Chapter 1004 Unexpected

“They are my brothers, my conviction, my belief. I will pay any price to protect them.” Long Chen smiled warmly as he looked at those Dragonblood warriors.

Each one of them was his brother. They worshipped him and were willing to give up anything for him. He was also willing to sacrifice his life for them.

This kind of feeling was something others couldn’t comprehend. Many people might scoff at it. But only they were able to understand this feeling between brothers. The blood of the covenant was thicker than the water of the womb.

His words caused these people to feel lost. They felt like they understood what he was saying, but they were unable to understand that realm, because they had never come into contact with something like that.

“Qi Feng, Yue Yang, lead a few people to draw its attention. The others form two wings for protection. Luo Fei, work with me to kill it in one blow!” shouted one of the Dragonblood warriors. The others rapidly took their positions, with people attacking it to the front and people disturbing it to the sides.

After fighting against it for so long, they had already come to understand the Darkwing Tiger’s attack patterns. But it was still too strong for them, and they had to try a combination attack.

The Dragonblood warriors at the front unleashed powerful attacks as they activated their Treasure items’ true bodies. They actually managed to force the Darkwing Tiger back.

It let out a furious roar, and the runes on its wings suddenly lit up. This was the preparation for one of its powerful moves.

But just at this moment, the Dragonblood warriors at the side launched all-out attacks, forcing the Darkwing Tiger to use its wings to cover its body. Their Treasure items caused metallic ringing when they struck its wings, unable to break its defense.


The Darkwing Tiger hadn’t been able to release its powerful attack and had been forced into a defensive posture. Just at that moment, two figures stealthily slipped into one of its blind spots.

Two sabers slashed down consecutively. The first one broke its tough hide and left a huge cut, and then the second one came. It precisely landed on the cut, and a huge head flew into the air.

Grabbing its attention, forcing it to switch to defense, and then the launch of a sudden, decisive attack; all of it was completed seamlessly. Instead of being different parts, the Dragonblood warriors were like one inseparable whole.

In truth, the Darkwing Tiger’s defense was shockingly great. Even this sudden attack would normally be unable to break its tough outer hide, and even if it did, it wouldn’t cause such a huge injury. The only reason it had worked was because the Darkwing Tiger had gathered all its defensive energy to its wings.

The huge head rolling on the ground deeply shook the disciples’ hearts. They didn’t dare to believe that these thirty-some people had actually killed this late eighth rank Darkwing Tiger.

“Nice!” The two Dragonblood warriors that had launched the final attack high-fived, celebrating this perfect cooperation.

“Watch out!!” Suddenly, someone cried out. Just as they cheered, one of the headless Darkwing Tiger’s wings raised into the air and slammed down toward them. For the headless corpse to suddenly unleash such a fierce attack, everyone was shocked.

This attack was even more terrifying than all its previous attacks. Its power caused space to twist around it, and if it landed, these two would definitely die.

A huge blood-red saber-image slashed onto that terrifying wing. When the two collided, it caused a heaven-shaking explosion.

The ground shook intensely, and the powerful qi wave blew away all the Dragonblood warriors. They vomited blood as they flew through the air.

The distant disciples were all struck by the qi wave as well. They were blown back dozens of miles before managing to stabilize themselves.

When they once more looked toward the mountain pass, they saw Long Chen surrounded by astral winds that tore at his robes. He was like an unmoving mountain, his saber lazily resting on his shoulder.

There was a huge hole in front of Long Chen, and within that hole, the Darkwing Tiger’s corpse lay motionless. One of its wings had vanished.

“Blooddrinker’s power has once more increased. According to the Eastern Wasteland Bell, if I continue nourishing it like this, it will quickly reach the King item level.”

Long Chen was startled. He had always been nourishing Blooddrinker according to the method the Eastern Wasteland Bell had taught him. According to the Eastern Wasteland Bell, although Blooddrinker was only a peak grade Treasure item, the material it was made of was special, and even the way it had been forged was excellent. Although it had once been injured, through the Phoenix Blood Black Gold, its quality had increased from its previous peak.

