My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World

My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World

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He was on his way to buy some beer to celebrate his acceptance as a civil servant when he was suddenly banged down and isekai'd by truck-kun.
Reincarnated as Denburg Blade, the son of a legendary battle race chief, he caught demons at 8 years old and a dragon at 12 years old. Subjected to the spartan-style training of his muscular monster of a father, he lived an inhuman daily life.
"I must leave this place that is far from peaceful!"
Safety is the best! So he chose to be a civil servant of the empire!
Can Denburg really become a civil servant and live the peaceful and stable life he wished for?
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104 Reviews
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3 years ago
Not recommended
Well it managed a decent intro, but as soon as the first mini arc was over the MC became super dense and the novel just turned stupid. So now he's randomly stealing from every noble in the capital he can find, to keep people busy from finding him, so that he can peacefully pass the civil service exam (if he ever gets to it), so that he can then... peacefully clean up the massive mess his own actions created? And all this of course while he's set for life, so he wouldn't even need an actual job.

Oh and all the while of course our super smart and super mature (because he constantly has to remind us how he's more like 40 years old with his two lifetimes combined) MC is too dense to realise that he himself is a walking disaster, while constantly doing stuff he can only do because... well he's a walking disaster. While knowing that his father did the same when he was younger and the result of that included an entire country being wiped of the map. But, no our lovely MC is just confused why the capital of the Empire doesn't have a single combatant stationed in it...

Yes, I get that this is supposed to be a lighthearted comedic parody of the usual OP isekai stories, but unless you find chuunin syndrome MCs absolutely hilarious I fail to see where the humor in this novel is.

3 years ago
Not recommended
Edited after chapter 35. Dropping the novel and not recommending this. The initial small arc (15ish) is a meticulous work that is one of the better written clash of strategies between two chars. After those initial chapters, the quality drops so much that I have thoughts of the author using shadow writer for the first arc.

The good:

The novel is well written with interesting character in the begginning. Conversation, thought pattern and action flows smoothly.

The bad:

Plot seems like a korean version of OP MC being reincarnated to another world. He is currently 16 and is the strongest magician in the world, the third strongest muscle, the third most skillful swordsman, and the second smartest person in his village of strongest race in the world. He is also revealed to be a skilled craftsmans and alchemists at a later part, able to create such a powerful staff that can obliterate the aforementioned strongest race's village if uncontrolled. Plus he is apparently also genius in his previous life as he understand aerodynamics, economics and accountancy in his previous short life. So he got the brain, the brawn and the magic. Recipe for success in whatever he do. But oh, he just want to live a life of a humble civil servant. Convenient. You would think that it is simple for such a prodigious character that wants to be essentially a lowkey character to be succesful. But no, the author have to make the MC to use contrived method to solve simple challenges just to showcase his OP-ness. Worse is the MC is so dense and keep annoyingly emphasizing that he is oh so mature to realize how much of a fuckup situation he is creating.

World building is a mess. Technology development is haphazard. Looks medieval but they have a train? A village has a guard hunter group of 2000+ people? A SSD using magic? What next?

MC's character is inconsistent. Portrayed as ingenous, humble, caring in the first arc. Eg: playing 9 board chess, escape from 1000+ strongest race in disadvantegous terrain, hate to even scratch fellow villager, just want a stable job as inconspicous civil servant etc. After the first arc ends, he become dense to his status as powerful being, arrogant to suckers, careless and ruthless. Why in the world does he steal from powerful people when he wants to live a humble life? Why does he nonchalantly walk the count residence with invisibility magic but forget about when "accidentally" meet the princess. Why does he even still want to be civil servant when he has a wealth rivalling a high noble family. What's with the offputting eay he denigrate other people in his mind and downplay his/justify his crime. He likes to think of himself as infallible and wallow in power trip. There is also an annoyingly large amount of chuuni-ness from the supposedly 40 years old MC (in 2 lifetimes)

Many cringey events start to happen due to his whimsical display of chuuniness. Eg: that ch 35-36 with the princess just screams of the scene from Aladdin. Mind you, I happen to like Disney stories for what they are but in this novel, the execution is just cringe

TLDR: Read it til chapter 13, stop, and assume ending at MC saving the world from demon conspicuously and live happily ever after as civil servant and married to a (or many) beautiful wives.

3 years ago
Not recommended
I really hate to be the first bad review on a novel. this novel starts off with a spectacular first 20 chapters. They are well written the characters seem like they are going to be tropey but different all at once, and that we may get a fresh take on an isekai novel. We do not. The tropes start to intensify the characters get more cartoonish and the general sense of the novel starts to change.

I understand this is supposed to be a parody of the genre of sorts, but the jokes fall flat and it becomes so blatant that the author is not using his characters to their full potential. Our protag does not even realize that he is super strong in the capitol but could play 8 dimensional chess? he is an asshole to a very nice guy (even if he is kind to a fault), he does dumb things, makes dumb jokes, and has become such a a waste of a character. He has just been presented to be too smart not to realize what he is doing or what the situation is around him and it makes it unbelievable and frankly off-putting to read.

The biggest problem is that it makes the jump from serious and thinking characters to absolutely stupid, mean, far fetched idiocy much too quickly for you to adjust to the tropes and what kind of novel it is going to be.

The author also doesn't stay consistent with the level of technology within his created world. An example being that the level of maps within the setting are extremely low quality( to the point of being unreadable) ,but that they have passenger trains....??? and other such incongruities showing up in the first chapters past 20. I sincerely hope the novel straightens itself out and that I just read the awkward phase between prologue and the rest of the novel and it will work out these kinks. If that ends up being the case I will gladly come back and change this review. which I hope happens because the premise sounds fun, ridiculous, etc... and the author showed that he has the ability to write really compelling and fun action sequences while building a fun character driven story into them.

But so far...blegh.

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Bye Bye Civil Servant

2 years ago

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