Leng Yueyan Chapter 2 The Weak Seek to Live


The sound of bones breaking rang out and Leng Erhei’s spine was instantly destroyed. He was just an ordinary person, while his opponent was a cultivator.

But even with his spine broken, even as he lost all connection to his lower body, Leng Erhei continued to hang onto the black-robed man.


In his fury, the black-robed man’s body suddenly shook. A powerful qi wave directly shattered Leng Erhei’s arms, and he was sent flying, wildly vomiting blood.

Leng Erhei smashed into a wall. His body was completely deformed and no longer looked human. He stopped breathing, but his eyes were still looking in the direction his wife had fled. They were filled with longing.

“Dad!” Little Yan let out a heart-rending cry as she tried to escape from her mother’s hold. But she was too weak, and she was carried away.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Suddenly, Little Yan’s mother trembled. A sword had stabbed into her back and out through her chest. The tip left behind a shallow cut on Little Yan’s cheek.

“Mom!” Little Yan cried out, looking at her mother. Her mother’s eyes were filled with death, and her mouth opened and closed as if she wanted to say something, but she was unable to.

Her mother’s body collapsed on the ground, her blood dyeing the vegetables. This place was her family’s garden.

“Little girl, you’re not bad looking, but you don’t have any spiritual qi fluctuations. You don’t even have a Spirit Root. Ugh, useless. You can die now.”

That black-robed man looked at the crying Little Yan and ruthlessly sent a kick her way.

She was sent flying and crashed into a wall. This kick of his was something that would kill any ordinary adult, let alone a child.

The man didn’t even give her a second glance. He turned and went in another direction. He had no idea that the girl hadn’t died.

She stood back up. Blue lines began to appear in her originally black and white eyes. A sickle appeared in her hand, and she ran over at him.

That black-robed man was looking over the scene, looking to see if there were any fish that had escaped their nets. He actually didn’t realize that a little girl was stealthily getting closer to him.

“Li Laosan, look out!” Suddenly, one of his fellows let out a startled cry as he noticed that the girl behind him had already raised the sickle in her hand.


Before Li Laosan could even react, that sickle struck. It was unknown from where that girl even got the power, but that heavy sickle used for cutting firewood sliced cleanly through his neck.

Li Laosan let out a startled cry, and without even thinking about it, he slashed his sword behind him.

It was an instinctive reaction. Regretfully, those instincts were for use on adults. His slash was aimed at his opponent’s waist, but the person attacking him was only a child. His sword swept right over her head. Let alone injuring her, it instead caused him to stagger and fall on the ground.

His head fell to the ground. Just as it landed, he saw that sickle growing even larger in his eyes. Then, he turned stiff, never to move again.

As if she didn’t realize he had already died, the little girl continued to crazily hack her blade down on the body. Blood dyed her entire body.

The blue color in her eyes grew, and there was even a faint pulse to them now.

With the blood splashing onto her body, she felt inexhaustible energy within her. She continued hacking her blade. Li Laosan was already turned into mincemeat, but she still didn’t stop.

Her hands were covered in blood. It wasn’t just Li Laosan’s, but also her own. The skin on her hands had been ground away, but she didn’t seem to be able to feel the pain.

She hacked away, each slash stronger than the last. In the end, her sickle brought with it a whistling sound that even caused the other black-robed men to be stunned. A little girl had used a sickle to hack a fourth Heavenstage of Qi Condensation expert to death. That scene was too bizarre.

Eventually, she suddenly collapsed on the ground, unconscious. Only then did the black-robed men walk over.

Seeing Li Laosan’s mincemeat corpse, as well as the little girl who seemed like an adorable doll, they didn’t know what to think. This scene was chilling.

“This girl’s extremely bizarre. Perhaps we have found a treasure. If she’s a supreme seedling, all of us will have contributed a great merit.” The scar-faced man picked up the girl and left with the others.

The black-robed men had left. But the originally peaceful village had been turned into a land of death. Other than that little girl, the others had all died.

It was dark and damp. A moldy smell filled her nose. It was extremely disgusting. The little girl suddenly awoke.

“Dad, mom!”

