Chapter 261. The Fairy Tribe Delegation (14)

I could feel a strong mana in the distance between noble and market streets. What was surprising was that in addition to Marsen's mana, there was mana at a similar level to his.

Despite such powerful forces facing off against each other, the capital was somehow still intact.

"Is this the power of the Fairy Tribe’s Guardian Knight?"

Molk, the leader of the Black Water Buffalo Knights, swallowed dryly and murmured in awe.

The Black Water Buffalo knights nodded in sympathy with the murmur.

"Leader-nim, don't you think you can contest against them?” asked a Black Water Buffalo knight.

 Molk tried not to betray his emotions but could not hide his bitter smile. "Perhaps."

Uncle Bloody would not be able to join in the fight of those monsters, I was sure, as his nephew. Well, actually, there was a way he could contend with them.

Uncle could fight if he used the Dance of the Fireflies, basically a suicide bomb, with all his might. No, if Uncle used the Dance of the Fireflies, he could likely overpower them. Though the aftereffects would kill him.

- Tristan, Caradoc. Did you find the location of Khan Palamut?

My question was answered at the same time.

- I have succeeded in specifying the approximate region, Commander-in-chief.

- I think I know roughly what path he took, Master.

Good. As expected, they were competent. It would have been perfect if they were usually a little less individualistic, but what a shame.

- Caradoc, you explain first.

- Yes, as you instructed, we first started searching from the outskirts of the capital using the dragon tooth soldiers. At first, we began to look for the escape route, based on the premise that a large number of people would have been deployed, but we couldn't find them.

- And so?

- So we changed the focus of the search, and on the contrary, we searched areas where a small number of people would hide, and considering the current battle area, we were able to determine where the kidnappers might be.

The fact that there were only a few kidnappers was quite important information.

Tristan continued after Caradoc.

- I found traces from the palace and tracked them down. I'm a hunter by birth, so this was faster for me. Especially this time, it was easy to track because the kidnapper magician used the way witches snuck around a long time ago.

Witch, you say. It seems that the one fighting Marsen must be a witch.

It was thought that the witches went extinct after their home was completely engulfed into the Demon’s Territory, so it was surprising that there was someone left as strong as Marsen.

Since witches did not succeed through blood relations, but by individual ties, there was no law saying that the disciple could not surpass the teacher.

Or a monster that lived before their home was engulfed by the Demon’s Territory was still alive.

- But the capital is still intact despite them running wild like that. It would be normal if there was destruction just from the aftermath of their attacks.

Caradoc had the same thought as me, but Tristan smiled and spoke.

- Maybe because they’re focusing so much on killing each other, there’s less of an aftermath.

I agreed with Tristan.

Since there were no wasted movements or efforts in attacking each other, the capital was intact even though such powerful mana was unleashed. It was similar to the fact that if you hammer poorly when you drive in a nail and hit the surroundings, you’ll destroy the object. Of course, it was impossible to incorporate the concept into battle at a superhuman level.

- Hmm, I guess so.

Caradoc seemed convinced by Tristan's explanation. In fact, the former had less direct combat experience and was weaker than other knights.

Well, Caradoc’s true value laid in his genius mercenary tactics and strategies, so it didn’t matter if his individual strength was a little weak.

Although I say weak, it was only in comparison to the other knights, but Caradoc himself was plenty strong.

- So where is Khan Palamut being held?

Caradoc and Tristan answered at the same time.

- The end of the street between noble and market streets.

- It's an old temple 700 meters from the guard post at the outskirts of the walls of the capital.

I combined their answers with a map in my head.

I see where he is.

- First, withdraw the dragon tooth soldiers and you two keep an eye out. I'll be right there.

- I receive your orders.

- All right.

After disconnecting my thoughts from Caradoc and Tristan, I smiled lightly as I saw Natalie leading the Fairy Rescue Team.

Now, how can I naturally get rid of these people?


Marsen jumped at the spirits coming at him. The thousands of spirits varied in type, size, and class. It was clear that if he used the heart sword on all these spirits individually, he would be exhausted first. He had to deal with them efficiently


Marsen cut down an earth spirit that was aiming at his right. Then he jumped up and stepped on a small lightning spirit flying in the sky to jump even higher.


Then, the wind and fire spirits, that wielded strong power, punched harshly from both sides.

Marsen quickly swung his sword wrapped in a strong aura to unsummon the two spirits. Then he stepped on the small wind spirits nearby and took another leap.




From time to time, depending on the spirit, Marsen shot a sword aura or strong aura to cut them down. In an instant, he quickly reached Selina's vicinity.

The biggest weakness of spirit magicians was spirit magicians themselves. No matter how strong and how many spirits were summoned, if the summoner was dealt with, all of them would be unsummoned at once.

