Chapter 267. The Wind of War (2)

I shook hands with Palamut and Marsen at the train station, saying, "You're leaving earlier than I thought."

"What can we do? There was a kidnapping incident.” Marsen smiled bitterly.

As someone who interpreted for the prime minister and Palamut, I could understand the meaning of Marsen’s smile. It was appropriate to say that the alliance between the empire and the Fairy Tribe had completely disappeared.

Palamut smiled and held my hands tightly. "I heard from Godfather that Mr. Interpreter was the one who knocked me out and rescued me?"

At Palamut's words, I looked at Marsen. Marsen laughed awkwardly. "Haha, that's...”

"Don't blame Godfather. It's because I inquired about how I was rescued while unconscious."

Palamut smiled playfully. "I'm sorry I knocked you unconscious. I did it because it was a little too complicated to explain."

To be specific, it was more troublesome than complicated.

"No, I'm not blaming you for knocking me unconscious. I'm just saying thank you for saving me. There are many reasons for me to be thankful towards you: saving my subordinates, healing Godfather, and keeping the relationship with my country from going down the drain."

This was beneficial for Palamut as well since a collapsing relationship with the empire wouldn’t be good for the Fairy Tribe either. Yet, I shook my head at Palamut's words. "I don't know about anything else, but in the end, it is up to Khan Palamut and the prime minister. All I did was interpret some political terms that Marsen-nim couldn’t interpret."

What I said was not being humble but truthful. There was no way I could be bothered to step up and mediate between them.

Palamut acted as if he heard modesty and spoke with a smile. "No, the meeting itself was possible because you were there. This grace will be repaid independently of the empire. Let me know if you ever need any help."

Marsen also continued where Palamut left off. "I'll also add to that. I will help you with anything you request without any questions."

It seemed that he didn’t forget that he promised to do me a favor once before.

"Thank you. I'll ask you later if something happens."

Marsen laughed and hit me on the back. "Hahaha! You should!"

Then Ophelia, Marsen's aide-de-camp, smiled and said, "As an interpreter who is fluent in our language, you probably already know, but in our country, to say we will repay the favor is a promise to meet again.”

It was my first time hearing about such a promise.

"Come and visit. There are a lot of people who want to treat you for saving their lives."

The envoys and knights who were loading luggage on the train all agreed with Ophelia's words.

“Please come and visit, Mr. Interpreter!” 

“We will be waiting.”'

Oh, my. Them acting like this all of a sudden is making me feel embarrassed. If I ever quit being a civil servant, it would be nice to visit the Fairies’ country.

"Yes, all right."

Everyone started boarding the departing train, and Palamut whispered to me, "But what's your real name? Den von Mark isn’t your real name if you are the direct descendent of the Crow Tribe’s chief."

I burst out laughing. "Did Marsen-nim, no, did that old man say that?"

"Hahaha, isn't Godfather an innocent person? It wasn't hard to trick him into confessing the whole truth." Palamut laughed playfully and continued, "How can I have any face as a Khan when I don't even know the name of my benefactor?"

I grinned at Palamut’s nonsense and said, "Denburg Blade. That's my name."

"Well, Denburg Blade. I memorized it. Let’s meet again next time, friend."

Palamut left these words and got on the train. I looked at Palamut in surprise when he suddenly called me a friend, and Palamut smiled and waved. Soon, the train door closed and began to leave the capital.

"Well, it seems I've made an interesting friend,” I mumbled as I left the train station.

* * *

After my work as an interpreter ended, I immediately returned to the Adventurer’s Guild. The Adventurer’s Guild was as lively as usual with adventurers.

"I'm back."

I approached a desk and greeted Fiona while she worked. Fiona got up from her seat and replied, "Well done. I was worried because there was a rumor that something had just happened at the palace, but I'm glad you're safe."

Judging from her reaction, it seems it was not yet known that Palamut was kidnapped.

"I heard that the Fairy Tribe delegation was leaving today, but it looks like they’ve already left, considering that you’re back."

I nodded at Fiona’s guess and asked, "Yes, I saw them off. Am I coming right back to work?"

Fiona smiled at my question. "No, I can't have someone who just got back from a business trip start working immediately. It's our rule to leave work early the next day if you work overtime, right?" 

“That's true.”

Rather than this being a benefit offered to civil servants, this was an advantage of having Guild Director Glont as a boss. As I thought, it was fortunate that I rejected the prime minister's proposal to work at the Treasury Office. It had the highest levels of promotions and salaries, but there were rumors that it was overtime hell over there, so it was best to avoid it.

"Oh, do you know where Flam is?"

"Flam? Flam is probably at home because he took a vacation two days ago and didn't come to work."

Two days ago would be the day after Palamut was kidnapped.

"Now that I think about it, it's weird. Usually, for vacation requests, I take care of it and send it to the top, but I was informed by Guild Director-nim that Flam was on vacation.”

"Well, Flam is close to Guild Director-nim, so maybe he mentioned it in passing, and Guild Director-nim took care of it on the spot?"