Not only that, but through this constant nourishment, Long Chen’s connection with Blooddrinker’s item-spirit grew greater by the day. When he attacked, Blooddrinker would make adjustments according to his move. Their cooperation caused their power to increase again.

“Boss…” Two miserable figures dug their way out of the ground. It was the two Dragonblood warriors that had cut off the Darkwing Tiger’s head. They were both ashamed.

“Not bad. Your cooperation was basically perfect.” Long Chen smiled and put away Blooddrinker, patting them on the shoulder.

“Boss, don’t comfort us. If it weren’t for you, we’d be dead,” said one of them bitterly. That attack at the end had been incredibly terrifying.

The other Dragonblood warriors came over. They surrounded the Darkwing Tiger’s corpse, making sure it was truly dead.

“Don’t blame yourselves. You’ve already done very well. It was just a bit of an accident, but this does show that you still don’t have enough battle experience. Although it was a Magical Beast, and ninety-nine percent of Magical Beasts have crystal cores, there are always some exceptions. For example, this Darkwing Tiger. All its energy was in its Neidan. If you had paid more attention in battle, you’d have seen that when the Darkwing Tiger attacked, its runes began to light up from its abdomen and not its head,” said Long Chen.

“It seems that really was the case…”

“When Magical Beasts launch their attacks, their energy normally starts in their crystal core. It looks instantaneous, but the runes start from the head. It’s just that many people don’t pay attention to that detail. As for the Darkwing Tiger, its energy stems from its Neidan. Even once its head is cut off, it won’t immediately die. It will have one last breath to unleash all its Neidan’s energy in one sudden explosion to bring down its killer,” said Long Chen.

The Dragonblood warriors were all ashamed. This small detail had almost taken their lives.

At this time, the other disciples who had been blown away returned. They couldn’t help but sigh emotionally. Experts truly were experts. Just this vision left them far in the dust.

“Sorry boss, we didn’t pay enough attention before attacking.”

“There’s no need to say such words between brothers. Since I dared to let you take this risk, everything was within my control. This was nothing more than a game, so don’t take it so seriously. Gaining some experience isn’t a bad thing.

“There are countless oddities in this world, and although they’re rare, if you’re unlucky, you’ll end up running into them. So remember, when you attack, your guts have to be big, but you also have to be meticulous. You can’t be lacking either one. There are some mistakes that we can’t afford to make. Meng Qi told me that some Magical Beasts can even have both crystal cores and Neidans. To sum it up, there are all kinds of varieties, so just be careful.”

Long Chen didn’t blame them. At first, he had felt the Darkwing Tiger to be a bit odd, and then he had seen through some clues. Nonetheless, he trusted that after this experience, they would pay much more attention. He often told them that they couldn’t make the same mistake twice.

Seeing all this, the other three regions’ disciples were all ashamed. This little mistake wasn’t even a mistake in their eyes. It seemed that in Long Chen’s eyes, everything they did was full of mistakes. For the Dragonblood warriors to care so much about this tiny little mistake, they thought of Long Chen’s previous words: the reason they were strong was because they had no choice but to get stronger. If they were weaker, they would have long since died.

This had been a good example. Their battle just now had practically reached the realm of perfection, but they had still almost lost their lives. Now they understood why the Dragonblood warriors were so strong. They looked worshipfully at them.

After putting away the corpse, they continued forward. But curiously, even after two days, no more blockades appeared. If they weren’t sure about the direction, they would have assumed that they were lost.

On the third day, as they were crossing a mountain, they suddenly heard an intense battle going on ahead.

Long Chen’s expression changed slightly. He heard a very familiar voice and he rushed off. Reaching the peak of another mountain, he saw a barren land with two people fighting each other on it.

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