Chapter 42: The Final Battle in the Darkness

“Dude, have you lost your mind?” Dali shouted. “We should call Huang Xiaotao and wait for her!”

“No!” I said. “The murderer can see everything clearly from upstairs. If a large number of policemen are coming in, he must know that he’s trapped and he might do something desperate and dangerous.”

“If you mean he might commit suicide by jumping off the building, then maybe we should just let him do it,” shrugged Dali.

“No, I mean he might hold the residents here as hostages!” I said.

Dali was lost for words for a while, and he finally asked with an uncertain tone, “Will the three of us be okay?”

“Yes, we’ll be fine,” I said. “We have Wang Yuanchao’s strength, and you have a weapon against him in your hands.”

“You mean the UV light?” asked Dali. Then he suddenly realized it and exclaimed, “Yes, of course! He’s afraid of the sun! Dude, you’re really smart, did anyone ever tell you that?”

“Come on, let's go!”

I did call Huang Xiaotao, though, and told her to come back, but not in large numbers, so as not to alert the murderer.

Huang Xiaotao said, “Wang Yuanchao is a very experienced officer. You should follow behind him. Don’t act rashly! If the criminals take hostages, don't irritate him. We’ll be back immediately."


The three of us walked upstairs. I walked in front and tilted the umbrella at an angle towards the stair railing so that the ultraviolet light in Dali’s hand could shine through the umbrella paper and onto the stair railing. Wang Yuanchao silently followed us with his hand on his gun.

This building was not that high—it only had six floors, so there was no elevator installed.

Bai Yue’s fingerprints were blurry and very easy to identify. Every time we reached a new floor, I was worried that the fingerprints would appear outside the door of a certain household—in that case things could turn out really bad.

But his fingerprints continued up to the sixth floor. I saw the door leading to the rooftop was ajar, and I could see a peek of the dark night sky outside.

I waved my hand and said, “Turn off the light, don't let Bai Yue know we’re here!”

Dali turned off the light, Wang Yuanchao pulled out the gun and moved into a combative position and walked in front of us. He gently pushed the door open, and we followed him.

The rooftop was not an empty open space. There were many large water tanks and pipes. In order to ensure smooth water supply, the residential building will pump the tap water to the top for storage. The three of us walked forward step by step, and Wang Dali held onto my shirt behind me. My ears were filled with the whistling night wind, and it was bitingly cold up there.

Wang Yuanchao took extra care at every step, searching for the surroundings from time to time with the eyes of an eagle.

As we walked and walked, I suddenly heard a noise. I looked up and saw a man in a black sweater standing at the top of the water tank. His whole body almost blended perfectly with the darkness of the night, only his pale hands and feet betrayed his position. “He’s up there!” I exclaimed.

Before I even finished the sentence, Wang Yuanchao fired a shot upwards. I didn’t know if it hit anything.

The man in black jumped down onto Wang Yuanchao, trying to take him down with his falling momentum. The two men were locked in a fight. The man in black grabbed Wang Yuanchao from behind and opened his mouth, aiming to bite his neck!

The moment he opened his mouth, I was stupefied, because his pair of fangs were so sharp and long that they looked like that of a wild beast. My persistent views that vampires never existed was challenged in that moment. I began to think Bai Yue really was a vampire!

Seeing that Wang Yuanchao was going to be bitten, I hurriedly opened the umbrella in my hand and aimed it at Bai Yue’s face.

He let out a muffled sound, then he was knocked to the ground. He quickly got up and stabilized his body, and as lithely as a cat, he slinked into the darkness. Wang Yuanchao fired several shots in that direction, but the bullet hit the water pipe, and water burst out of it!

Wang Yuanchao’s head was bloody, but he did not seem to care at all. He was about to chase in that direction, but suddenly something flew in from the other direction and hit him on the back, and a stinking smell of blood suddenly spread through the air.

I looked at the thing that fell on the ground—it turned out to be a balloon filled with eel blood.

