Chapter 344: The Intimidation Of Tiger Eyes

Song Xingchen explained that the creator of Cave Vision was a Song family ancestor who was both a constable and miracle doctor.

An unexpected opportunity led him to the realization that even after the death of the Siberian tiger, its eyes still burned with intimidation that could frighten a whole pack of wolves. He wondered if he could reproduce this effect in human beings.

So he stimulated his eyes with drugs and acupuncture, but unfortunately failed and ended up blind.

Uncontent with his failure, the old man tried again with his month-old son, washing his eyes every day with his own concoction. Finally, he created Cave Vision by mistake, allowing the user to see perfectly in the dark or observe the most minute details. The initial formula was very dangerous, especially with the risk of blindness. Later on, after several generations, our ancestors continuously improved the formula until the creation of the Eye Opening Elixir which provided the Song family with an additional form of protection.

It wasn’t until the first constable of ancient Guangdong and Guangxi, Song Buping’s generation, that Cave Vision was properly understood. Song Buping was stabbed during a mission, and his life was in danger. After a narrow escape from death, his eyes had undergone a qualitative change. He was able to intimidate with his “Tiger Eyes.” Even the tenacious and iron-willed were afraid to look him in the eyes when he was angry.

Song Buping referred to this ability as the Eyes of Yama because that was what they called the God of Death, the King of Hell who presided over the ten Kings of Hell. Only Lord Yama’s eyes could frighten all creatures!

At the time, it was clear to the Song family that the Eyes of Yama could be awakened, but the condition was very harsh–a close brush with death. Afterwards, quite a number of Song family members deliberately tried to recreate such conditions but lost their lives in vain, because the boundary between life and death was extremely difficult to grasp, and it was simply beyond human control.

Since then, in order to prevent the children of the Song family from killing themselves in pursuit of this power, the elders burned all records about the Eyes of Yama, deleting even the name of the ancestor who discovered the ability. The Eyes of Yama were passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth only in the martial Song branches. It gradually became a legend. In fact, Song Xingchen didn't believe it existed until he saw my eyes.

In the entire history of the Song family, there were only two people with the Eyes of Yama, all of whom were martial Songs. I was the third and only literary Song.

The Eyes of Yama that had been lost for a long time appeared on me. In Song Xingchen’s words, it was a miracle!

I looked at the smoke curling above the candle on the bedside table and said, "How exactly does extinguishing a candle with my eyes work?"

"I'm not sure,” he shrugged. “There aren’t enough cases for us to study."

After some contemplation, I ventured, "It’s probably nerve impulses! Nerve impulse is the medium that transmits information in the human brain, and the total quantity of electricity is equal to a battery. There was once a psychic in Vietnam who could read vague images from other people's eyes. Several experts believed that a gene mutation enabled his eyes to act as a receiver of nerve impulses, even those emitted from other people. On the contrary, my eyes can release nerve impulses, especially when I’m angry or agitated. This energy directly acts on the nerve center of the other party, making them extremely fearful."

Song Xingchen folded his arms and yawned, slurring his speech, "Hmmm, that makes sense!"

This guy seemed to have no interest at all in the scientific explanation. I was a little annoyed that my words were like playing the harp to the cow.  "Don't use it on me,” he said. “I won’t know how to explain it if you go into a coma."

"What else do you have to say?" I asked.

"You should use the Eyes of Yama as little as possible,” he advised. “Song Buping once made a prisoner crazy by staring at him. This ability also has certain negative effects on you. You’ll be prone to blacking out."

"That's probably due to insufficient blood supply to the brain, thus causing a protective coma,” I deduced. “By the way, my eyes also see afterimages. Is this also an effect of the Eyes of Yama?"

"I’m not sure about this,” he admitted. “My master never mentioned it to me. You’ll have to explore it yourself!"

These eyes might take some time getting used to, but on the whole, I was pleased. It was a pity Grandpa never learned about this ability.

"From now on, I promise to guard you more closely,” Song Xingchen declared. “Your life is more valuable now and the Jiangbei Daggers are targeting you."

"What do you mean? Is there someone behind the scenes?" I asked.

Song Xingchen shook his head, "There’s one thing I haven't told you. The elders of the Song family won't allow me to. In fact, the Jiangbei Daggers isn’t a person but an organization. The secret code left by your grandfather meant to deal with the murderer refers not to himself but to this organization!"

The truth suddenly dawned upon me! No wonder Kong Hui was so protective of the words "Jiangbei Daggers." He had always known it was the name of the organization, but I regarded it as a lone person.

Song Xingchen went on to say, "The history of the Song family’s fight against the Jiangbei Daggers goes so far back you can't even imagine. Even Song Ci, the shining star of the Song family, ended in mutual destruction with the first generation of the Jiangbei Daggers! When your grandfather was determined to bring down this monster, several elders gave him an ultimatum and ordered him not to investigate any more. So, my advice is to act within your capabilities. Every generation of the Song family wants to bring them down, but inevitably fails. They spread like cancer, devouring new cells, growing more and more powerful. Our Song family has been hit hard and was almost at the point of complete collapse. That is how our most important rule of never becoming a government official or police officer came into being. You must never repeat these words to a third person or you’ll never see me again..."

With that, he suddenly dropped to one knee.

"What are you doing?" I wondered out loud.

"Young master. This time, I failed to protect you as I should have,” he stated. “You have the right to punish me according to the family laws."

"And what is that?" I arched an eyebrow.

He pulled out his Tang Sword and said, "Sever one of my fingers or ears. Just give me the command and I’ll do it myself."

I grimaced at the Song family’s strict rules. Song Xingchen was so solemn I knew he wouldn’t stop until I meted out his punishment. "Listen to my order. I shall enforce the laws on behalf of the Song family for your failure to protect me!"

Song Xingchen buried his head even lower. 

"Give me a smile!" I commanded.

He raised his head in amazement. "What's the matter?” I said. “Ever since we’ve known each other, I’ve never seen you smile once. So give me a smile! You must complete your task!"

Song Xingchen slowly adjusted his facial muscles and forced an exaggerated smile. I had to admit he might have been born without this function.

"Alright, you can go!"

"Young master, rest well then!"

Just before he walked out the door, I said, "Leave your cell phone number."

"I lost my cell phone," he frowned.

"Well here’s my next order: Get yourself the latest iPhone X so I can contact you once I’m discharged. I’ll hold a celebration dinner and you must come."

"Got it!" his lips curled up in a slight grin.

"That smile looks much better than the previous one."

In terms of seniority, Song Xingchen might be my cousin but that was just how we got along. Though I seldom spoke to him, I already considered him a friend.

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