Chapter 1002 Direct Slap

Long Chen had attacked second but struck first. His movements were smooth and graceful, complementing the especially resounding sound.


Wei Changhai smashed into a mountain, causing it to crumble.

Long Chen had seen a hundred openings in Wei Changhai’s attack. It was like Wei Changhai was asking to be slapped. If he didn’t help him out, he’d feel bad.

Talent was not the same as power. He had such immense power, but had no idea how to use it and still acted arrogantly. In Long Chen’s eyes, whether it was Han Yunshan or Wei Changhai, they were nothing more than foolish fatties fumbling around.

They looked big and strong, but were actually just fat and dumb, unable to release their own power. Let alone Long Chen, even people like Xue You and Yu Changhao would have been able to kill them in one blow had they been alive.

These were greenhouse flowers, existences that couldn’t compare to bamboo growing in the wild. In the Righteous and Corrupt battles, such idiots would have long since reincarnated.

The disciples fighting the Magical Beast were all startled and retreated. They looked over just in time to see Wei Changhai blast his way out of the mountain and roar, “Long Chen, die!" 

As Wei Changhai formed hand seals, endless water energy began to circulate. Ripple-like fluctuations appeared in the air.

Wei Changhai had erupted with a rank five Celestial’s power. Five-colored runes intertwined, forming a huge curtain of water that enveloped Long Chen. At the same time, a wave of energy roared toward him.

That wasn’t truly water, but something created from water runes. This attack contained terrifying destructive power.

As soon as Wei Changhai attacked, a terrifying pressure caused all the disciples to turn pale. In that instant, they felt a slight stabbing pain in their souls. Their bodies involuntarily trembled, and the lower their Celestial rank, the more intense that feeling was. That was a kind of Heavenly Dao suppression.

If two Celestials of different ranks fought, then the one with the greater rank would have a powerful suppressive effect on the other. And the greater the rank difference, the greater the suppression. A rank three Celestial would be fundamentally unable to release their full power against a rank five Celestial. Unless the cultivation base of the former far surpassed the latter, they would stay as far away as possible.

In Wei Changhai’s fury, he had even released the power of his Spirit Blood. He was clearly intent on killing Long Chen, causing Zhao Ziyan’s expression to change. She knew that Long Chen was powerful, but he wasn’t a Celestial. Worried that he would be killed in one blow, she was just about to interfere.

Suddenly, a light rumble rang out. Long Chen vanished, startling Zhao Ziyan. Wei Changhai’s attack had clearly locked him down.

When she saw him once more, Long Chen had used some unknown method to escape Wei Changhai’s suppression and charge toward him.

“Idiot, I’ll teach you two things: one, if you want to lock down others, either your aura or your Spiritual Strength has to be greater. Two, not everyone will just stupidly take your attacks head-on. If you were on the battlefield, you’d have long since been killed.”

With thunderforce around him, Long Chen was like a bolt of lightning, appearing right in front of Wei Changhai and giving him another slap in the face.

Long Chen almost found it inconceivable. When this idiot had attacked, he hadn’t held anything back at all. In other words, all his energy had been wasted on a missed attack, while he had kept nothing back for defense or dodging.

His slap landed solidly on Wei Changhai’s uncomprehending face. Perhaps this result wasn’t even completely in Long Chen’s expectations either.

His attack was extremely vicious, and the sound of Wei Changhai’s bones breaking rang out. Half his face caved in, and he was once more sent flying.

He smashed straight through a huge mountain and then continued for a dozen miles before stopping.

After stopping, he didn’t move again. He had fainted. This was the result of Long Chen holding back, or his head would have exploded.

Although Long Chen looked down on these people, he didn’t particularly care about them. However, having this idiot call him an Eastern Wasteland dog had irritated him. People with such vile mouths should definitely be slapped.

Everyone looked from the unmoving Wei Changhai to the indifferent Long Chen. They were stunned.

Just what kind of monster was Long Chen? That Wei Changhai was a rank five Celestial, a peak heavenly genius amongst them. But he was knocked unconscious with two slaps to the face. This couldn’t even count as a battle. It felt more like beating a child.

Even Zhao Ziyan was shocked. At first, she had been worried for Long Chen. But now she found she really had worried too much. Or perhaps she should have been worried for Wei Changhai.

“How unlucky, from the start of the day to the end of the day, I always encounter these idiots.” Long Chen was speechless.

He had been preparing to properly raise his strength in the Xuantian Dao Sect, focusing on cultivating. He didn’t want to provoke others, but there was always an unending stream of idiots coming to provoke him.

