen’s words, Tang Wan-er said, “next time you want to say such big words, you should first appraise your crap.”

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