Chapter 60. Ball (11)

Like Alphonso, I didn't get a uniform from the training center. There were two reasons for this. One was so that you wouldn’t get a uniform if you didn’t complete the training. The uniform was proof of civil servants and provided one the prestige of a noble.

For your information, there was an order of prestige from the highest first rank to the lowest eighth rank. First to fourth were called “first”, while the fifth to eighth was called “quasi” or “second”. To put it simply, you could think of it as there being first-grade civil servants to eighth-grade civil servants.

Although the title was easy to issue, the process to revoke it was complicated. So you would have to retake the civil service exam again if you failed the internal evaluation at the training center.

The second reason was a little realistic because it was money. The civil servant training was six months at most. Trainees failing to pass the internal evaluation had to return their civil service cards and leave, so there was no way they would pay for uniforms for those who might be leaving. Moreover, all the civil servants of the empire had different uniforms for different departments, so even if they had uniforms of the training center, they would not wear them if they had completed the training.

In other words, the day I wear a civil servant uniform would be the first day of work if I complete the training and I’m appointed to a department appropriately.

However, there were more than 100 suits in the wardrobe, ranging from small, suitable for a 3-year-old to a 20-year-old. The suits were all worn by Mrs. Arscilla's son, Arcanta. The suit I was wearing was the one the prime minister wore when he was 17, and Alphonso’s was the one he wore at 15. It must have been quite a while, perhaps because magic was used, it was in good condition.

"Wouldn't it be better for Lisbon to wear a suit too?”

Lisbon shook his head at my question. "No. Most of my friends at school said they are wearing their uniforms, and also wearing such a formal suit makes me feel uncomfortable."

Mrs. Arscilla said while putting down the teacup, "Oh no, it's okay. My son doesn't even wear these clothes anyway. You can feel free to wear it. I can just give it to you as a gift too.

"Ahhaha, no it’s ok. Actually, it didn't fit well.” Lisbon smiled and declined.

Looking at it, Arcanta's suits were clearly very slim. Contrary to Lisbon’s warm face, he had unexpectedly well-developed muscles, so it would make sense if the suit didn’t fit.

"Mmm, something is still uncomfortable."

Alphonso still moved around like he was unused to the suit. I gave him a light tap on the shoulder and headed outside the boarding house.

"Then, we'll be on our way."

Mrs. Arscilla waved like a noblewoman.

"I'll be there on the day of the emperor's birthday, so don't ignore me tomorrow?" Mrs. Arscilla made a light joke.

I guess if you're a duchess, you don't have to attend the day before.

"Hahaha, how could I ignore such a beautiful lady?"

Although I said so with a smile, it would be dangerous to be with Mrs. Arscilla, the duchess. There was no guarantee that Uncle Bloody wouldn't attend if it was at the level of a princess’s birthday. I'd have to appropriately wear a white mask, kill my presence, and stay in the corner. The white mask had magic to disrupt perception, so as long as I killed my presence, I’d be able to get around without having to meet anyone.

"Hohoho, thank you for your words. Have a nice trip."

The men-only group and I left the boarding house. Alice and Yuria had left earlier. They seem to have planned on meeting their friends from the magic school first.


Alice and Milpia headed to the terrace to escape the ball venue that was not fully prepared yet.

"Where did Yuria go?" Alice grumbled.

Milpia gave an awkward smile. "Since Yuria's uncle is General William, maybe she went to see the Princess?" She prodded lightly, it was to find out how much the other knew.

Honestly, Milpia didn’t know the exact reason Big Mama wanted her to infiltrate the magic school. Initially, she thought she was being demoted as punishment for the Granwell Branch being discovered. Just having a customer who came to Granwell to buy information and not to an external branch, was tantamount to showing her inexperience in managing information.

However, considering she met Yuria and Aria, who was believed to be Arelia according to classified information, she realized that Big Mama had her infiltrate the magic school for a specific reason.

Milpia had asked the information agency to provide her with exact goals, but all she received was ‘stand-by’.

So, without her, were they not aware of the fact that there was a person at the magic school who was a classified subject?

Milpia shook her head. There was no way that could happen. Since she, whose authority to read information had disappeared, was suspecting it, there was no way her superiors would not be unaware of it. They likely knew very clearly what she was suspecting.

Nevertheless, receiving no instructions meant one thing- She herself was being tested.

What was the content of the test? Were they retesting her qualifications?

They could be suspecting her of being a spy because of the leaked information...

Milpia resolved. She didn’t know about the former, but if it was the latter and she didn't pass the test, an assassin would come for her.

Unlike Milpia, who was filled with a heavy heart, Alice replied with a light smile, “That’s definitely a possibility.'”


Milpia smiled lightly like Alice. Nothing would change from worrying about it now.

Standing on the terrace, Alice and Milpia chatted while waiting a long time for Yuria. Then, Alice found her brother walking into the entrance of the magic school from beyond the railing of the terrace.

"Oh, it's my brother. Den! Alphonso! Over here!"

When Alice waved and shouted, Milpia smiled and stopped her.

"They won’t be able to hear from here. How about we go towards the entrance?”

Milpia was rendered speechless at the sight of a white-haired boy waving his hands at the entrance of the magic school and a young man with dark blond hair waving his hands like Alice.