Fiona nodded as if she was convinced by what I said. "Well, I guess if it were Guild Director-nim, he would do that."

It was possible that the Guild Leader would do this, but if it were Flam, he would have tried to follow the proper procedures. There's no way that stiff old man ignored the middleman. Is it because he was discovered by me three days ago? Maybe I should go to Flam's house.

"Then I'll leave work right away."

"Yes, thank you for your work. I'll tell the others that you’ve returned safely."

"Thank you."

"Go ahead before Demuir grabs you by the pant leg."

"Hahaha, all right." I laughed at Fiona's joke and headed to Flam's house.

* * *

It wasn't hard to get to Flam's house. I was very familiar with the route from frequently visiting to teach Arwen. When I arrived in front of Flam's house, I thought about ringing the doorbell but decided just to go in. It would be annoying if he tried to run away after hearing the doorbell.

I took out the all-purpose lock-picking wire from my pocket space and unlocked the front door. As soon as I opened the door, a kick flew at me. I grabbed the foot and tried to throw my assailant, but I realized that the size of the foot was not that big.

I turned my body, dispersing the impact, and gently put the guy who kicked me on the ground before saying, "To suddenly throw a double flying kick at your teacher… You've grown up, my disciple."

Arwen safely landed on the floor, and she flinched and apologized.

- I'm sorry, Teacher-nim. I thought it was Fool- I mean Flam.

When I saw the writing in the air, I smirked and stroked Arwen's hair. "It’s not."

Come to think of it, Arwen has grown substantially in the past two years. Not only did she increase in height, but her magic skills also improved rapidly, raising her to the level of a great magician.

Arwen's eyes shook when I asked, “I want to meet Flam, but did he go out?”

- That’s-

A voice answered from the second floor instead of Arwen, who stopped writing in the air. "He ran away from home.”

I didn't feel any presence at all, but I looked up in surprise at the unexpected voice. "Aunt? Why are you here?"

"That's what I should be saying. Why are you here? And ‘teacher?’ You're the bastard who’s been filling Arwen with nonsense and teaching her magic?”

Arwen became flustered when Aunt Talaria and I looked at Arwen at the same time.

- Uh... you two know each other?

Arwen's question was answered immediately by my aunt.  "It's my damn nephew."

I complained at Aunt Talaria's words. "It's too much to say, ‘damn nephew.’ You spinster, ootcha!

As soon as I said spinster, my aunt threw a dagger at my forehead without hesitation. There's a reason I called her a spinster. Look at her violent personality!

I sighed and asked, pulling out the dagger stuck in the wall, "Was Aunt the ahjumma that Flam's said was taking care of him?”

Aunt Talaria frowned. "That punk called me an ahjumma?"

“Does that matter now?” 

“Well, it doesn't matter right now.”

Seeing her clenching her teeth, it seemed as if it would become important later. Let's mourn in advance for Flam.

"But where is Flam?"

Aunt Talaria sighed at my question. "I don't know. The idiot ran away after his identity was discovered by you three days ago. He's stupid, but if he really tries to hide, it'll be hard to find him even with my information agency."

Arwen was surprised to hear that I had discovered Flam’s identity, and she looked at me. I stroked Arwen's head and said, "By the way, my grandfather was wearing a blue mask and working under the name of Aquarius, right? I haven't asked before because I've been too lazy, but what kind of organization is the Twelve Zodiacs?"

Arwen held her breath at my question, and Aunt Talaria smiled interestedly. "When I tried to explain before, you said you didn’t want to be a part of anything bothersome. I guess you must be pretty intimate with Flam.”

I shrugged lightly. "Well, we see each other every day, and even if I don’t want to get close, he clings to me."

"All right, if you want an explanation, I’m happy to give it to you. I'm about to ask you the second request." My aunt jumped off from the second floor and gestured to follow her.

"I don't really want to hear the second request, though." I scratched the back of my head and followed Aunt Talaria with Arwen.

* * *

In the palace’s secret conference room, Bloody was thinking carefully.

William was sitting next to Bloody, and he looked at Bloody with curious eyes. "What have you been thinking about these past few days? Is something bothering you?”

"Huh? No. No worries."

Bloody was evasive, but his facial expression told the truth. William gazed gently at Bloody and said, "No one else is here yet. His Majesty is always late because he tries to avoid the eyes of his servants, and Zantes and Arcanta are delayed from being busy preparing for war.”

Bloody hesitated at William's words, and William persisted, "I have tight lips. You're going to have to take the lead in a situation where there might be a war. Is it all right for you to be full of so many worries? I'll put my name and magic on the line and keep it secret, so tell me what you're worried about."

At William's suggestion, Bloody cautiously asked about his worries. "Then... is it possible to apply a contract magic or whatnot one-sidedly?"

William spoke dumbfoundedly, "Of course you can't. I don't think even my father can do that.”


Bloody became flustered, and William looked at Bloody with an uncomprehending expression. "But what does that have to do with your worries?"

"Haha, that is..." Bloody scratched the back of his head.

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