Chapter 258. The Fairy Tribe Delegation (11)

Amid the bloodied Fairies were similarly bloodied imperial servants and soldiers.

I don't know who the perpetrator was, but it was certainly not anyone ordinary to be able to penetrate the crazy magic circle protecting the palace and pull this off. Still, there were only a few deaths thanks to the interference of the magic circle.

"Get back! We're starting treatment!" I cried. 

Marsen hurriedly pulled back the Fairy knights.

"Oh! You said you were a magician, right? Everybody back off!" Marsen shouted.

The flustered Fairies stepped back, and I took out Elder Mirpa’s special recovery potion from my pocket space and sprayed it all over the place. The wounds of the injured quickly healed because it was a magic potion that was effective enough to even reattach a cut off arm.



However, although the effect was good, one had to struggle in extreme pain while healing as a side effect, but it was better than dying.

"The effects are amazing."

Even in the urgent situation where Palamut disappeared, Marsen could not hide his admiration.

I forced awake one of the Fairy envoys who had fainted from struggling with the healing pain.


I slapped the Fairy envoy, who was still unconscious, and asked, "Wake up! Where is Khan Palamut? And what happened?”

Hearing Palamut's name, the envoy woke up and shouted in an urgent voice, "Khan has been kid-kidnapped! Ugh!"

"By whom? Why?!" Marsen got stirred up and growled. 

I reached my hand out to Marsen to calm him down and said to the Fairy envoy calmly, "First of all, tell us what the kidnapper looked like."

“Looked, like, keuk! Dressed as a servant of the empire...” The Fairy envoy exhaled harshly from having yet to fully heal. 

"Servant of the empire!" Marsen cried.

"He means dressed up as a servant of the empire. Please calm down!" I said.

Marsen was releasing so much killing intent to the point it was suffocating, so Ophelia and I calmed him down.

"Please continue talking. What happened?”

I cast magic on the Fairy envoy, who was breathing hard, so he wouldn't feel pain.

When the pain disappeared, the Fairy envoy quickly explained what had happened. "The servant who was guiding us suddenly took out a magic wand from the air and attacked us. Then he removed a layer from his face and a red mask appeared underneath."

"A red mask?”

"Yes, and the gender also suddenly changed into a woman."

Marsen asked impatiently, "Which way did the kidnapper go?"

The Fairy envoy struggled to point in the direction that the kidnapper went, with his shaky hands. "That... that way."

"All right! Ophelia, take command of the guard! I’ll track down Palamut!" Marsen immediately flew in the direction pointed by the Fairy envoy.

I took out a mask with a recognition interference magic and recovery potion from my pocket space and threw it at Marsen.

Receiving my items, Marsen had a curious look on his face.

"The potion is the same recovery potion as now. You have to consider if the Khan is hurt."

Marsen nodded heavily.

"Wear the mask. There's a recognition interfering magic on it, so it'll be more convenient to move about. And there's also location tracking magic on it, so we can always locate you."

I had originally made the mask to hide the appearance of the dragon tooth soldiers who had the looks of skeletons and check their locations.


Marsen carefully put the potion in his clothes and wore the mask. Then, he jumped up the wall surrounding the palace and disappeared.

After seeing him, I wore the pair of recognition interfering glasses and checked Marsen's real-time location and asked the Fairy envoy.

"Did the kidnapper say anything? For example, the purpose, or any nonsense like some kind of ritual."

The Fairy envoy closed his trembling eyes and thought hard. "Come to think of it, the kidnapper did have a conversation with the Khan, but I didn't hear it properly and fainted... I'm sorry."

"No, it’s ok, just let me know if you remember anything." After saying so, I used magic to wake up those who had fallen. "Now, Mr. Servant over there, you should quickly inform the superiors of the imperial court of what happened here. I also need you to tell me the rest of what happened."

At my instruction, the highest-ranking servant ran to the residence of the prime minister, and I bowed my head to the Fairy knights and apologized. "I am very sorry that you all encountered such a disgraceful event in the empire. There is nothing more that I can say other than I am sorry. I apologize as a civil servant of the empire. I know our credibility has been lost as this happened in the palace, but we promise to do our best to find Khan Palamut."

I don't know exactly what the purpose of the kidnapper was, but if it was aimed at breaking the harmony between the empire and the Fairy Tribe, then it could be considered to be a success. It was a grave mistake that the empire couldn’t avoid responsibility over allowing an attack on the Fairy Tribe’s delegation and kidnapping of the Khan, especially in the palace. If something went awry here, we would have to include the Fairy Tribe nation on the list of enemies.

Caradoc, Tristan.

At my call, the two responded with their thoughts.

- Did you summon, Commander-in-chief?

- Did you summon me, Master?

It's work. I need you guys to find someone.

I quickly explained the situation and ordered them.

Tristan, track down Khan Palamut. The opponent is presumed to be at least a madosa level magician, but you can do it, right?

Tristan answered my question confidently.

- Of course. Even just the number of Giant magicians and witches I assassinated is in the thousands. Compared to assassination, tracking is simple.

This time, I ordered Caradoc.

Caradoc, use the dragon tooth soldiers to conduct a covert search. The kidnappers should not be revealed if possible, even to the empire.