"Seems like there’s no need to go.”


With Mrs. Arscilla’s care, we arrived at the magic school in a duke's carriage, got out near the entrance, and walked in. We could have gone into the entrance with the carriage as it was, but I suggested walking to avoid drawing attention and being seen since the coach had the duke’s crest on it.

Lisbon and Alphonso agreed casually to my proposal and came out of the carriage. I also left after applying magic that disrupted perception.

Although they didn’t receive as much attention as getting off in the school, they were still seen getting off a duke’s carriage. Now that Alphonso and Lisbon were known to have ties to the Duke, rumors would spread throughout the school.

I didn't want such a rumor, so I cast a spell to prevent people around me from recognizing me. I was just going to walk in the first place. But Alphonso and Lisbon took a liking to the comfy carriage and got on while ignoring my opinion, and thus I was forced to get on.

Well, it was a carriage that didn’t tremble and was more comfortable and spacious than a limousine from my previous life, but it was not my intention to ride the carriage. So it was probably unnecessary to cast the perception disrupting magic on this stupid duo.

By the way, knights seem to have been placed in every corner of the magic school because it was the princess’s birthday. If it was going to be like this, I didn’t know why they wanted to hold the ball at the magic school instead of just at the palace.

After entering the magic school, to reduce the attention around me, I gradually spread the magic that interfered with perception. If you spread the magic in stages like this, it won’t give the impression that perception disruption had suddenly appeared. Instead, it would seem like you just aren’t very noticeable. Of course, the magic needed to be maintained at a low level.

By the time I had almost finished my magic, I could hear Alice’s voice somewhere. Where is it coming from?

I looked around and found the source of the voice. I could see Alice waving in the distance.

“Alice is over there.”

“What? Where?”

After staring in the direction that I pointed to for a long time, Lisbon and Alphonso waved their hands brightly having found her waving her hands on the terrace.

But could we not do it in such an open place?

There was a lack of consideration for the person who didn't want to be noticed.

"Wow, good job noticing."

Lisbon waved and admired. Although it was a terrace, it was still hard to find someone inside the building.

"I'm a person who’s very good at finding a man in a red striped shirt and glasses."

"Huh? Alice isn't wearing striped clothing? She’s not wearing glasses either." Alphonso tilted his head after seeing Alice.

He noticed, unlike his usual self.

"Come, come, let's go in quickly.”

I avoided the question, and pushed their backs, and entered the magic school.

Entering the magic school, we had to go through strict identification and affiliation checks as well as be confirmed on the invited list for the ball before we were able to go to the terrace where Alice was.

On the way there, I took a glance and saw a lot of knights dressed up for the ball. I wouldn't have known if I'd just looked, but compared to the students around, I was able to tell that there were quite a few magicians mixed in.

Huh? Should I say that it was overwhelming compared to the surrounding? Anyway, when I looked towards where there was strong energy, there was a middle-aged man with slightly thinning bangs wearing a shirt that showed a deep chest drinking with a smile.

That was definitely the man in the stands when Lisbon took the test. At that moment, I felt my face harden.

"What's wrong?" Lisbon asked.

"It’s nothing. Let's go quickly."

I pushed Lisbon’s back. He had a curious look on his face, but it was all for Pushover’s sake.

When we arrived at the terrace, Alice and an unknown woman welcomed us.

"You came early? You made it seem like you would come only when the ball was starting."

I shrugged when Alice asked playfully. "It didn’t seem like a bad idea to come early and occupy a corner."

My plan at the ball was to bring delicious-looking foods to the quiet terrace, eat it and leave quietly.

Don't get involved with the princess, just in case.

"What about Yuria?" I couldn't see Yuria who went out with Alice.

Alice shrugged, saying she didn't know.

I felt uneasy for some reason. I hope it wasn’t something like her bringing the princess here for introductions. She may possibly be acquainted with the royalty because she was the niece of William who was capable of meeting privately with the Emperor.

Whenever I say perhaps, it almost always happens, so I prayed for it to not be true.

"Oh, let me introduce you. This is a new friend from the magic school." Alice introduced the girl next to her.

"Hello, I'm Milpia."

When the girl named Milpia revealed her name, Lisbon was the first to greet her with his characteristic refreshing smile.

"Nice to meet you. I am Alice’s older brother, Lisbon."

"Nice to meet you. I’m receiving a lot of help from Alice." Milpia matched Lisbon and greeted back smiling.

Alphonso, who wanted to introduce himself quickly, raised his hand and gave his greeting. "Hello! I'm Alphonso. So... Are you acquainted with Yuria?” He hesitated and glanced at Alice.

Alice nodded lightly to affirm Alphonso's gaze.

"Oh! I'm her twin brother. Please take good care of Yuria from now on," Alphonso said sincerely.

Usually, they often appeared to quarrel as expected of twins, but it was not a bad sight to see them support each other at times like this.

"Yes, I'm getting a lot of help from Yuria too. Nice to meet you."

Milpia greeted him like she had Lisbon. But it felt subtly different. In comparison, the former was being polite, while the latter seemed subtly sincere.

How should I put it... It was a feeling that only I, a true-born liar, could feel.

To express it in terms of taste, it felt like you could shout, "This is the taste of a liar!"

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