Selina was well aware of the fact and had placed strong spirits near her. As Marsen approached her, lightning and water spirits near disaster-class simultaneously sent lightning and water blades toward him.

"Heart Slash!

Marsen stopped breathing and cut with all his power. Then the spirits of lightning and the spirits of water turned into sparks and droplets, respectively, and disappeared. The powerful spirits had completely disappeared.

"Ohohoho! That skill is a total scam!" Selina clenched her teeth and swung her magic wand. "Ravage him, nature! Confine him, chains!

In response to Selina's magic, the spirits changed their form into chains and rushed to Marsen.


Immediately after using the Heart Sword, a highly stamina-consuming skill, Marsen sighed in exhaustion and shot the sword aura in all directions.

The sharp sword aura broke the chain made of spirits, and the spirits were unsummoned or returned to their original form.

He stepped on a small fire spirit nearby and jumped towards Selina.


"Die! Witch of Greed!"

He made a strong aura with all his might and fired it at her. There was too little time to avoid it by teleportation.


As Marsen's strong aura approached, tearing apart space ferociously, Selina gathered the spirits to her and blocked it.


However, because it was not enough to block it completely, all the spirits used as shields were unsummoned and her right arm was destroyed.

"You let your guard down! Witch of Greed! That's why you can never beat the Witch of Pride!"

At Marsen's provocation, Selina clenched her teeth and stared at him.

"Shut up! What do you know, Barbarian?!"

Selina caught the magic wand that fell when her right arm was destroyed with her left hand and swung the magic wand. From the magic wand that contained an enormous amount of mana, all that was fired was the basic magic bullet. Although it was a basic magic bullet, it was still very powerful because of the magician's skill and terrifying amount of mana.

Marsen knew about it, but he laughed to provoke her. "Ahahaha! It's only a magic bullet!"

"Ohohoho! Only you say! That's why you’re a barbarian!"

Selina clenched her teeth and swung her magic wand. Following her magic wand, the hundreds of spirits that were left gathered towards the magic bullet and began to turn it into new magic.

"Pureness will soon be cruel! Gather together, pureness! Gather and gather and release your voice! Spirit magic, Mother Nature's Disaster!"

In line with Selina's mana, the spirits gave attributes to the magic bullets and began to run wild.

"Crazy! This is how you handle pure spirits?!” From the pure spirits running wild on the magic bullet, Marsen could feel the sheer madness and malice. He was appalled and shouted at Selina. "You’re crazy! Witch of Greed!"

Spirits were creatures with emotions, too. To a spirit magician, spirits were not just tools, but family. However, Selina drove those spirits to madness.

Marsen could never understand.

"Ahahahaha!! It's this world that's crazy! It's normal to be crazy in a world like this!"

Marsen landed on the ground as he was attacked by spirits from all sides like a storm. Now, there were no spirits to use as stepping stones, so he could not stay in the air. Feeling his energy slowly running out, he gulped dryly at the incessant attack of the raging spirits.

He and Selina were both getting close to their limits. It was time to determine the winner.

Marsen drew his mana with all his might and began to concentrate on the sword. Selina, who had read Marsen's flow of energy, also began to draw on her dwindling mana to the magic wand.

"Be a ray of light shining on the turbulent sea! Elemental sanctuary!”

"One mind to split the sea!"

Spirits gathered from Selina's magic wand and shot at Marsen as a beam of light. At the same time, he swung his sword containing an unknown power, which was neither sword aura nor strong aura.

When the sword and magic collided, space began to be distorted by the vast power. The two people who attacked each other felt the sense of time getting jumbled as if the world were slowing down or speeding up, but it was only for an instant.

Within that sensation, Marsen unconsciously twisted his body slightly. That difference decided the victory.

Marsen's left shoulder was penetrated by Selina's magic, and her waist was cut by his Heart Sword.


Marsen grabbed his penetrated shoulder, and Selina fell to the ground with her body split in half.

I won. As soon as he thought so, he began to feel an unknown pain from his back and abdomen.


A sharp blade came out from his stomach.

"Tch, what a clumsy finish. Hahaha! Is she dead now, being cut in half and all?”

From behind Marsen’s back, Capricorn, wearing a yellow-green mask, smirked as he pulled out the sword that was stabbed into Marsen’s back.


Marsen vomited blood and blood poured from his perforated shoulders and stomach.

Capricorn raised his sword as he watched Marsen fall.

"You, bastard…!" said Marsen.

Capricorn smiled and said goodbye to Marsen who was looking up at him.

"It was an honor to meet you and let's not meet again, Old man."

Capricorn swung his sword downwards aiming for Marsen's neck.


But before reaching its target, his sword was blocked by an arrow wrapped in a strong aura. He looked in the direction of the arrow and shouted with a vicious smile.


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