As soon as he arrived at the Central Plains, he had to face other people’s discrimination and mocking. Even with a good temper, he’d find it unbearable. Furthermore, his temper had never been good.

First, he received provocation from Yan Mochen, then he had Han Yunshan trying to get revenge on him, and now he had this fool who thought he was trying to seduce his woman. With his temper in the Eastern Wasteland, he’d have long since put them in the ground. But he had newfound restraint, and although he couldn’t kill them now, he definitely wouldn’t let them get used to bullying him.

“Sorry, I implicated you,” apologized Zhao Ziyan.

“It has nothing to do with you. This is fate. Wei Changhai must have committed many wicked deeds to run into me,” said Long Chen.

Or perhaps it was he who had committed too many wicked deeds in his past life. When the heavens were bored, why would they toss some trash his way? Did they want to disgust him to death?

Time was of the essence. He wanted to quickly get used to the Xuantian Dao Sect and the Central Plains. He had no time for this nonsense. 

“Since that’s the case, I won’t bother brother Long any longer.” Zhao Ziyan bowed slightly.

“Alright. But really, this matter has nothing to do with you,” said Long Chen.

Zhao Ziyan nodded gratefully and rushed off to the mountain peak. There was still a powerful eighth rank Magical Beast guarding there.

“Water Spirit Prison.”

That Xuan Turtle was tightly bound by runic chains, becoming unable to move.

“What refined control. It’s at least a bit stronger than Wei Changhai. However, there are still too many flaws. It’s alright to use it against a Magical Beast. But on a battlefield, it would just be a joke…” Long Chen was speechless inside. As soon as she used a move, he could tell her true power and experience.

He actually felt that life really was fair. The Dragonblood Legion’s path had been filled with pitfalls, but now each one of them was a true expert. Compared to the other three regions’ disciples, they were the true warriors.

As for those ‘talented disciples’, they ended up like children. For them to become true experts would require a long time.

Even in a group battle against such an ordinary eighth rank Magical Beast, they were constantly injured. The difference was truly immense.

Zhao Ziyan didn’t kill the Xuan Turtle after capturing it. Instead, she brought those people past it while it was captured. Those people were incomparably excited and repeatedly thanked her.

Once Zhao Ziyan left, the Xuan Turtle escaped from its bindings and roared, releasing its fury.

“Shut up. Provoke me and I’ll kill you,” said Long Chen.

The Xuan Turtle’s roar stopped abruptly as if it became too terrified to make a sound. An eighth rank Magical Beast had some intelligence, and their sense of danger was quite strong. A single order from Long Chen made it silent.

Long Chen didn’t continue onwards. He waited for three days. On the third day, Wei Changhai finally awoke. When he saw Long Chen, he glared furiously. But Long Chen ignored him. As long as he dared to come at him, he would just send him flying with another slap in the face.

Wei Changhai’s eyes were spitting flames, but in the end, he didn’t dare to attack Long Chen again. He chose to continue onwards.

During these three days, another mass of people accumulated before the mountain valley. But right now, they only numbered three hundred. They tried several times, but they were unable to get past the Xuan Turtle’s blockade.

These disciples had been lagging behind, meaning they were also weaker. Wei Changhai was heartless, binding the Xuan Turtle and walking past by himself. He immediately released it so no one else could pass.

Those people glared hatefully at him, but they were powerless. The Xuan Turtle was too strong, and two people had almost been killed when they had tried to get past it. They didn’t dare to try again and were just waiting.

After another day, the person Long Chen had been waiting for finally arrived. It was the Dragonblood warrior he had left behind as a ferryman.

Other than him, there were two other Dragonblood warriors. Long Chen asked, “How was it?”

“Hehe, we’re rich. I also sold off the boat for a high price. In total, I got over one hundred and thirty million middle grade spirit stones.” That Dragonblood warrior handed Long Chen a spatial ring.

Long Chen nodded. That was around what he had predicted, and a slight difference was very normal. He then asked about Gu Yang.

“The two of us lagged behind to search for big brother Gu Yang in the mist region. But after going through the whole area, we couldn’t find him. He should have long since left,” said one of the other two Dragonblood warriors.

Their Spiritual Strength was not bad, and so they weren’t impacted by the illusion formation. If they hadn’t found Gu Yang after all this time, it meant he had gotten out on his own.

“Good, then I’m at ease. Let’s continue onward.”

Long Chen nodded and led the three of them toward the mountain pass. When Long Chen arrived, those anxious disciples’ eyes lit up.

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