- It should be no problem, Commander-in-Chief. It's easy to move the dragon tooth soldiers who are faithful to commands compared to instructing soldiers who have their own will.

Caradoc was also confident.

All right, let's move.

They answered in unison.

- I receive your orders.

- I receive your orders.

Mana began to slip out of the Miracle Crystal in large chunks from my pocket space. I don't know who the kidnappers were, but they were annoying me.


Scorpio put Palamut, who was being floated in the air with magic, on the floor of the basement and pretended to wipe the sweat off above the red mask.

"Whoa, that was hard."

"Not to mention sweating, you’re not even tired, so don’t be a crybaby."

Capricorn snorted and Scorpio laughed mischievously.

"Oh my! You’re too much. Do you know how hard it is to get through that outrageous magic circle with no equal? And I've had to toil hiding this great figure underneath men's clothes."

It sounded as if it was harder to dress up as a man than to break through the magic circle. When Scorpio winked with her hands on her waist, Capricorn and Taurus pretended to gag.


"Ohohoho! Your reactions are too much!”

Scorpio smiled but also truly emitted killing intent.

Taurus, not caring whether Scorpio was emitting killing intent or not, asked her, "But did you really kidnap the head of the Fairy Tribe delegation?" He looked at Palamut and her alternately, apparently not very pleased.

Scorpio nodded as if it were natural and seated Palamut in a hard chair.

"Well, it's good to say that this kidnapping has destroyed the empire and the Fairy Tribe alliance.”

"But this savage method of kidnapping is a little...”

Capricorn sneered at Taurus as he trailed off.

"Don’t be ridiculous. Did the empire kill refugees from the Imperial State because they were benevolent?” 

Taurus's aura became violent at Capricorn's words. The latter burst into laughter at his reaction.

"Ha ha! Aquarius taught his disciple too gently. As a teacher, he is insane, that’s why his disciple’s mental state is like that! If you're angry, try hitting your opponent and see what happens!"

"Don't insult my Master as a person who abandoned your younger brother to survive cowardly!"

“What did you say! You trash!” 

Taurus gnashed his teeth and exploded his killing intent, and Capricorn matched it accordingly.

Scorpio clapped her hands and put up a barrier to prevent the killing intent from their battle of nerves from leaking out, and eased the tension. "Now, now, don't fight. We'll be doing the same as per the original plan, so Taurus, you can protect that kid, Khan.”

She sighed and dragged out Capricorn, who was still grinding his teeth.

"Phew, I'm the pitiful one to be working with these things."

As the two left, Taurus sighed and sat in an empty chair.

Palamut, who he thought had fainted at the time, gently raised his head and asked in a slightly murky language of the empire, "You don't seem to get along very well with them.”

Taurus looked at him in surprise. "You’re awake?"

"Ahh, should I keep sleeping? If you let out killing intent like that, anyone would wake up." He smiled bitterly at his arms and legs that were tied firmly.

Taurus looked curiously and asked, "You know how to speak the empire’s language?"

"Not much compared to Godfather. No, it's lacking, but I can. I studied to be able to lead the delegation. I'd like you to talk like a turtle if possible,” he said awkwardly.

“Oh, you want me to speak slowly?” Taurus smiled and asked.

“Yes.” Palamut nodded.

"You said kidnapping was savage. And got angry at the one who insulted your teacher. You seem to be of a different class than the woman who kidnapped me, so why are you associating with such a nefarious person?" asked Palamut.

Taurus shut his mouth tightly.

“Is it ok to answer?” asked Palamut.

“I don’t want to,” said Taurus.

"Oh, because my language of the empire is overflowing."

"It's lacking."

"Oh, the empire’s language is difficult.”

The two, who were exchanging such a conversation, smirked and laughed.

"But aren't you a little relaxed for someone kidnapped?" Taurus was dumbfounded.

Palamut laughed cheerfully. "Hahaha, they say even if you're taken away by a tiger, you'll live as long as you’re relaxed."

"It’s if you get your act together."

Palamut smiled lightly at Taurus's point.

"This or that. I’m more concerned about my colleagues than me. I was not injured, but they were seriously injured, so their lives would be in danger. I hope there is a good healer in the palace."

Taurus admired Palamut's words.

"You're a rare strong individual. You don't even know what's going to happen after you've been kidnapped."

"Haha, the King must be strong. Otherwise, it would be all those under me who would be anxious. The Great Khan taught me that I should be able to smile even if a knife comes towards my throat."

"I see.”

Palamut smiled lightly as Taurus nodded seriously.

"Well, actually, it's not that I’m strong, but rather, I just believe in my godfather."

Palamut's belief in Marsen was absolute. If there was any concern, it was that the Guardian Knight might destroy the streets of the capital in search of him.

Wouldn't it be sad if the streets of the beautiful capital were burnt to the ground before he had the opportunity to see it?

Taurus lowered his head heavily at Palamut's faith.

"Actually, you're not their objective." Taurus confessed.

Palamut smiled.  "I know. The one with the loose lips who introduced herself as Scorpio said so. Their target is my godfather." He snorted as if it were ridiculous.

"The reckless are insane." 

Palamut's faith did not change.

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