Chapter 424: I Command You To Live

I clenched my fist angrily, "You deliberately set me up!"

The Dog Trainer smiled, "In fact, I knew you wouldn't kill him, especially since he’s such an important witness. A person's character is like a cage that binds the heart. You may have made a difference, but you’re bound by this meaningless sense of justice."

I gritted my teeth, picked up the semi-automatic pistol from the ground, and shot at the Dog Trainer, but there were no bullets.

"Look, you’ve finally taken an amazing step forward!" the Dog Trainer laughed.

I threw the gun aside, shivering with rage. "Come at me then. Don't threaten me with my friends!"

"You have no collateral to use against me. Your weakness is your self-confidence. Do you know the real purpose of these three tests?” he arched his eyebrows. “The purpose was to make you think that I won't hurt you. You didn't even bring anyone with you today and confidently came to the meeting alone. My purpose has been achieved."

In that instant, I broke out in a cold sweat at the accuracy of his judgment of me. "What do you want?" I asked.

"I want to turn you into my slave!" The Dog Trainer's eyes flashed sinisterly, "In fact, I didn't want to use coercion because you’re valuable for two things–one is your ability and the other is your identity! If you disappear for no reason, everyone will know that you’ve become my dog, then your identity will be meaningless. But you forced me to do this. You didn't follow my rules, so you have to be punished."

As he walked towards me, I took a deep breath, ready to launch the Eyes of Yama.

The Dog Trainer continued, "I don't care whether a policeman lives or dies. In fact, what I want the most is you, Song Yang! The case is just a means of distracting you. If you have something to do, you won't be too wary of me. You now regard me as the enemy. But once you are baptized by me, you will have a new self. When the time comes, you will thank me, you will fall in love with me, and you will die for the organization! The stronger the man is, the more loyal he is after surrendering. I can't wait to hear you call me master..."

His eyes lit up with a strange glow, a morbid smile rising to his lips like a devil from the depths of hell.

Even in the face of the most dangerous criminals or the paranormal that couldn’t be explained by common sense, I had never been so frightened as I was at this moment. I knew that once I fell into his hands, it was the end of the road for me. I would become his accomplice, even killing my former friends for him!

I closed my eyes and opened them again. Profound fear seemed to intensify the power of the Eyes of Yama. The Dog Trainer covered his eyes with a scream and fell to the ground, firing several shots at random.

I quickly rushed downstairs but was attacked with an iron bar halfway down near a blind corner, making me lose my balance and I started rolling down the stairs.

"Don't you dare hurt the master!" A big fellow pounded me with the stick in his hands.

Though I didn't expect an ambush to be waiting for me, I managed to activate the Eyes of Yama once more at the critical point. With an ear-piercing scream, the big fellow fell over the railing, and a few seconds later the dull thud of a body hitting the floor came from below.

After using the Eyes of Yama twice in a row, I was close to fainting. I knew using it again meant zero chance of escape. Body swaying left to right, I staggered as I slowly stood up. Suddenly, a large net enveloped me.

The man holding the fishing net pulled so hard that I stumbled to the ground. He dragged it all the way to the middle of the floor and began kicking.

Suddenly, a white light flashed and a bloody mark appeared on the man's neck, slowly expanding. He subconsciously covered the wound with his hand but the blood gushed out like open floodgates. Finally, he fell to his knees.

It was none other than Song Xingchen who killed the man. Song Xingchen stood beside him, the Tang Sword in his hand slicing away at the fishing net which allowed me to break free.

The sound of a gunshot reverberated through the air, and Song Xingchen crouched down at once, throwing his Tang Sword out.

I turned around to see a man aiming a gun in our direction, with the Tang Sword embedded in his face as he slowly keeled over.

Because of the abrupt movements, Song Xingchen had torn open his wound. He covered his stomach, blood staining his hands red. "Go!" he urged.

“We’ll go together,” I said.

"Just go!" Sing Xingchen was almost yelling.

Clang! The sudden noise came from the side. Song Xingchen turned over and kicked something out of the way. Nailed to the cold wall, it was still bouncing–it was a knife.

From where the knife originated stood a topless muscular man with an armband full of throwing knives. He drew two of them into his hand.

I immediately darted towards the second body and pulled out the Tang Sword, tossing it to Song Xingchen. As soon as he held onto the sword, Song Xingchen sliced through the air, causing sparks as he thwarted the oncoming knives.

"I’ll be fine. Just go!" shouted Song Xingchen.

"Don't die!" I said, gritting my teeth. As I tore down the stairs, a fierce struggle sounded from behind.

In the span of one breath, I managed to make it downstairs. Using the Eyes of Yama earlier had me seeing black. Unfortunately, I found several cars waiting downstairs. At the sight of me, a bunch of people jumped out of the cars with weapons in their hands.

"Master has given the order. Catch him alive!" shouted the leader.

Despite the odds that were stacked against me, I tried to rush through the crowd but there were so many of them that I was surrounded. The encirclement was shrinking, and I couldn’t use the Eyes of Yama again. First of all, it had no way of coping with so many people, and secondly, it was my life-saving card.

Right then, a loud noise interrupted my thoughts. Looking in the direction of the noise, I saw Song Xingchen stepping on a flying knife and landing on top of a car, smashing the roof. He suffered multiple injuries and his body was dyed red by the blood but his eyes were as cold as a lone wolf.

While everyone else remained stunned, Song Xingchen did a flip and sliced the man standing closest to him. As the other charged at him, Song Xingchen swung his sword horizontally, splitting three or four people at the same time, sending blood splattering all over the place. 

However, this group of brainwashed dogs didn't know fear or pain. Even after killing more than a dozen people, the rest of them still rushed towards him, eyes filled with murderous intent. It was almost too difficult for one man to stand against so many, and Song Xingchen gradually grew weaker and began to tremble...

Two seriously injured men clung to Song Xingchen's legs to stop him from moving.

A man with a dagger pounced on Song Xingchen, stabbing his shoulder. Though he was immediately beheaded by Song Xingchen, the weight of the headless body rested on him so the three corpses and one living man fell to the ground at the same time.

The people in the back took the opportunity to jump on him. "Stop!" I shouted.

"Let him live and I'll go with you."

Applause came from upstairs. There stood the Dog Trainer in a commanding aura. Upon seeing their master, the dogs knelt down one after the other. 

"I told you already, you have too many weaknesses. You should’ve just listened from the start!" the Dog Trainer smiled.

Crushed to the ground by the corpses, Song Xingchen shouted hysterically, "No! If you do this, I will commit suicide."

"I order you to live. As long as we’re alive, there’s hope," I persisted.

As I watched Song Xingchen clench his bloody fists, a man immediately covered my face with an ether-soaked rag. My consciousness sank into darkness...

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