She cried out. She found that her voice had become hoarse as if she hadn’t drunk any water in many days. It felt like smoke was about to come from her throat.

Her head was still dazed. She once more fell asleep. In her dreams, she saw her mom and dad playing with her. She also saw her fellow villagers celebrating. It was the new year. All of them were smiling happily.

Suddenly, the entire world darkened. It was so dark that it was impossible to see anything. She panicked and began to cry, and she tried to find her mom and dad. As a result, she quickly found their corpses.

“This isn’t real. It must be a dream,” she cried.

After crying and crying, at some unknown point, she realized there was someone in front of her. She raised her head, but she wasn’t able to see that person’s face.

All she could tell was that it was a woman. She was very tall with an excellent figure. She had long hair, and she seemed to be holding something in her hands.

“Who are you? Why did you kill my parents?!” shouted the girl as she pounced on that figure.


Intense pain in her head woke her up from her dream. She realized she was locked in a cage, and it was constantly rocking. She should be on some sort of cart.

A sharp rocking of the cart had caused her head to slam against a wooden pillar. Blood was flowing out.

Feeling that blood, she panicked. She almost called out for her mom when she suddenly recalled that her mom was already dead. Her dad was also dead.

“Release me! I want to go find my mom and dad!” she shouted, clutching the cage.

The cover on the cage was removed. The blazing sunlight pierced her eyes, causing her to cry out. She hastily covered her eyes with her hands.

“If you keep shouting, I’ll feed you to the wolves.” A vicious voice rang out. She didn’t even have a chance to see from whom it came before the tarp was put back on. The cage once more became dark.

Her stomach growled. But she bitterly endured, not making a sound.

After an unknown time, when she was so hungry that she was only half-conscious, she felt the cage shake several times. Only then did she powerlessly open her eyes.

She saw that a stocky man was carrying her cage as if she was just a wild animal.

At the same time, she saw other cages. She saw a pair of frightened eyes in each one of them.

“I… ah!” A boy who appeared seven or eight years old shyly opened his mouth. But he only had time to say a single word when he was beaten by a whip. His skin immediately split and he let out a pained shout.

“No one said you could speak, so keep your mouths shut. If you want to live, remember this place’s rules,” said a man icily.

The children in hundreds of cages immediately became so terrified that they didn’t dare to make a sound. Even when their tears overflowed, they tightly clenched their mouths, not letting their sobs escape.

A group of large men quickly carried the cages. They were even faster than horses, and they quickly crossed a mountain.

They eventually reached their destination. After putting down their cages, a one-eyed man swept his gaze over them. He icily announced, “Your first mission is to survive for seven days here. During this week, you’ll have to find your own food and water. If you can’t find anything to eat, there’s an even simpler method. Human flesh isn’t poisonous, and it’s not as hard to eat as you think.”

This group of children looked at him with terror. It was unknown whether they could even understand what he was saying, but this group of people didn’t care.

After saying that, they directly opened the cages and then left without a second word.

The little girl looked around. It was already dusk now, and it would quickly be dark. She felt an unprecedented loneliness. Thinking of her dead parents, she wanted to cry, but there were no more tears to be found in her eyes.

“I want to live. I want to get revenge for my parents.” She clenched her tiny fists and was the first to walk out.

The other children saw that and also walked out. They wanted to find some fruits to relieve their hunger. But there were no fruit trees around. There weren’t even any bodies of water.

The girl quickly found a foot-tall plant as she advanced. She hastily bent down and dug it up. Her hands immediately began to bleed because they were still too tender. However, she bore it and continued digging.

Eventually, she dug out a fist-sized ball. She recalled that this thing was called a potato, and it could be eaten. Her father had once dug some up for her to eat.

She happily looked at it. She was just preparing to wipe off the dirt and eat it when a boy snatched the potato out of her hands.

“That’s mine!” she cried.

But the boy ignored her and also ignored the dirt on the potato. He directly bit into it, and it was gone in just three mouthfuls.

The girl tearfully looked on. At this moment, her fists were quivering and blue ripples appeared in her eyes.

“Little sister, I have two insect larva here. You should eat them quickly!” Just as the girl’s fury was slowly gathering, a gentle voice rang out in her ears.

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