Then there was the sound of flapping wings in the night sky, and a large swarm of bats flew towards us. The eel blood had attracted them, and each pair of tiny eyes glowed with green light in the darkness just like fireflies. I shouted to Wang Yuanchao, “Take off your coat, now!”

Wang Yuanchao quickly took off his coat and threw it away. The coat scattered some of the bat, but the ground around us also sprinkled a lot of eel blood. The bats rushed to us like crazy, and each time their bodies touched mine my skin crawled.

“Dali, turn on the light!” I yelled as I tried to fight off the bats with my umbrella. But I turned to him and saw him squatting on the floor with his head buried in his hands. He was trembling as he yelled, “Go away! Go away!”

The swarm of bats completely obscured our sight. At this time, the thing that I was most worried about happened—Bai Yue was rushing back towards us!

His terrifying white face slowly rose from the water tank, and the cold eyes crossed over the large flying bats and cast it on us. A sneer appeared on his bloody lips, and he said, “You mortals dare to kill me?”

It seemed that he had truly lost his mind. I ducked down and rolled over to Dali and took the UV light then aimed it right at Bai Yue’s face.

The bats of the sky shrieked and scattered. Several of them ran into the wall and on the ground, and they were almost smashed to bits. The man in black didn't expect that I would use this trick. He screamed and covered his face with both his hands. It seems that the ultraviolet rays hurt him a lot. I saw his skin get blistered in an instant.

Bai Yue quickly ran away to the other side of the tank, but Wang Yuanchao chased him. Several gunshots shattered the silence of the night sky, and then moments later, everything seemed to calm down.

I thought Bai Yue was killed, and I was so relieved that I kicked the Dali’s foot and said, “Get up, idiot!”

“O-Oh…” said Dali, still in a daze of fear.

We ran over to Wang Yuanchao and saw him holding his gun with both hands, aiming it at a certain direction. We turned our gaze towards that direction and saw Bai Yue holding a man in his arms as he aimed his sharp fangs at the man’s throat. The man turned out to be the director of the orphanage.

“Please don’t come any closer. He’ll kill me!” said the director.

I guessed that the person who threw the eel blood at us was probably this old man. He not only helped Bai Yue commit murder, but now he even volunteered to be taken as the hostage to help Bai Yue get away!

“Stop pretending, Director!” I said. “We know your secret! You’re Bai Yue’s father, aren’t you?”

The director hesitated for a while, then nodded.

“You’re really smart, boy,” he said. “When I met you at the orphanage, I knew that there was something unusual about you. Yes, Bai Yue is my illegitimate child. I have wronged him and his mother. Now it’s time I repent for my sins!”

“How is this repentance of your sins, director?” I asked. “Not only did you not stop your son from murdering those women, you even helped him, and now you’re trying to help him escape as well? What kind of a father does that?”

“No! My son did nothing wrong!” shouted the director. “He merely killed them to get their blood! He needed blood to survive! His birth was God’s way of punishing me. I now am willing to accept whatever happens to me!”

What an extremely perverted version of fatherly love!

“Stop talking,” Bai Yue. “I want you to block the bullets coming from that stinky policeman so that I can run away!”

“Yes, run, my boy!” said the director. “My life no longer has any value. You run far away from here, and make sure you survive!”

Wang Yuanchao put his finger on the trigger, his face completely expressionless.

“Song Yang, can I kill both of them together?” he asked coolly.

I didn’t know how to answer. I didn’t have the right to decide the life and death of others. The best idea that I could think of at the moment was to delay everything until Huang Xiaotao arrived.

Unexpectedly, Bai Yue suddenly pushed the director aside. The director immediately rushed towards Wang Yuanchao. Wang Yuanchao took the initiative and fired a shot through his leg. The director slammed down onto the ground immediately.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Bai Yue sped towards the edge of the rooftop, and as I watched with stunned eyes, I saw him jump over the building.

I was shocked to say the least. Who would’ve thought that Bai Yue would rather die than surrender?

But what happened after that shocked me even more, because Wang Yuanchao pursued after Bai Yue with the speed of a cheetah, and under my more stunned gaze, he actually jumped over the building after Bai Yue!

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