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Ninth Daoist (道门老九)
Beneath the peaceful façade of the modern world, an undercurrent of shocking crimes roils in the underbelly of society. Follow Song Yang, the last Traditional Coroner of China, as he navigates through this underworld of violence and debauchery, and uses seemingly common everyday objects like an umbrella, squid ink, and magnets to hunt down serial killers, sexual predators, real-life vampires, necrophiles, and others who prey upon the innocents and hide behind the fog of supernatural mystery. There is no mystery too enigmatic for Song Yang to solve, and there is no depth too deep for him to venture into to uncover the truth!
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Hotread (火星小说)


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14 Reviews
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4 years ago
Pretty unique and so far well-written concept when it comes to any translated CN novel I have read. Enjoy that it actually includes a very interesting historical basis that western readers probably have not heard of, and I am unsure if even many Chinese readers would have been taught.

Modern, basically current day setting is refreshing to have the author use rather than something that would be closer to fantasy. Hard to judge based on small sample size but I'm looking forward to it and where the author takes what looks to be the main, underlying story.

While detective novels may not be that rare, the concept of TUD puts a very interesting spin on the genre.

4 years ago
At least so far i think is what i think is the definition of mystery and thriller of what a detective novel/story should be.

This traditional concept on a modern day is kind of something fresh and different that we need since most of the novel available are pretty much the other way around (isekai, or on the martial world).

The knowledge and the twist is quite deep also. We need more of this genre to brings something new to us and at the same time can deepen our knowledge as well.

So, i recommend this novel. hopefully it can be out of sneak peek soon.

Five Clawed Tyrannic Blood Dragon
4 years ago
Not recommended
I like the novel and the concept as well as the firsts mysteries but the supernatural took too much place in the story.

I myself believe that some things are unexplanable and like how this traditional coroner believed in ghosts and spirits as long as they don't take too much importance.

The problem lies with the facts that the supernatural is becoming too proeminent in the story and it feels now too similar to the other novel of this author "otherwordly merchants".

In fact it feels that this novel is too much like a spin off of his other novel.

It's a shame because i liked how it begins.

I will still read it of course but i'm less thrilled now.

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4 years ago

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